HermitBurpcast#07- The Artist’s Way Through Art Anxiety featuring Kristy Prause

Featured “Sandwich?” Artwork & Podcast title credited to Kristy Prause (kristykate.com)!
I scribbled all over her artwork muhahah 😉

Welcome! I am Leonie Yue and this is the monthly HermitBurpcast.
Special episode for those who are Creative! This might be of interest to even your friends – especially when struggle is a part of creating (aka growth is happening)! Share this post to support us and if you find this useful to your friends! Your help will be appreciated! 😀
We discuss about Personal thoughts on an Art Recovery Course Book called The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Disclaimer that we are not paid for this in any way to talk about the book.
We  touch into:
  • what blocks people from making Art,
  • negative conditioning and beliefs towards Creativity, Paralysing Anxiety
  • negative beliefs and activity in the Art Community,
  • Shame, Jealousy, Competition/Comparisons,
  • Perfectionism, Workaholicism, Personal Growth,
  • Having Friendships based upon trust and support,
  • the Choice of Happiness and making Changes for yourself
  • and many more things we learned from the book and from our experiences.
Plus, first ever Guest episode with my good friend & art buddy, Kristy Prause! This episode features an interview conversation (with some sillyness of course) with her before we swim into an overview about Art Anxiety. Thanks so much for the fun awesome time Kristy! 😀
Aside from the usual solo segments and audio editing I do, this is one of the mega long episodes in which took a lot of planning, commitment and preparation from both parties! It’s super long because I’d rather not spread it into parts like I did with my Teaching Storytime and anyway, it’s hard for people to remember what happened last month or three (well at least for me!)
So take your time! I have time marked segments for your convenience in the shownotes below.


(3 hours and 2 minutes)

Show notes for Hermit Burpcast #7:

Blog Post for shownotes, hyperlinks and comments: (http://blog.leonieyue.com/2015/07/hermitburpcast007.html)

  • Intro
  • What’s going on this past month
    • Stealing Tea bags
    • Emails? You want me to do what with my website?
    • Q&A and a FAQ page in the making
    • Sherlock BBC Season 3
    • Edit: Sooo I have a badly sprained ankle and as a result I have slightly sprained the other >: I can’t walk much at all until it gets better; it hurts all the time now :'(
  • Leonie Talks about Games [0:11:40]
  • Special Guest: Fun Interview with Kristy Prause [0:31:57]
    • Disclaimer about Guests
    • Introduction & Interview with Kristy (Designer & Illustrator):
      • How we met [0:35:45]
      • Her past work and journey thus far [0:41:10]
      • How she learned, her inspiration & her interests  [0:44:41]
      • Her current influences [0:54:16]
      • Her Art Process in brief & approaches [0:59:22]
      • Current struggles in her creative life [1:03:58]
      • Her current career and life goals/plans [1:12:22]
  • Main Topic: The Artist’s Way Through Art Anxiety with Kristy [1:15:33]
  • Solo Sidetalk about Spirituality & Afterword [2:39:20] 
    • Because I want to 😀
  • Q&A [2:54:18 
    • Lauren Clinnick Super Magical Marketing & PR Pro (She agrees with my title for her haha!)
      • Q1 What games are you looking forward to that are releasing this year?
      • Q2 Shall answer in the next episode!
    • Calling for questions!
  • Bloopers

PS: This my first time hosting and fun testing a guest episode so I’m going to say it as it is…encouragement, support, sharing & feedback are very much appreciated! Should I continue? :O

Not sure who my next victim guest will be 😉

I’m not in a rush so I’ll keep developing quality friendships haha

Got Questions/Responses for the Burpcast?
Thanks so much for listening!
See you in two weeks for the next blog post! (: