HermitBurpcast#10 Social Media (Introvert Burp Edition)

Welcome! I am Leonie Yue and this is the monthly HermitBurpcast
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I’ll leave my Gaming & Entertainment focused videos monetised as a side experiment.

Do you feel like you’re terrible at doing this social media stuff? Hello! Me too!In this episode, I talk about social media for me as a Hermit and its pros & cons from numbers, friends to online personas. Then join me as I ramble about how terrible I am at it and what I do on my Blog, Facebook & Pages, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest.

I talk about LinkedIn at my Shownotes instead because I forgot about it haha!

Your input is welcome & I can answer to them during next month’s episode! (:

(1 hour and 24 minutes)

Show notes for Hermit Burpcast #10:

Blog Post for shownotes, hyperlinks and comments: (http://blog.leonieyue.com/2015/10/hermitburpcast010.html)

  • Introduction
  • Let’s Talk about Social Media
    • Disclaimer
    • Dependency on Social Media as a Society
    • Online Persona VS you in person
    • Social Media can be considered is essentially Stalker Land
    • How I use Social Media right now:
      • Blog – blog.leonieyue.com
      • Twitter – @leonieyue
        • I actually have this tweet pinned at the top because I feel terrible and guilty from the feeling that I “should” follow everyone back. Whether I want to keep tabs on their tweets or not.
        • So if people unfollow just because I’m not following them, then that’s fine with me! I;m just learning to be firm with this though a lot of it is trial and error. 
        • I unfollow people too whether it’s because I no longer want to follow their tweets after a couple of months or years. Or I’m already following something else just as good from the same person and I’m just minimising the noise. 
        • I just don’t know if this tweet is sufficient or not but perhaps it’ll reach a fraction of the people! I don’t recommend doing what I do as I feel like I’m chasing people away haha
        • Perhaps I’ll do a clean up on a yearly basis with twitter & facebook & give people the heads up; I don’t know D:
      • Facebook – tripleuinfinity
      • Facebook Page – leonieyueart
      • Tumblr
      • Youtube – jooinfin
      • Instagram – @leonieyueart
      • Pinterest – leonieyue
      • LinkedIn – leonieyue
        • Forgot to talk about it in the podcast whoops! So this is a bonus for people who actually look at shownotes!
        • I connect mainly with people I kind of know in person or someone I have heard of and am inspired/trust. (: So if I don’t know who you are…and/or there’s no personalised message then it’s highly likely that I’m not going to accept.
        • I do post my Blog posts & Hermit Burpcast links there too
        • I do refer to it as a resume sometimes but my portfolio has my latest resume and is really the main focus
        • I don’t really use it that much otherwise but it feels professional there!
    • Conclusion Ramble
  • Q&A Time
    • Questions for you to answer
    • Calling for questions!
Got Questions/Responses for the Burpcast?
Thanks so much for listening!
See you in two weeks for the next blog post! (: