2015#10 You gotta be Squidding Me!! I’m a Mario Squid Kid? (& Musing about Self Questioning)

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
Pfffft at the title haha. But I have been playing Splatoon quite a bit! ;)Anyhooberhow. It’s been 3 weeks. And my posts are now 10am AEST! 😀

This update is all about what happened in the past month though!
Hope you’ve been having a good July so far.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Hey it’s me as a silly awkward Mario Squid Girl!
Relax; I don’t have tentacles (haha oh nooo) but I actually do have the Mario side of the costume as it was my improved cosplay from last year at PAXAus. Buuut I don’t think I wore it long enough for it to be seen (it was more suited to winter; it was so hot! How do people do this?! They are incredibly dedicated!) I’m keen to wear it again as a cosplay staple though! Or I’ll actually try something more suited to the summer that resembles more like overalls. 😀
Speaking of Splatoon, I have reached the Max Level 20 cap and have become the Legendary Freshest Starrr haha


Year 2, Weeks 21 to 25 (3rd Jun to 7th Jul)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

The return of more captions; dun dun dun
I was drawing some gestures from my Pinterest folder
Decimals and Squid Girls. Then Piggyback rides.
Posing it everywhere
Crazy posing and smug faces
Figures figuring themselves out in a figurative way of speaking haha
Now I remember why I don’t add much captions to these anymore
I got captions in the image already most of the time after all
so all this text is kinda of redundant
but pretty amusing to me as I self commentate what I’m doing right here
get some fancy older ladies in hereee
alright I tried but then I realise I shouldn’t be playing too much of the power of the captions
Well I had a good time, reader of these silly unnecessary captions! From here on there will be captions where I deem necessary (mostly)
You might have seen a few of these figures before haha; I had to post a few figures up on social media because I really only post about my artwork thus far once a month and then my Burpcast once a month.
That’s terrible in terms of getting seen at all on the interwebs. Well, apparently to most people. I mean there’s still special people like you who are still reading these blog posts 😀
And here’s a sudden kangaroo scribbly study
Three Problems! Mario fanart for the funzies!

New pictureee! 😀 She says hellooo!

Other Hermit Burp Adventuuures: Here we go!

  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (2), Twilight Princess, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Cities: Skylines, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy II (US/SNES), Gotcha Force, GTA5 Story, Chroma Squad, Hot Date, Combat Core Alpha, Big Pharma, Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Ninja Baseball Batman, Super Fighter, Not a Hero, Fallout, Guns of Icarus Online, Prop Hunt, Hardcore Minecraft, Subnautica, Jotun, Dragon Age Inquisition, The Tender Cut, Magicka 2, A Box Full Of Joy, Duck Game, Higurashi When They Cry, Dirty Bomb, ARK, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, CONTRA, Jurassic Park (SNES), Don’t Starve, Love At First Sight,  Dragon Age: Origins, Warpath Jurassic Park/Dino Rex, John Cena High School Adventure, Jurassic Park The Game (Telltale), Fault Milestone One, Hatoful Boyfriend, Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Reject Demon Toko, Nintendo Treehouse Live, E3 Conferences, Ride to Hell Retribution, Shattered Memories Silent Hill, Fallout 3, Vertiginous Golf, Running with Rifles, Space Beast Terror Fright, Farming Simulator 15, Smash Bros 4, Brawlhalla, Doom, Toukiden: Kiwami, Damned, Urban Chaos, Her Story, Portal Stories: Mel, The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC, Cheats 4 Hire, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Allison Road – Prototype Gameplay, Last of Us (I don’t know it’s good background noise haha), Robocop vs Terminator, SAW
    • Games (played) –
      • Splatoon – Level 20 cap now; sooo fresh! Splatfest was alright too
      • Yoshi’s Wooly World Co-op

Seeing my 21Draw Illustrations in Print: kinda!

I found this 21Draw book review where we’d actually see how my artwork looks when printed (it’s time stamped so you’d see it too when you click on the link)! Whoa! The navy colours seem so strong! I don’t know if this is the version where only my first name is credited (ie just “LEONIE” in caps haha) but either way, I got to sneak into the book at least! I’m happy!Yes I do agree with Jazza that half of the content is from inspirational, highly skilled and famous artists and the rest is a mixed selection of unknown artists with varying levels of artistic execution (to be blunt). Honestly I am relatively an unknown (compared to the amazing listed and advertised artists). Although at one second I did admittedly feel a sting of the Impostor Syndrome firing in my heart, that went away fast as I’m pretty much happy and keen to keep learning, moving forward and improving anyway. It’s all good. (:

I do agree that better tutorials can be found from other sources (directly from your favourite artists) if you actually want a deeper educational approach instead of an inspiration book with some process snapshots along the way.

I’m very much frugal by default so I only got the ebook. That said, I really can’t tell if the physical book is worth it myself but I’m sensing that this is the “physical art book collector/fan” kind of book. Something to look through for the wide spectrum of styles and artists rather than in-depth tutorials to learn from. If the huge shipping cost isn’t a big hurdle for you like it is for me, then this is a mostly good book for expressive character design inspiration (some very pretty character art is in there after all)! 😀

I don’t know Jazza himself or watch his channel but take a look at the linked book review video if you want more details. (: Or you could see this review of the book by a known and amazing artist Lorenzo Etherington (who is also part of the book) which just focuses on the brilliant artists that inspire him.

Or you don’t have to bother haha; I’m just providing a few other views other than my own so you can decide for yourself. The 21draw team have learned some lessons from this book (staying close to the brief, lowering the pricing, etc) and they say they are planning to do new book! Curious to see what they’d do next! (:
Mai Birthday last month: Korean Food

So this was last month. And since I don’t do anything “socially-birthday-party like”, I did something a bit better this time and got treated with some food.

Well for hermit little me (as you know) if there’s eating out involved, it’s a rare, exciting, special event for me so huzzahfor me! haha

Drawn from terrible memory. I couldn’t finish it so the leftovers became my second meal. Gosh! In this case one meal is 1.5 to 2 times the amount I can eat D: The Yakitori was quite burnt though so I was bummed about that…

Well aside from that, pretty much a milestone that reminds me that we’re all getting older. And then you remind yourself that age shouldn’t dictate what you “should” be doing or have done. Keep doing what you believe in!

And the Colourful Rainbow #LoveWins for Marriage Equality in the US happened on my birthday too (my timezone)! 😀

The past three weeks: busy & questioning where I fit in!
“Aren’t you usually busy and questioning anyway, Leonie?” you may say, rolling your eyes at me.Well my perceived imaginary reader, I insist that we must! As in check up on how we’re going every now and then for us to progress!

It’s just like how I changed to 10am AEST posts because I sensed it was too late in the day for people to bother reading at 5:55pm. I don’t know if it’ll work out but hey at least people in my timezone can read during lunchtime!

Digressing! So recently I’ve started trying out posting art snippets out there since I already do them anyway for my main monthly BurpArtBlog posts. I wasn’t too sure because I’m keen to show my art here but…to post my artwork more regularly out there on their own without a blog link attached to them felt too much for me.

And then I figured to myself; “Hey since you can commit to this and you’re feeling more confident about things, why not push this comfort zone of yours? Push that marketing/business muscle? You know, what people call hustling!!”

Aaand here I am. Testing this out. Get a bit more of my BurpDoodles out there.

Haha when people say “hustle”, I imagine buff, hairy, fierce and loud people barging through the internets. 😀

Aside from questioning where I am in life (the usual), I look back what I did 1-2+ years ago and am left thinking…I still feel pretty much neutral but grateful about things (art and life) thanks to my Inner Perfectionist. Not negative mind you. Just focusing on what I need to improve on instead.

Great. What kind of monstrous self critic have I become?! Am I now indifferent to everything?! Haha

Nah, we both know that I’m usually like this: I keep my own self standards up and I tone down my hopefulness and expectations in other areas due to the fear and avoidance of disappointment. Been trying to let my playfulness run loose in recent months thanks to the Hermit Burpcast (you’ll find out more reasons why in July’s Burpcast) and I feel much positive and happier about things. These things take time. (:

As you may know (depending on how long you’ve been up to date with my posts, dear reader), I have always been ignoring/dealing with family resentment and judgement with what I do. It effectively feeds my Self Doubt really well especially at the lowest of times.

I skimmed through a recent article from Muddy Colors which talked about having to balance both Doubt and Arrogance so that it stays on the positive spectrum…in order to keep being an artist (or anything worth fighting and struggling for).

I do agree! I realise that I do have Doubt (keeps me questioning, humble and learning) and some degree of Arrogance (self belief and confidence that I can make what I want possible) like many others.

Yes I have that ambition, at least enough to strive towards a very niche career of Character Design and yes sometimes my fears prevent me from my potential (ie getting myself out there). I guess that’s why I’m fascinated by ambitious and tenacious people because I am in awe in their self belief! I’d like some of that confidence and charisma! haha of course it’s not that simple! 😉

Developing the emotional intelligence to keep Doubt and Arrogance away from consuming you in a self destructive way is where the room for growth lies. Away from depression and giving up completely *and* away from extreme self importance, entitlement, superiority and disregard of others. Something that most of us battle with, myself included.

So I say to you, keep at it! You’re not alone!

I still haven’t fully grasped that “Where do I fit in?!” answer with life, relationships, career, health, experience, meaning and all that deep stuff but I am in no rush to. Who completely does understand that answer when the questions are always evolving when new experiences and obstacles come your way?

I still believe it’s something you grow, learn, experiment, focus, struggle and develop towards. The fun and frustrating learning journey of progress!

Do keep wondering and questioning. Provided that you are acting upon your goals and dreams! Yo! Keep fighting for your own ambitions! Oh the struggle that comes with the human condition.

Lastly (without giving details) hugging and comforting an angry, upset and (at the time) violent person helps diffuse a tense, escalating conflict/situation. Or at least that’s what I did (because I cared and I didn’t want the violence & conflict to get worse). I didn’t believe I was in any danger (don’t worry) but my hug helped! 😀

Thanks for reading! Keep adventuuuring you!

I’m working on an upcoming special Hermit Burpcast, back into more art studies and projects!

And I’ll probably post a few new art snippets here and there on social media so you’d hear more from me if you follow me over at those “branches of my tiny internet island web” now that my little “Arrogance/Confidence level” is a bit higher haha.

I’m not completely experienced at the marketing/business aspects of freelancing but I’m enjoying it and trying things out…it’s becoming less daunting.

Meanwhile my Main Art Blog and the HermitBurpcast are really my personal projects in their own right. Sure they are definitely where I “get my work out there” as a default but I see both as my playground firstmost (online home and internet island, remember?) and people like you are invited to stay and hang around! 😀

See you in two weeks at the Mega first guest ever Burpcast!
I got work to do! O: