I’ll show you Photosynthesis. // Ramble about Motivation & Drive [DEC 2015]

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So I’m starting to title blog posts with the month too!
Though technically, I’m talking about last month ;D

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

I’ll show you Photosynthesis. | MetalGearSolidV
We know she can wear appropriate and completely covered up gear late in the game without issue. She looks awesome fully and appropriately armoured up!! Design debate aside, she’s a completely cool character!

If we’re going sticking to the blatantly intended sexual appeal, the lack of armour, the photosynthesis/parasite exposed skin lore *and* somewhat more practical clothing, here we are! Support sports bra & mini shorts!
Wanted to do Quiet for fun and finally got around to doing it.


Year 2, Month 11 (4th Nov to 1st Dec)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Walking with Moon River | Was listening to Bayonetta 2’s OST at the time
This time, let’s just be Tall Poppies & roam free 
Because there are times when you must stand up and do what you want with your life.
No more time to waste. Nothing else to lose.
Glamourous Night Out
Art study and dresses
Summer Shopping I guess! | Art Study
Good Morning~! | Art study
Colour Me Pink! | Art Study
Not so different | art study
Not this again, Jerry | Art study sketch with loads of contrast
Just a tiny fraction of Lumi Consulting‘s incredible office | Ninja invasion? :0 Plus happy 1 year anniversary!
BurpDoodling lives on 
A mix of people I saw at the hospital’s waiting room with me. Plus train passengers
And that odd gentleman sniffing his armpit for a while with earphones in his mouth…?
I was careful not to stare in wonder and confusion.
Had a power outage! I got electricity back & this is my recovered art file.
I call it: “Artist’s nightmare“.
I guess Photoshop is an artist now.
I did save beforehand! So I’m good!
Reminder to everyone to save your work! :0
Just stunned that Photoshop created this for me.
Scarlet & black static. Scary.
Late at the “Anyone Can Improve at Drawing” bandwagon.
There’s so many inspiring artists & then I’m pumped because I don’t feel like I’m good enough yet. Well…I’m always learning!
So uh…here’s my attempts at digital arting  .___.
Note I used GIMP for 2011 and slowly worked my way to Photoshop much later.
Plus I did more traditional artwork back then & it’s not the earliest artwork I did.
And I deliberately chose this horrible portrait I did hoho
And again this is just a snippet as I’ve done much earlier artwork. More of my art journey in terms of years is covered in this blog post: http://blog.leonieyue.com/2015/02/y02w05n06.html
People on the train and at the hospital waiting area
There was a kid screaming in pure terror for several minutes at the pathologist. Someone is clearly more afraid of injections than I am!

Why keep going? Motivation & drive

NB: This also applies to many people of the creative and entertainment industries and I’ve touched on the topic at the Hermit Burpcast: Dear Aspiring Artist as well. Here I’m focused on throwing thoughts around from my perspective.A discussion thread came to my attention about what drives people to be an artist. Not a new topic but still important nonetheless.

Why do something so incredibly niche and statistically almost impossible to support yourself doing it?
Why join such a saturated market of many amazing artists?

For every reputable, financially successful artist in the limelight, there are countless more artists (freelance or not) struggling to get by and barely making minimal wage with their profession of choice alone.
Or it’s likely that they’re simply not reaching minimal wage at all. The nobodies.

I count myself as one of them but I am still ambitious and hopeful.

I refuse to give up.


This is what I enjoy doing.
It seems like I’m getting better at it. (I’d like to think I am!)
So I’m going to protect it.

Plus it’s not completely impossible!

Even the successful artists started out as nobodies!

I am completely aware how slim it is.
This knowledge was why it took me so long to finally change careers and face it head on.

Failure & uncertainty is part of the journey – usually nags at the back of my mind.

It’s a daily choice to push through.

That “I believe in myself that I am progressing today, however small!” 

I try to stick to the mindset that true failure is completely giving up what you believe in and not evolving as a person. Whether this is freelancing independently or working on your own personal projects with a day job or even a new career calling…it’s up to the individual.

Like most people, I am driven by projects I care about. (:

Who on earth is Leonie Yue?!: I wrote an article

An article for another site for the 1st time here if you’re wondering about the answer to that question haha

The feedback across facebook and twitter was amazingly encouraging as I took my current perspective and looked back at my career change once again. It’s targeted at people who don’t know who I am rather than those who have been following me for a long while. Hence the abrupt end to the story!

You know I tend to ramble!

Really appreciated the invitation and supportive prompts by PlayWrite.com.au! 😀

The past month: mixed bag & BurpAvatars!

Feet Update: Investigation ongoing.

What else happened? Art & BurpAvatars
Finished working on Maid with Love Character Sheets as a personal project and currently working a bit more for the game itself.

Also I put out a BurpAvatar newsletter form:  http://goo.gl/forms/AjeJbnPcLc

For people interested in a BurpAvatar commission! The deadline for suggestions end today but the form will still be open for people interested in the newsletter.

And then in the next couple of weeks, I’ll send out my first newsletter to the wonderful people who signed up! 😀 Exciting!!

For those who don’t know, BurpAvatars is a pet project I hope to make big. (:

For now I’m planning to do a round of actual examples during the next handful of months so that more people can get on board if they’re interested once they know what they’re going to get!

It’s early, but I’m genuinely excited the more I think about it!! Woo! 😀

If it goes well, I’ll do one round/season with all the keen supportive early adopters on the mailing list during the first half of 2016.

At latest, I aim to officially launch outside of the mailing list during June 2016.

Might be subject to change as I plan further, so let’s see how it goes!

Other Possible money making avenues…?
Okay as much as I am frugal, I did mention that I’m still figuring out how to better my financial situation. Especially as I build towards working with wonderful people for their projects.

Cool Client projects, commissions, personal projects & studio work are not included in this discussion as I’m working towards them.
They are my priority and what I’d like to do the most at the moment! (:

So in terms of passive income on the side: Patreon has been floating over my head but only as a “I support you” basis rather than delivering on things that take me away from arting.

I do at least 3 things on a monthly basis (this blog, Hermit Burpcast & Burptalk) so I don’t know if I should just leave the Patreon option open and let it collect dust or something. Or open a Paypal donate button.

Then I feel weird asking for money without the exchange of an actual product/service.
Or without a sizable audience. Or without the time to actually give little rewards. So I probably won’t do it now.

Though by this logic, I might never start. And arguably I am hopefully providing some value and it’s up to people to decide if they want to donate a bit to help me keep going. I am on the fence!

Then there’s conventions to sell merchandise & things. And making your own comics. Realistically based on the anecdotes I hear, it’s not something you would do to get “rich” and you’d be lucky if you manage to break even and beyond. Aside from getting your work out there and made, it’s more about meeting your audience and fellow peers!

Not sure what else but someday I hope to make my own art book when there’s a demand for it! Design my own toys?
Write a story and then start making comics for it?
Be a part of a bigger, meaningful animation project?
And more sweet & fun game projects?
And illustration commissions for books, publications or advertisements that involve a cool story?

There’s probably more things I’d like to try!

They all seem exciting to me! 😀

Thanks! Keep adventuuuring you!

This is usually how long my blog posts are!
The previous ones were exceptions.

And you made it!

See you in two weeks at the Burpcast!  (:


Ending the Hermit Burpcast show this month.
I’ll mention it over on social media a day from today.

More info & welcome your input:

For those who choose to fill the above form, I may credit you for your feedback for the final episode (:

Ah all things must come to an end.