2015#14 Inktober BurpDoodles & UniteMelb2015 & GCAP15 & PAXAus & GamesWeekMelbs Mega Post

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

It’s been an overwhelming time!
The title has too many tags and titles but I don’t know how else to succinctly point out what’s going on here!I actually used twitter so much in terms of pumping out my Burpdoodles but as usual, not so much at my Facebook as I’d rather not frequently post everywhere. There is this monthly compilation blog post with additional thoughts after all!If you came here through places other than twitter, you have a lot more to go through! :0

Enough talk, let’s get deep into it!

Storytime mode! Buckle up!

Lot’s of things and people to talk about!

Let’s go! Journal Time.

My Inktober take on Rapunzel from Tangled
I relate to her so much on many levels as a Hermit gosh! MIGW was one of times when I get out of the tower, metaphorically speaking (just like last month’s Adelaide post!)
I’m not a pretty girl & princess with magical great hair though haha


Year 2, Month 10 (7th Oct to 3rd Nov)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook Collection

Hearts & Wishes; Love & Kisses Art study
That’s all that matters | Art Study of a lady with wonderful hips

I…like you. | Playing with features in a slightly different way
#01 Beach Time!

Inktober has been a thing for artists for a number of years. I haven’t participated in it before as it felt like an intense thing! But I was feeling it this year despite starting mid-month. (:

This is a collection of what I’ve done so far~!
#02 Waiting at the Hospital! | Observational doodle of this lady.
Do I really want to know what she’s talking about? Probably not :O
#03 State of Being | More observational doodles I did at the hospital waiting area haha
#05 Tensed Up | Disregard
#06 Hermit Burp | I don’t know who that is; never met her
#08 She is | Trying to ease back to my favourite pen/biro
#09 Swished McMuscles | DooDooDoo
#07 Mona’s important question 
Shovel Knight DLC Plague of Shadows fanart! I was surprised when Yacht Club Games liked it! :0
#10 Faith Portrait | Just wanted to draw her for some reason
#11 Red Winter Dreams | Le gasp!!
#12 Dollhouse Factory | Mmm
#14 Hair Sweeping & Stylin’ | Body types hey
I played UNDERTALE! | My last Inktober is splash art for my videos!
For the rest of my awkward Let’s Play playthrough, keep updated here:
UNDERTALE Let’s Play Art 
I did many more fanart scribbly doodles for Undertale as preview images for the videos too!
See the BurpTalk Blog for the whole gallery but this one is my favourite. I had fun, there’s much I can improve and I learned a lot doing this playthrough, making preview images & doing video editing. (:
Undertale Fanart; Fabulous Charming Game 
This game; keep finding out about new things, approaches & dialogue! So much content! :0
I LOVE IT. I am so CHARMED by this game and how it goes beyond the 4th wall on itself as a game. Music, characters, storytelling, replayability GOSH! So good.
MOTHER 3 still has a soft spot for me personally due to direct themes of loss, grief & family while Undertale is definitely Game of the Year for myself & many others. (:
People getting BurpDoodled | Train riding & Sailor Tsundere Katie haha

GunBlocks Game Visual Development: Whoops

Remember the Illustration I did for Cookie Engine for their game GunBlocks (January post is linked here)?
Figured I should show these here too! The following is art not commissioned by them but I did these to further my own art style exploration. (:
Visual Development! | Breaking down the blocks and how they will look so it’s not like Minecraft
Visual Development/Character Design! | The Key GunBlocks Characters based on pre-existing pixel art! Play their demo if you’d like to see what they originally looked like!

Unite Melbourne 2015: Start of Games Week; Storytime!

Actually my Games Week started a week prior due to packing PAXAus showbags & trying to see what I can learn about the industry.All the same, this is my first Unite event as I usually couldn’t afford it! So I really appreciated being able to attend for helping out with the judging (if you haven’t already, see my personal picks video prior to the official judging results here).

Doodling people on the train
I couldn’t do much as it was crowded and I usually nap on the trains to rest up instead

During the Opening Performance Deakin Motion.Lab left me blinded by bright lights though the dancers are amazing! It did drag a bit long and the pacing could be better but very interesting tech demonstration & dancing.

Tony Coculuzzi‘s Keynote at UniteMelb15 for his talk on Cuphead 😀
Am in incredible awe when Tony explained how far him & his team at Studio MDHR kept with traditional methods. And whoa, the size of each frame for each individual art asset’s set of animations – it’s 40 animation frames for each of the 6 layers of water!
The nostalgia vibes from all the old Disney toons is strong!

The incredibly sweet trailer and art style had many of us sold! Didn’t get to chat with him unfortunately but I got stunned upon finding out he’s using this doodle as his twitter avatar.What just happened? :0

So Adam Brennecke‘s watch turned into a black void as he talked at UniteMelb15 (& some other people)! 😀

Adam was simply brave & upfront about being nervous on stage but all the same, he talked about the huge in-game rendered art for Pillars of Eternity & his work at Obsidian quite well!I was pretty much doodling people in the audience too and the photographer. Also noted DIY Game Testing & 2D features for a future 2016 release of Unity.

Doodled Charlie | More scribblies of the audience!

Playing Unite Showcase Game Finalists

I got to play the following at least since I can’t afford and don’t possess any Apple device:

The Time Project (The Voxel Agents)

Chatted with a bit with Brooke, Henrik & Matt at their booth. They had Lego versions of their levels!

LupinBall (Craftven)

Shooty Skies (Mighty Games) – Thanks to Ben Britten showing me the ropes!

Doodle Find (KlickTock) – Thanks to Matt!

There were talks that were not relevant to me so I was pretty happy that I was able to go to an area and just try, play games & wind down!

Hear me talk about all the games (including the three of the four above) I’ve played during Games Week here – BurpTalk on Games at UniteMelb2015, PAXAus & Melbourne International Games Week 2015 (to be published 8th Nov).

MadeWithUnity Showcase Awards

Congrats to Skedaddle (Early Worm Games) for Best Student Game Award…
& Evergreen (Seige Sloth) for most Creative Game Award!
And DEFECT got the Excellence Award! 😀

If you haven’t seen it, I played and talked about two of the games at this UniteMelbourne2015 video here.

Overall Thoughts on Unite Melbourne 2015

It’s my first time so I had nothing prior to compare and it could even be my last one as I usually can’t afford going to Unite. Perhaps I’ll volunteer? Though I will be too busy to be able to doodle or attend any talks if I did.

It’s essentially an event centred on the Unity Engine as a development tool, its technical demonstrations & what potential updates there would be for 2016.

Ideal for Unity developers with some experience. But since there is a range of experience being catered for, you may not learn something new but you can ask during Q&A about more advanced technical topics directly from the people behind Unity!

It’s also when I realise I need to drink coffee from tomorrow onwards as I haven’t been at all (not a daily coffee person) and being passively focused on listening most of the day exhausted my brain…I fell asleep from brain exhaustion at several points haha

GCAP & Melbourne International Games Week: Pretty confused & Acceptance

Why the weird title?
Well that’s how I’ve been feeling given how the previous GCAP experiences were mixed personally for me (not blaming anyone mind you; you could seek out the old blog posts through the blog tag if you’re that curious!)
Shall briefly talk about it at the Games Week Aftermath Reflection at the bottom of this post and elaborate further in the next HermitBurpcast!
For now, let’s focus on the scribbly Speaker BurpDoodles I’ve been doing 😀
I didn’t have that much time or consciousness to make them look polished though!
Proud Tony Reed about GCAP’s 10 year anniversary (Intro) 

He usually looks tired & hardworking but he’s been smiling with determination as he welcomed people to GCAP!
He didn’t see this doodle until way later in the week haha

Belated Scribbly Brie Code! Cute, thoughtful & sweet! 
Glad she got the warm fuzzies when she saw this ^__^
(Opening Talk)

Brie was talking about her journey in making games, loneliness and finding her way through the darkness in her opening talk. She expresses her desire to make games for her friends who have been conditioned that games aren’t for them.

