Friday, October 19, 2018

SuperListenMode: Bringing out the Headphones + BurpDoodle: Out of Stamina + MIGW attendance ramble

SuperListenMode: Bringing out the Headphones
Noise cancelling headphones was suggested for me to cope better with the open office environment at work and I finally researched and splurged on a set on my own. And I got two headphones stands. Gosh again I feel guilty for spending on myself...I always feel like I need to be more frugal on money but fasting with meals cuts some expenses down ;___;

But yes, I do find open office environment distracting when I need to focus, block out everything and do the work. Although they're more manageable for me, the internet and Slack are distracting already by themselves! There's no fort of solitude for me! I don't know how I would survive in complete solitude anyway...it'll require a complete life and career change.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Inktober BurpDoodles: Kizuna Ai fanart + on crunch & letting go from being a workaholic perfectionist

Inktober BurpDoodle: Kizuna Ai fanart
I watched some of her videos ages ago because I was fascinated; she's a funny & cool virtual YouTuber/Vlogger! I'm not sure if I'm the target audience but I appreciated her sweet appeal :D

Inktober BurpDoodle: Cute but deadly Kizuna Ai
Wanted to do another one ;D

Haven't watched a lot of her videos but from what I've seen, I like her sense of humour! :0 This is a blatantly manufactured online/virtual personality and it's such a clever way do it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

SuperListenMode: Social Skills RPG + BurpDoodle: I got mixed feelings

SuperListenMode for Games Week: Social Skills RPG
"Yeah, I'm bad at socialising."
"You're fine, Leonie. Geez."
"If you say so..."
Then why do I feel so lonely, exhausted, sad and terrible at this :'(
I feel like I'm doing improv sometimes ;___;

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Melbourne Zoo Photo Adventures 2018 + BurpDoodle: Cat Toaster + Posting schedule & Online friendships

Melbourne Zoo Adventures & more photos below! 
These two are my favourite sketches: the Black Swan & the Royal Spoonbill (:

Monday, October 15, 2018

SuperListenMode: How are you Leonie?

Games Week SuperListenMode: How are you Leonie?
Speaking of deep conversations at social things...
Do you really want the answer to that? ;)

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Inktober BurpDoodle: "Heehee oh I like you"

Inktober BurpDoodle: "Heehee oh I like you"
This vibrant green highlighter is waxy ;D

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Friday, October 12, 2018

SuperListenMode: Small catch ups at #MelbourneGamesWeek

SuperListenMode: Small catch ups at #MelbourneGamesWeek
I know the whole idea is to connect with someone.
Not to meet every single person.

Last year I accepted the struggle to make meaningful conversations and defaulted to what I've seen & did recently. Too tired being there all day, all week around lots of people. Drawing a blank. Sensory overload from everything.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Inktober BurpDoodle: Hot waves

Inktober BurpDoodle: Hot waves
I'm using highlighters like an abnormal person ;P
Not ready to use the better quality markers :<
They're scary right now.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Birthday BurpDoodle for Lauren 2018

Birthday illustrated BurpDoodle for Lauren 2018
Combined Rilakkuma, Gudetama, durian, tea, colours, Lumi and herself all into a picture <3 

Yes I love durian too, it's wonderfully delicious to me ;P
If you think it stinks...well...I respect that.

Enjoy a wonderful special week and year ahead with your loved ones and friends Lauren!! ^o^ Thank you for being a shining inspiring light of generosity, kindness and love. And the occasional special, generous and sweet lunch catch ups!

Lots of love and hugs!! <3

I actually started and finished this during 27th/28th of May when I wasn't feeling well [gloomy and in pain] to keep myself distracted. 
So this was a gamble...I don't know if she'll look like this by October! It was hard as I didn't know what to illustrate for her, felt stuck and paralysed. 
After playing around, I stumbled onto making this. ;D

Hope she likes it ^o^'

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Inktober BurpDoodle: "Oh come on now! Got no time for this!"

Inktober BurpDoodle: "Oh come on now!
Got no time for this!"
Just having fun with it ;D 

I fell behind a bit but I'm just on track. Shaking off that rust continues.
I hope there will be a point where I keep going, learning and not tag it as inktober anymore. Experiment with things. Hopeful.

I'm pretending I'm confident here ;P

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