SuperListenMode 199: Three promises to my Mother

First up I am super grateful to my mother for all she has done for me. We visited her grave a few weeks ago and each time I feel appreciative that I’m alive in spite of all the uncertainty ahead.
To do things you believe in with kindness and love.
Each day is full of possibilities!

Here it was the last year of my mother’s life at the time and yes I’ve broken two of these promises – I drank 3 ciders in my life [I don’t like it anymore] & accidentally swore once or twice – one time because I was reading it aloud from a book without thinking whoops.

Silly guilt aside, I stuck to these promises to this day because I know in my heart that drinking, drugs/smoking and swearing are not for me. No judgement on anyone – I respect your life & decisions, as I would like you to respect mine. (:

Plus I said “NO” in the face of a group of popular girls.

Stuff that peer pressure. They’ve got no power over me ;P

Gosh what a stubborn naive butt I am! 😉