BurpDoodle: “Aww, man!!”

BurpDoodle: “Aww, man!!”

Princess Daisy! She was my first princess I saved as Super Mario Land was my personal first Mario game I’ve played 😉

Was so elated when I finally beat it after giving up so many times.
You fly away in an aeroplane at the end, it’s so cool and satisfying! YES ^o^

Now as a character she’s super enthusiastic, bold and loud mouthed which is opposite of me but her attitude is clear as day! Bold and feisty!
Super neat she’s in Smash Bros. Ultimate too!

After doing other kinds of art, I did this piece of comfort zone fanart to warm up again.
I’m rusty, pushing through my creative rut around in circles and I have a lot of learning to do. :’)

Wahhh! I hope I get better at art eventually .____.