I redid this BurpDoodle several times but I knew I had to move on at some point! Yes I was awkwardly laughing when I showed her in person but she was terribly understanding & friendly!
I was left with the feeling that I should embrace being alone as the default since her Opening Talk.  Statistically we aren’t alone as there are other minorities also struggling similar and more troubling obstacles beyond our understanding.
All the same, seeking and knowing that support is there to back you up is most important to self care.
Again, I’ll elaborate in the next HermitBurpcast but her talk set the tone for me for the rest of the week. Ultimately in a good way. (:

Oh in terms of links about inclusive & diverse teams, check out Brie’s tumblr for more information! If you’d like to spend a couple of hours diving deep into any unconscious bias you probably have based on race, gender, age, wealth etc due to your upbringing, circumstances and personal influences, Brie suggests tackling the Unconscious Bias series of tests.This specific link gives you more details on each test. It’s free and the results might shock you!

Just nerding about narrative in games with Jane, Katryna, Katie & Emilie 
(Anatomy of Story)

This is a panel called Anatomy of Story. So of course I’m interested!

I came in expecting indepth breakdowns on implementing narrative into games but instead I was entertained by the discussion that ensued especially when Katie mentioned Undertale, I simply perked up!
Loads of examples were provided for people to mull over but ultimately there is no formula for creativity & storytelling but simply examples to learn from.
They explored doing narrative through text, cut scenes, audio logs, questing, puzzles, mechanics, self insert main character versus role playing a fully developed main character, dialogue trees, player agency and modular storytelling.
Just nerding about narrative in games with Jane, Katryna, Katie & Emilie

And Jane is using this BurpDoodle as an avatar for a while! :0

Hey it’s Katryna! I didn’t forget her! 
Audience member during one of the talks. 
I don’t know who
So here’s Lauren Clinnick & Morgan Jaffit being frank & chill about industry job hunting

There was some overlap with Lauren’s previous talks but this time there was input from Morgan!

A few reminder notes (applicable to many industries) I picked out from their talk:

  • Ask questions from your potential coworkers & employers
  • They are people too!
  • You are not entitled to a job and this is a business
  • Be a person, be yourself and be honest
  • Tailor your application to the job description
  • Make a habit to get yourself out there but respect personal space
  • Make stuff!!
  • Practice talking about why you’re awesome (my eternal weakness)
Here’s Lauren Clinnick being vibrantly brilliant at what she does 😀

I redid her Burpdoodle and this happened.

Tara says the animated hearts are true haha
Entertaining & informative talk by Tim Dawson about Assault Android Cactus 😀 Well done! ([Game] Design with Intent: why it matters)

Gosh I spelled Android wrong in the original tweet though to be fair, I typed it late/early in the morning with little sleep. That’s my excuse!

Tim went deep about Design Pillars and defining what’s your priority for your game. About being honest and consistent with your promise to the player and your own vision. And then figure out what feelings you’d like to leave with the player once they finish the game.

Essentially Tim says your intent and the player’s experience should be what guides your game making decisions. Not everything else. All else should support these two goals/guides.

I think I doodled Andrew too in the audience :0 
Was well aware not-so-scary Morgan Jaffit has no need for 2D artists but he’s so fun to draw! 😀 (Dreams are the Seeds of Growth)

I didn’t plan to go to his talk but I ended up doing so? I wasn’t disappointed. (:

Great talk on his rollercoaster journey in running businesses in the industry! And how he checks on and defines his 5 year goal. Accepting that when a business is not fulfilling what it stands for and there’s no foreseeable solution for it, it needs to end.
A lot of the things he mentions applies to freelancers as well although clearly freelancers do not have people to manage and usually have to take on all the business and production hats as a one person business.
Just a few of the takeaways:
  • Making good things with good people – a good vision to have
  • Hustling is a must to survive
  • Define what’s feasible for you as a business
  • What does your business stand for? Your vision?
  • Look for a challenge with the influence you have
  • Be clear with your team with potential hardship scenarios
  • What is your 5 year goal that *really* drives you?
My 5 year goal? 

Be so good so that I can be financially stable and independent!
If I were to be crazy ambitious; be so good at what I do so that I get to work on larger scale, meaningful & exciting projects to grow together with fun, inspiring people!

