Friday, November 10, 2017

OCT2017: Melbourne International Games Week 2017 Edition: GCAP & PAXAus + Doing a GCAP Talk + Nanojam3 + Gratitude

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

So apparently 20 and then later 50 total peeps skimmed/looked at last month's blog post when I've been usually getting 100+ for each! I was a bit sad when I had 20 for a handful of weeks, but I *am* doing these blog posts for me so eh! 

As much as it feels odd/new to me in the odd sudden large decline, I've had these numbers before in the early years. I don't care too much. I've moved on now ;D

Anyhoo I really do appreciate you that you could find the time ;)
Just highlighting the fact that there's not many of you who do read! ❤ 

Even 100 "views" isn't that much when it comes to a 6 year old blog. 
It's still a wonderful small ninja kind of an audience though (:

[I had to disable comments on this blog so I can manage my time better, but feel free to tweet at me instead].

Note italics are copied posts from the past!

    Let's go! Journal Time.


    Friday, October 6, 2017

    SEP2017: Wonderful World of Character Design Pt1, NZGDC & New Zealand adventures!

    Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

    So pretty intense month even now since I'm still preparing and working for Part 2 for my talk by the end of this month and then I hope I get into the regular regimen of training/getting better or something afterwards :')

    Welcome to my rambly home! ^o^

    As usual...who reads these anyway! Pfft!!
    I'm really just writing these blogs for myself...for future self.
    Or rather my pretend imaginary friend.
    Because I rarely read my blog posts out of shame ;P

    [Seriously though, if you exist, thank you as always!
    You rare mysterious reader <3 ]

      Let's gooooo! Journal Time.

      NZGDC17: The Wonderful World of Character Design Talk Part 1!

      Friday, September 8, 2017

      @CharDesignClub Challenge & Super Resource Page

      The Wonderful World of Character Design Talks: Super Resource & Challenge Page

      This page will keep getting updated;
      check back in a few months or something!

      The tumblr for @CharDesignClub Challenge Submissions are here.

      If you find what I do here valuable and helpful,
      please pass it on, share it & let other people know about this page! 
      I hope it helps you, even if a bit!

      More importantly, let's learn together ^o^


      Friday, September 1, 2017

      AUG2017: "Character Design! I want to learn ALL the things!!" // NZGDC & GCAP prep, QuestyQuest, CharmingRunes & ol' CharmingKeep

      Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

      More Leonie rambles about learning and arting ;)

      Aside from a couple of friends, I don't think any other friend/people I know reads these haha
      Anyhoo, despite how the world is focused on short, concise, eye catching content - a small handful of you are actually here!! Thank you so much!! <3

      No seriously. I'm a sad lonely soul at times so I'm grateful for your virtual company. ;)

        Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

        The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Fanart!!
        Wonderful character design & character ^o^
        Thanks Lauren for lending me the first volume!! <3
        I am hatching because I'm not bothered or have the time for painting and colouring so far this year; I just want to draw and get the rough tonals...starting to like what I end up with ;) 

        Also trying to make sure I know how to draw people!
        The Verdict is still on the fence...I don't know how to draw good in my own nitpicky eyes D: How to draw anymore??? .___.

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        Friday, August 4, 2017

        JULY 2017: Somehow featured in The Guardian, Game industry rambles, loving lunch catchups & being silly continues

        Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

        Woo here goes another month! It's already August!!
        There's not much this month, compared to others...I think.

        I really don't know anymore and I don't care how long/short my blog posts are at this point ;)

          Let's go! Journal Time.

          Featuring Zodiac Starforce fanart ;)

          Blame @laurclinn hehe! Thank you for lending your comics ^o^ <3 

          Read till the end of issue #3 so I am not at the part where a 5th member joins :0 And here's a random timelapse video for the fanart above:

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          Friday, July 7, 2017

          Framed 2 Process & Concept Art Tests of my Polaroid Photos Art! // All the juggling & Birthday Thoughts [JUN2017]

          Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

          I don't know many people who reads these because you're all invisible!

          But I'm assuming no one at work does...right? Right? 
          I'll assume they don't haha
          They don't have time to read these rambly essays ;)

          And my audience apparently via google search is from the US rather than people I actually know and/or within Australia so it's probably true. :')

          All the same welcome to my isolated blog island!

          Make yourself welcome and do be kind as I ramble about art and personal things (:

            Let's go! Journal Time.

            Framed 2 + Persona 5 + SuperListenMode + BurpArtBlog
            This is a mess!! Figured I can make my own strip for this dedicated blog post for Framed 2 ;D

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            Friday, June 2, 2017

            "Changing careers is Normal, Growth & Regrets" Personal Storytime Edition with not much art [MAY2017]

            Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

            Been incredibly busy but I have not much art and stuff to show this month since I'm taking an indefinite break from BurpDoodles and I've been busy freelancing too on top of Mighty work. :S

            I feel both sad and glad that I'm taking some time to reflect...what am I doing!!

              Let's go go go! Journal Time.

              Guess what I played? ;D
              This game is SO fun and I was flailing my arms everywhere and getting my own arms tangled but I had no idea what my arms were doing - I was too focused on WINNING. My bro was laughing at me.

              The only mode I don't like in the Testfire is Volleyball. But all else is pretty sweet! Intense, short and engaging gameplay with the joycons! It's a lot of carefully reading what the other people are doing before you get trapped into a corner. It was GLORIOUS when I trapped someone into a corner and completely attacked them until I won ;D Yes I lost some too because I was so slow and wasn't careful with how I used my ARMS but the fun part is that I tried! ^o^

              I hate playing as Helix...too weird for me at the moment. I played Master Mummy, Minmin, Spring Man a lot. I haven't figured out Ribbon girl. The ninja due was mehhhh for me. Looking forward to playing the other characters! :D

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              Saturday, May 6, 2017

              On having the Courage and Patience to Learn, Create, Love & Do Good Anyway, MCV Pacific 2017 Women in Game Awards as a Finalist in Sydney & Lilo And Stitch Studies [APR2017]

              Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

              OHHHHH what am I doing anymore. 

              There's only a small handful of you who read this (I keep saying this but it's true) so thank you so much for your kind company. 

              I'm not so Lonely Leonie now ^o^;

              This blog will also be updated as soon as my LeonieTalk Video Diaries get published! I have yet to edit and record at the release of this blog post! 

                Let's go! Journal Time.

                Outfits I wore on the trip haha
                Just wanted to draw something silly

                CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:
                On having the Courage and Patience to Learn, Create, Love & Do Good Anyway!
                Mighty Games Shenanigans: Charming Runes Launch Comic & Personal Lilo & Stitch Studies

                Friday, April 7, 2017

                VectorBurpQuest 5, Beauty and the Beast Studies, Shooty Skies Comic, Blocking myself from Social Media more & Breath of the Wild Zelda Spoiler Rambles so far [MAR2017]

                Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

                Here's another infamously long blog post ;D

                Get comfortable! A pleasure to have your company. ^o^

                Whether you're invisible or imaginary! But imagining that you're here gives me temporary warm fuzzies at least! Someone reads these! GASP! :')

                  Let's go together! Journal Time.

                  Aloy on Confidence from Horizon: Zero Dawn
                  I loved this quote because I relate...either I'm silent because I'm not confident (which is most of the time) or that I am confident but I want to prove it by doing than talking :0

                  I watched a lot of this game as I worked and I finished it!! :D She's becoming quite a dry sassy lady as she goes along the journey and not someone gaping at all the novel things around her anymore as she explores the world.
                  Really pretty game and predictable but solid narrative.

                  Spoiler thoughts later down below after the Breath of the Wild Spoiler Ramble section! :D

                  CONTENTS for your READING QUEST:
                  The Past Month: Social Media Posts Recap (Extended)!
                  Rambling and experience on taking more Social Media Breaks
                  Life Lessons & Reminder Notes to Self this Month
                  SuperListenMode Twitter Account Afterword
                  LeonieTalks, what do I do?!
                  Getting lectured by my Doctor about being an Artist
                  Legend of Zelda Spoiler Ramble so far (not even close to finishing the game yet)!
                  Horizon Zero Dawn Spoiler Talk

                  Friday, March 3, 2017

                  Striving to Kick Butt outside of Voxels & SuperListenMode with BurpDoodles & VectorBurpQuest IV [FEB2017]

                  Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

                  Here goes another month!! :D
                  Where I ramble some more.
                  So get comfy to my humble abode of a little blog home :')

                    Let's go blog! Journal Time.

                    Daruk! Let's Play the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch!

                    You know what I'm doing in the coming month; it's finally out woo! Taking turns with my bro playing video gamesss!! ;D

                    It's been ages since I did an illustration of this style :')
                    Gah still have much to improve though! D:

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