Friday, June 2, 2017

"Changing careers is Normal, Growth & Regrets" Personal Storytime Edition with not much art [MAY2017]

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

Been incredibly busy but I have not much art and stuff to show this month since I'm taking an indefinite break from BurpDoodles and I've been busy freelancing too on top of Mighty work. :S

I feel both sad and glad that I'm taking some time to reflect...what am I doing!!

    Let's go go go! Journal Time.

    Guess what I played? ;D
    This game is SO fun and I was flailing my arms everywhere and getting my own arms tangled but I had no idea what my arms were doing - I was too focused on WINNING. My bro was laughing at me.

    The only mode I don't like in the Testfire is Volleyball. But all else is pretty sweet! Intense, short and engaging gameplay with the joycons! It's a lot of carefully reading what the other people are doing before you get trapped into a corner. It was GLORIOUS when I trapped someone into a corner and completely attacked them until I won ;D Yes I lost some too because I was so slow and wasn't careful with how I used my ARMS but the fun part is that I tried! ^o^

    I hate playing as Helix...too weird for me at the moment. I played Master Mummy, Minmin, Spring Man a lot. I haven't figured out Ribbon girl. The ninja due was mehhhh for me. Looking forward to playing the other characters! :D


    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    On having the Courage and Patience to Learn, Create, Love & Do Good Anyway, MCV Pacific 2017 Women in Game Awards as a Finalist in Sydney & Lilo And Stitch Studies [APR2017]

    Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

    OHHHHH what am I doing anymore. 

    There's only a small handful of you who read this (I keep saying this but it's true) so thank you so much for your kind company. 

    I'm not so Lonely Leonie now ^o^;

    This blog will also be updated as soon as my LeonieTalk Video Diaries get published! I have yet to edit and record at the release of this blog post! 

      Let's go! Journal Time.

      Outfits I wore on the trip haha
      Just wanted to draw something silly

      On having the Courage and Patience to Learn, Create, Love & Do Good Anyway!
      Mighty Games Shenanigans: Charming Runes Launch Comic & Personal Lilo & Stitch Studies

      Friday, April 7, 2017

      VectorBurpQuest 5, Beauty and the Beast Studies, Shooty Skies Comic, Blocking myself from Social Media more & Breath of the Wild Zelda Spoiler Rambles so far [MAR2017]

      Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

      Here's another infamously long blog post ;D

      Get comfortable! A pleasure to have your company. ^o^

      Whether you're invisible or imaginary! But imagining that you're here gives me temporary warm fuzzies at least! Someone reads these! GASP! :')

        Let's go together! Journal Time.

        Aloy on Confidence from Horizon: Zero Dawn
        I loved this quote because I relate...either I'm silent because I'm not confident (which is most of the time) or that I am confident but I want to prove it by doing than talking :0

        I watched a lot of this game as I worked and I finished it!! :D She's becoming quite a dry sassy lady as she goes along the journey and not someone gaping at all the novel things around her anymore as she explores the world.
        Really pretty game and predictable but solid narrative.

        Spoiler thoughts later down below after the Breath of the Wild Spoiler Ramble section! :D

        CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:
        The Past Month: Social Media Posts Recap (Extended)!
        Rambling and experience on taking more Social Media Breaks
        Life Lessons & Reminder Notes to Self this Month
        SuperListenMode Twitter Account Afterword
        LeonieTalks, what do I do?!
        Getting lectured by my Doctor about being an Artist
        Legend of Zelda Spoiler Ramble so far (not even close to finishing the game yet)!
        Horizon Zero Dawn Spoiler Talk

        Friday, March 3, 2017

        Striving to Kick Butt outside of Voxels & SuperListenMode with BurpDoodles & VectorBurpQuest IV [FEB2017]

        Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

        Here goes another month!! :D
        Where I ramble some more.
        So get comfy to my humble abode of a little blog home :')

          Let's go blog! Journal Time.

          Daruk! Let's Play the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch!

          You know what I'm doing in the coming month; it's finally out woo! Taking turns with my bro playing video gamesss!! ;D

          It's been ages since I did an illustration of this style :')
          Gah still have much to improve though! D:

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          Friday, February 3, 2017

          One Year Mighty Games Anniversary Super Listen Mode Comic, Melbourne Global Game Jam 2017 Super Reflection, Chinese New Year Shooty Skies, Mulan Studies & Vulnerability/Empathy/Shame/"Not Feeling Good Enough" [JAN2017]

          Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

          Another SUPER long post!

          You're used to this by now, right? ;D
          Otherwise, you don't need to be here haha
          Just...shoo! I'm not forcing you to read ;)

          It's been a mixture of feelings but it's been going alright (: 
          And that's to be expected; who is "happy" all the time ;D

            Let's go Journal Time!

            SuperListenMode Special: 1 year Mighty Anniversary
            I have no idea what Baby Chicken said but the sentiment is there ;D

            I don't think it even knows the answer to my question! I do want a Chirpy Baby Crossy Chicken though ;D
            But yeah this is not official Crossy Road or Shooty Skies art in the slightest. Hey, official art does not look like this at all if you know anything about the games haha
            It's my personal SuperListenMode Special ;)

            Feb 3rd - my little anniversary that only I probably care about! :D I'm not going to reflect on things since I did that in the last blog post. Here features just a mix of Crossy Road, Shooty Skies stuff I helped with in the past year (except Disney Crossy things I did since I didn't want Disney Intellectual Property take over the Mighty Games focus). I helped create Baby Chicken, Shooty comics and a few other characters ^o^ haha