So…that’ll be in 2020? That seems so far away :0

But I was having fun working on Maid with Love so I’m hoping I’m in the right direction!

Fun scribbly Games Design times with Luke Muscat & Layton Hawkes 😀
(Game Design Process Live)

I had a fun time watching them process game ideas based on themes they give each other in 30 minutes.
And then they reflect about it! (:

Luke and Layton.

Sidenote: I immediately think of the Professor Layton game series.
I play those games!
And both Luke and Layton love puzzles so it feels apt for both of them. :0

Here’s Jenn introducing fun pitching times for the 
Game Design Challenge and Nicole Stark too!

Just watching 5 individuals showcasing their potential games to impress and gain the audience’s favour.
Trying out felt tip marker as well for Day 2.

Game Design Challenge with Emilie’s sweet storytelling 
& Extremely impressive Coffee Play by Luke
Hey~! It’s the Game Design Challenge with Emilie 😀 
Game Design Challenge with Leigh talking about Sherlock 
& smelling E3 sweaty people & E3 conditions D: 
Game Design Challenge with Nicole Stark on cute pigs (whoops did an odd looking one), potions & magical times!
Game Design Challenge with Trent Kusters = smelly planes & sleeping masks :0 (he was literally just off a plane)! 
The entertaining Trent Kusters on Pong AIR & Smelly Swingers.
What is happening anymore haha 
Plate Spinning & juggling with moderator Ben 
(Spinning Plates with Tin Man Games)
Serious talk with Ben & Ed on keeping things in the air. They were deep into it! 
The many faces of Kamina & Clinton about 
getting things done, self care & pushing through
Whole panel of Kamina, Ben, Ed & Clinton from Tin Man Games #allthejuggling 

Ben and Ed and perhaps even Kamina are using their favourites as their avatars :0 I don’t know what’s happening but I’m flattered!

Some audience peeps!
Somehow drew in the darkness as Ty presents early artwork 
& the early stages of the journey. Aw yes! 
(Do Pigs have Pants? Nailing the Art Style of Armello)
Silver Fox Ty? :0 Anthromorphic jokes! 
I’m probably getting in trouble by Ty halp haha D:

Update: I didn’t get in trouble! Phew. Just barely ;D

Deep admiration for the art behind Armello thanks to Ty’s brilliant & thoughtful talk. Looking forward in seeing the rest of the slides…somehow. I don’t know where. Or how. But eventually they’ll happen I’ve been told.
Some juicy takeaways (but most of the meat is in the pre-production art):
  • Total of 5+ years working on Armello
  • 1 year of paper prototyping & fleshing out the world with dark fairytale tone & themes
  • Defining what the game is and isn’t – what are the intended influences in terms of art style and storytelling
  • Looking out for other games and standing out from the rest
  • Looking into history, mythos, psychology, religion, symbolism, colours
  • Defining what they want the player to feel
  • Defining Armello’s anthropomorphic characters, rules & early process
  • Animated cards & embedding narrative within the game art
  • Early Character Design process!! <3 It’s the coolest seeing all the experiments & struggle to get there!
  • Managing an art team
  • I want to know more but things were cut short D:
Entertaining & insightful talk by Chris Avellone with all sorts of industry scream-worthy topics :0 (Design Scream of Consciousness)

A few takeaways from Chris:

  • He talked about noise silencing headphones especially for working at the studio with other people
  • Needing to define what your studio stands for
  • You need to be specific with expectations with your game, vision, your job, your studio
  • His routine of writing starts off with coffee and no internet – he writes as much as he can in the mornings
  • About job hunting and people looking for work as well
  • He wants people to ask him about Kickstarter as he ran out of time
  • I spell California wrong whoops
  • There’s more but I was listening & BurpDoodling them (:
Gosh Chris Avellone is quite amazingly animated sometimes! It’s awesome!
Making warm fuzzies from mechanics, working with different people & completing games with Jenn Sandercock #NoFameNoFortune 

A few takeaways:

  • Her goals during her game making challenge was to complete games, work with different people and get the sensation of hugs from the games
  • Ask yourself what will keep you going despite failure?
  • Statistically she shows that it’s likely you won’t get fame or fortune if you’re working in games. This is the same with any creative field that is greatly sought after
  • Need to look beyond fame and fortune – and look into why are you even making games?
To answer them personally: What will keep me going despite failure?
Learning, Arting and Making things – what I’m already doing on my own (:
Am I failing? I don’t know – they say that giving up is the true failure.
I guess in terms of making a stable living though, I’m not there yet!
Why am I making games? It’s project based – it depends on the intended player experience I want to help & collaborate to make happen (: Although I am currently talking too much about games, I am ultimately focused on creating character designs and visual storytelling whether it is for games, animation, comics, posters, movies and other kinds of visual media. As long as it’s a fun storytelling challenge!
Feel free to question yourself with Jenn’s questions and have a think about it (:
So here’s the stylish Jenn Sandercock talking about 
her experiences in pumping games 
Awed by Martin’s inspiring & poignant journey 
leading to Unravel plus inner acceptance & peace
More Martin being candid plus Unravel is sooo beautiful & interesting!
Finally meet Andrew in person via silly gestures & hand motions :0 
Here he’s at the Awards

For the whole night I was at a table, trying to finish Day 2 of the BurpDoodles.

I was expecting to be alone doing so because most people were chatting and were up and about but I found myself with a couple of kind company somehow. (:

Awards Night with the amazingly cool & enthusiastic Rae Johnston
Awards Night with Rae Johnston. Scribbled down the winners! 
Congrats everyone in the industry! 😀 
Didn’t know Brie Code was speaking at LadiesInGamesNom during this & I wasn’t too great at mingling haha 

I was able to talk to people I didn’t expect to! But hey as you can see, I was mostly making BurpDoodles and listening to people have conversations haha

Awesome talk by Cherie Davidson on her move 
to Media Molecule during the LadiesInGamesNom
Inspiring stuff from Brie Code on making things 
more inclusive plus she’s so fun to draw!
This is Giselle being hardcore & wonderful during the LadiesInGamesNom
So Alan just remembers me as someone walking around lost 
with a big bottle of sparkling water D:

For the record, he later insists that I didn’t look lost to him haha

GCAP Overall Thoughts

Previous GCAPs I had mixed feelings (and as mentioned, I have blogged about it here if you are that curious).

I’ll go into personal thoughts during the next Hermit Burpcast as I believe that it’s just really my struggle with “getting myself out there”, making friends (if any) and finding where I belong.

Yes it’s my 3rd year at GCAP and sometimes I still don’t know if I have anything worth saying or contribute because prior to this year’s GCAP, I haven’t made or provided anything that people would know or care about. I still don’t know if I have even now but does it really matter?

The Impostor Syndrome strikes again…
or rather my terrible, harsh self judgement…
or perhaps I’m not entirely clear on who I’m interested in to talk to – at least enough to share that with others.

There is quite a lot of self exploration & growth to be had in my life and I usually don’t indulge until I’m reasonably comfortable and somewhat prepared with the uncertainty at hand.

Yes uncertainty. That is what life is. (:

Digressing! I’ll put most of that personal stuff aside for the Hermit Burpcast and here I shall focus on GCAP as a conference! (:

The food is generally good, hopefully the bag would be better & sturdier next time and the talks are up to you and whether you are interested in a given Speaker and their topic of choice or not. There are loads of talks going at the same time too so you usually feel like you’re missing out on something.

Personally I learned some things, I got some revision on some others and I fought to stay awake by learning how to strategically drink coffee at certain times. And I don’t particularly like coffee. I can tolerate it at least! Great to see cool tea drinkers around too! I just wanted strong caffeine so I denied the tea.

Aside from keeping your brain working to take in talks, it’s generally time spent seeing & greeting vaguely familiar faces you don’t get to see otherwise.

If you’re here to learn from the announced Speakers, do attend GCAP! If you’re there to meet more people, there are after parties and get togethers during the whole week that happens after/beyond GCAP and throughout the year in the city. You don’t necessarily have to attend the conference yourself if you’re financially tight on money. I know a few people who didn’t go to GCAP but attended the parties & chatted with people all the same.

It also depends on what you really want to get out of it – if you have nothing specific then you will probably struggle. My own mindset this year was: “at least I get to BurpDoodle people and I’ll post it a week later in a blog post!” Ninja Leonie time!

So when gritfish suggested I should also individually tweet out my BurpDoodles and my gut reaction of “but I don’t want to spam people!!” was over…

I had very little sleep on the night/morning of Day 1 and processed & tweeted out my Speaker BurpDoodles. Because I knew I wouldn’t have internet access when I’m out at the conference.

As a result, I was a zombie during Day 2! I planned to actually catch up with twitter when my brain could function late in the week so I was pleasantly confused when a few people acknowledged them with kind words. Admittedly, I felt less lonely and invisible? But I didn’t know what kind of feedback I was getting.

One told me to get internet on my phone but I’m a frugal hermit! I’d like to be present with my surroundings if I can control it and not be at my phone all the time. I have no use for portable internet in my usual life and I usually ask for help if I need something checked haha

Will I go next year? Hopefully…!
I’m still an invisible Ninja BurpDoodler.

If finances aren’t looking too great, I might try volunteering instead. But if I did, I probably won’t be able to BurpDoodle the Speakers. There’s actually a waiting list to volunteer so I’ll probably won’t get to do that either! :<

Personally, GCAP was generally a good time. I don’t have as much mixed feelings thanks to the aforementioned mindset. Just accepting and embracing being alone as the default. (:

PS: I’m not recommending what I do to anyone else because your circumstance is different from mine! I’m terrible at this thing called “networking” and my attempts are over the place. I’ll stop here as once again, I’ll elaborate further in the Hermit Burpcast.


PAXAus Shenanigans: games!

I did my best at being support at PAXAus in the mornings.

When I’m not working, I got to do some fun things, played games on my own and with my bro (thoughts on said games coming in Sunday’s video) and I didn’t get that much freebies – I keep seeing them around! I hear people sell bits of their internet soul and/or cheat their way out of it to get the tech freebies though.

I did end up covering a portion of my bag with badges for indie games! But I’m not doing it as an avid collector!
It’s more of a “Hey I played and/or support many of these games so if someone recognises one we might talk about it!” kind of thing. (:

EDIT: Hey it’s a photo of the Indie game badge!

A friend wanted to see the Indie game badge bag I talked about here in this post. So here is half of the covered bag!

I probably don’t have everything but it’s a mix of old and new! I didn’t get to play all of the featured games either.

Still, it’s on my bag as a talking point!

I’ll let you play the “guess which game/company is which” game haha

My feet were in SOO much pain. As in every day of the three days.
I was physically not doing that great and was noticably hobbling and waddling at one point.
I pushed my stamina too far >:

Further Shenanigans as follows:

I did my first ever Miniature painting class! 😀
I haven’t done so before! Time flew so fast!
My first miniature is a monstrosity as expected.
As a newbie, I learned a lot though!

Would I do it again? Maybe! It allows me to sit down at least!

The sign ups run out REAL early though so you’d need to put your name down for a class in the morning while you can!

Lucy, Lauren, Snow, Stephanie and Liam on Their “PressXToWoo: Mature Relationships and Romance in Games” Panel at PAXAus #PAXmance

Random takeaways:

  • Chell and GLADoS is a romance
  • Check out @GXAustralia
  • A lot of Dragon Age and Mass Effect talk
  • Snow is Kind and Award Winning and … you get the idea.
  • There needs to be more relationship options in games
  • Depiction of relationships isn’t done too well in games as typically it doesn’t go beyond sex as the end goal
  • All the Visual Novels! There’s a Facebook group if you’re into it
  • Potential of a podcast with the above five? :0
Lucy told me to come to her panel & 
Lauren kindly helped me get in without too much pain 

I wasn’t faring too well, was physically exhausted and I couldn’t sit on the ground in line.

Day 1 PAXAus was intense for me at work so I really appreciated the help!

