SuperListenMode: I want to go home, halp!

SuperListenMode: I want to go home, halp!

I’m too quiet…?

I’m trying to function actually :’)

I’m sorry.

As with many introverts, I’m sensitive to the presence of people and it drains me quick over time, especially the more people there are. My attempts to desensitise and push myself to hang around longer ends with me feeling exhausted, deadpan, irritable or at worse, upset.

I need to remember that short, low key, 1 to 1/small-knit and convenient social things are best for me. Or something we can do or learn together, rather than focus on socialising hah 😉

Or just focus on a few people when it is a huge group social thing.
That’s hard though! Because there’s more interesting people and things happening and I end up being just a quiet, tired follower.

It feels like it doesn’t matter if I was there at all .____.

But if I knew most people individually well and we’re in a group together, then it’s different. But hah that’s rare ;P

Yes it’s another take on an earlier SLM comic. ;P

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