            I don't know what's next for me 100% but at the moment I'm pretty much helping out with Disney Crossy and sometimes Shooty Skies and Crossy Road and striving to learn about vector arting. To clear things up, I haven't been involved with Charming Keep thus far (well if I was it didn't end up being in game) or any other project beyond that so I direct you to the incredible & stylish art of Scott/cronobreak :0! Hey it's been out a few days ago too! It's been a long time in the making; a lot of people worked hard on it so do check the game out! (:

            If fantasy charming cute idle clickers is your sort of thing, do try it!
            Make money, to build your towers...to save the Prince Charmings :0
            I think that's how it goes! ;D I'm playing it at the moment...and I'm just tapping on stuff haha

            Reminder I did a comic when I first started at Mighty:
            http://tumblr.leonieyue.com/post/138555763510/todays-my-1st-day-as-a-junior-artist-at-mighty Gosh those were the days when I was not confident *at all* how I would fit in or help out or know what I can do. Now it's slightly better while I'm still working on everything in general :') I still don't know what I'm doing; so many things I don't know how to do.

            All the same, terribly grateful I'm at Mighty and I'll just keep doing my best!
            And maybe I'll keep doing these comics on a yearly basis haha

            CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:
            The Past Month: Kotaku Australia Game Artist Feature 
            MCV Pacific 30Under30 Honourable Mention
            Nintendo Switch & Treehouse Presentations
            Thoughts on Brene Brown's Talks, Vulnerability & Not being Enough
            On Being a Hermit
            Rambling about Apathy in Students
            Silly Shenanigans I did on video
            Special Thanks for the month
            And inspiring someone through this blog?!

            Friday, January 6, 2017

            Why do I art anymore? Three years of Burp! 2016 Reflection + 11 months at Mighty Games [NOV&DEC2016]

            Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

            It's been almost 2 months since a blog post! How have you been?

            Turns out I'm staying at blogger for a long while yet! ;D

            And this is one of those "reflecting about 2016 and what I'll focus on in 2017" kind of personal posts. No specific large goals though because 2017 is just a marker in time - another day in front of another as per usual for me. (:

            So strap in on long ~12K words of ramblyness!

              Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

              Fun Arting, Freedom and Creativity
              Not that I'm there yet but through my actions and art I hope to leave positive and hopeful things behind me without looking back wherever I go like Amaterasu does in Okami ^o^ 

              Such a wonderful, long but satisfying game :D

              CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:
              Why do I art anymore? When everyone is incredible & standards are so high
              Recalling poor Graphic Novel attempts; not for me right now
              Wait; what do I want to keep doing? 
              Questions on making art, inspiration, personal art evolution, what makes art worthwhile, what my art is about & how do you know when it’s done
              2016 & 11 months at Mighty Games: From Home Hermit to Studio Hermit Artist haha 
              List of notable 2016 “Personal Struggles & Things Learned” blog posts
              Special Thanks to people & Personal Stuff to remember 
              Artist Jealousy the Overview: Again? Leonie, why?
              The Past 2 Months: Recovery from intense MIGW16, Play to Win Documentary, entertainment I saw and hopes for 2017!

              Sunday, November 13, 2016

              Melbourne International Games Week 2016 Edition: GCAP & PAXAus

              Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

              MIGW is only finally done for me when this post gets out there so here goes! 

              Also note that my 6 videos will be updated here as they get published.
              Because spacing it out is better haha

                Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

                Who is this Quiet Hermit Ninja? Didn't bother using this for my PAXAus panels to introduce myself but hullo peeps! I'm terrible at socialising as a hermit ninja :'D

                CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:

                Friday, November 4, 2016

                Inktober + Shooty Skies Retro Arcade Anarchy & Nightmare Before Christmas Doodles [OCT2016]

                Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

                As much as it's going on right now, this blog post is not about Melbourne International Games Week! This is the usual monthly blog post! It shall have its own special blog post next Friday or so! 

                I'm probably still trying to cope with the intense social stimulation haha

                Don't think people will have the time to read this mega post of art and monthly reflection anymore (knowing the numbers & that people prefer social media anyway) but hey, the reason why I still blog remains: 

                I'm rambling and reflecting all I like here to myself ;D 

                So if you're still here, thank you so much ;___;

                  Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

                  Sally Illustrations because I wanted to! 

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                  Friday, October 7, 2016

                  Hermit Burp Leonie Wrangles Vector Art 3 + Creative Self Care & Compassion [SEP2016]

                  Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

                  It's a month alright :0 

                  And then I ramble and reflect heaps about self compassion & care thanks to an art buddy. Ooh here we go!!

                    Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

                    This is my life's Venn Diagram at this moment - a snapshot. Feeling grateful right now :D Social life arguably shouldn't be there but I guess it's a special thing for me instead. :0
                    Inspired by this Venn Diagram of @kevinjaystanton's musings on life.
                    Do try making one and you don't have to show it to anyone - it's an interesting way to visualise what you're juggling at the moment!
                    And when I mean design, I mean Character Design & Visual Development and all that :D

                    CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:

                    Friday, September 2, 2016

                    Hermit Bear Leonie Wrestles Vector Art II [AUG2016]

                    Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

                    More Vector art learning in the past month :0 

                      Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

                      BurpDoodle: For Love and Justice!
                      It was International Sailor Moon Day during the first Friday of August so...I'm late D:
                      Dedicated to Lauren and all the peeps who like this series! :0

                      I grew up with and was really into Sailor Moon (among many other things) during primary school; did terrible fanart for it for a while then. I just decided to give her a large poofy dress this time ;)

                      A different approach with this one in Illustrator. Making my own wall patterns and tackling with the colouring :S Still need to do heaps of practice before I feel any good at this program because I struggled here more than the Love & Fun Machine piece :0

                      CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:
                      Feeling of Lack/Internet Culture: working towards happiness VS happiness with what you have
                      (feeling insecure about SuperListenMode comics & social media sharing)