Entertaining fun times & discussion about #paxmance 
Mature Relationships & Romance In Games Yo! 
My BurpDoodle gift for gritfish whether he uses it as an avatar or not; 
(all the same) my MIGW15, GCAP15 & PAXAus experience is better for it. (: 

It was an art request from him originally as he was wondering if I could draw him or whether I’ve already drawn him but I haven’t managed to attend much talks (desperate ouchies mode from doing 3 full days of PAXAus), let alone his talks because I usually end up being so exhausted from working or stumbling about at the Expo Hall.

I haven’t been doing much Speaker BurpDoodles during PAXAus also because of the daunting long lines (I can’t stand that long) and the lack of time I have.

As gratitude for his suggestion to tweet out the Scribbly Speaker Burpdoodles in the first place, I made an exception and made one for him as a gift anyway. As congrats for the Award win too! Pretty happy he enjoys his new avatar. (:

I’m saying this here to make it clear that unless you’re commissioning me, I don’t do art requests (free work).
But I do make surprise art gifts and I Burpdoodle for myself when I attend a talk I’m interested in (:


The past month: update on the feet & Games Week aftermath!

My injured feeties! (no it’s not just because of Games Week)

This is probably my last/second last update on this as this is an ongoing thing I’m managing. Bear with me.

They hurt. After a while of walking. Still I need to walk to get some exercise overall. Rest in between is needed else I’ll strain it too far and they’ll be sore for a long while and at worse, swell up again.

As you know from previous posts, it’s something I’ll need to live with especially when I need to get some life living going! Sometimes letting people know about my limits about my bad walking stamina helps so they’ll be more patient walking with me. Or they can just walk ahead and scout for me so I don’t have to walk too much about during “desperate ouchies” mode. I really appreciate them when it happens! 😀

Anyhooberhow; I went to the GP for nothing. She didn’t get the blood test results from the hospital (so…all I did was update her about the situation as the hospital didn’t email or give her anything despite me being told they would). I have a rheumatologist appointment in the next several days so hopefully I get some loose ends revealed to me by then. No solutions will be expected; it’s just a matter of being thorough really.

In the meantime, I actively sought for medical compression socks (which were uncomfortable), bought and refunded shoes that didn’t work for me and got inner sole cushions (didn’t work for long). Still, I knew I would be out and about a lot and I would be really pushing my limits here during Games Week. Yes, I wasn’t feeling okay sometimes.

Everyone else had painful feet too though mine are weak and they get a headstart of pain in my soles and bits of my ankles every morning :0

Hopefully in the future, I won’t fall into the trap of pretending to be okay when it’s gone too far! I probably will though as I’d rather not focus on myself in person if I can help it. Pain was and is expected. But hey I won’t talk about it if it keeps my mind off it!

Plus I’d rather not eat painkillers as a regular thing.
I can deal with sore feet and watch out whenever it feels like it’s escalating.

I got this.

Games Week Aftermath! 

I am exhausted. I haven’t been able to get proper recovery time as I wanted to get this post and Sunday’s Special Burptalk finished while it’s still fresh!

Then I need a break away from the computer.
And then get back to personal work.
And eventually catch up with Facebook…somewhere.

After all this, I find myself with more followers for some miraculous reason. I’m tweeting loads more because of the BurpDoodle shenanigans.

It’s weird because prior to GCAP, I was at a point where I was resigned to having around 200 followers for a long time yet. I was honestly at a state of being happy with what I have.

I mean, somehow there’s my GCAP15, PAXAus & GamesWeekMelbs BurpDoodles in Storify form thanks to GCAP! :0 It just happened & people seem to like them very much! I am pleasantly overwhelmed!

All the same, I strive to be grateful with what I have and I make it clear that people are free to unfollow if they’re expecting a follow back or if my tweets no longer interest them. Likewise, I’ll probably do some unfollowing at the end of this year to keep twitter manageable as a feed, not because those people are my enemies!

Special thanks to Andrew, Tony, Jane, Brie, Clinton, Ben, Tim, John and Lauren for being part of the kind BurpDoodle Avatar Club (:

Again, when it gets published later this month, I’ll go into detail about “Networking: Being Alone as the default” at the HermitBurpcast.

Thanks! Keep adventuuuring you!

This post is finally done!
You made it with me also! Woo!
You are awesome!

See you in two weeks at the Burpcast!  (: