2015#09 – Hey I got published in the 21Draw Character Design Book!

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

The book has been out in print finally for a month so hello!

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Can’t show the ten illustrations I actually did for the book!
This new little doodle I did of my character will have to do. (:


Year 2, Weeks 17 to 20 (6th May to 2nd Jun)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

I posted this last month to be on time for Mother’s Day on social media. Honestly didn’t intend to do anything but the triple meanings! The Intro of this game has it’s meaning, after going through the whole game leads into another meaning and I have my own personal meaning. And this is Ori and the Blind Forest fanart of Naru in case you were wondering. (:
There’s more but not enough yet so until next time!

Other Hermit Burp Adventuuures: Here we go!

  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (2), Resident Evil Revelations 2, Bloodborne, Twilight Princess, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Affordable Space adventures, Sonic Adventures, Dandelion, Broken Age Act 2, Endless Legend, Invisible Apartment, Mario 64, Basement, Ori and the Blind Forest, King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Block N Load, Sid Meier’s Pirates, MadWorld, Cities: Skylines, Super Mario Kart, i Saw Her Standing There, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Order: 1886, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Final Fantasy II (US/SNES), The Karate Tournament, Holloseum, Inside My Radio, Apocalypse, Invisible Inc., Action Henk, The Mummy The dragon emperor, 1 on 1 (basketball PS original game), Life is Strange Ep 3, Agar.io, Rambo, Die Hard Vendetta, Spooky’s House of Jump Scares, Guns of Icarus, Game of Thrones Episode 4, Catlateral Damage, Kizuna Encounter, Breaker’s Revenge, The Curious Expedition, Fallout, Fallout 3, Freedom Planet, Pretentious Game 1& 2, Kung Fury: Street Rage, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Minecraft Hardcore, LEGO Worlds Early Access, GTA5 PC Story
    • Splatoon Nintendo Direct and Micro Direct
    • Games (played) – 
    • Was lucky enough to eat out one time with with spicy Korean and another via delicious Shanghainese; wow and thank youuuu kind people 😀

Planning to revamp my 21Draw Character: the Byronic Hero!

This is what happens when you’re always learning and you design something 10 months ago. For me, I end up wanting to do things over. I cannot show the 10 illustrations I did for the 21Draw book (you can still buy it? But only if you want to of course)!Judging from my extremely early ebook version my character is on pages 32 to 33, while the book itself is more directed at people who simply enjoy collecting art books (not me as I have a little library of books I need to get around reading someday already) and it has huge range of art styles from various artists (not all of them are mentioned at the website).

Anyhoo! Honoured to be published and featured in the book! My first little part in a book! 😀

I actually had female versions of this hero too but it wasn’t to be for the book (and because that the archetype is stereotypically male).

It’s an archetype of the handsome, brooding, mysterious, romanticised, dark/troubled past that haunts him, selfish, intellectual, moody, internally conflicted, self critical, introspective, passionate, sets out against the status quo even though he’s also privileged and high in social status himself, arrogant in his own ways over others, can be self destructive, cynical, jaded, socially isolated/exiled, aloof and has an intense drive to live out his own philosophy. He tends to be a grey character who doesn’t smile much and keeps to himself.

Yes that kind of character hohoho

I chose this archetype way back when as a lot of the usual archetypes were already taken but I didn’t mind at all.

At first I was thinking: oh hey, I relate to some of this! Oh wait, is that an extreme version of me?! D:

But then again, I just relate to bits such as: slightly troubled past, introspective, selfish (yes within reason as we all are), intellectual (I’m not quick and witty though), self critical, passionate, reserved, quiet, stubborn and driven in my philosophy (until something new is learned) and socially isolated. I don’t know about all the other traits as I’m pretty much a frugal hermit, not content/complacent but I’m very grateful with what I have right now and I’m more open about my past these days haha

Digressing: I really wanted to bring to life my rejected designs for my Byronic Hero! I’ll be posting about them with in coming months or distant future…well whenever I’m ready!

In the meantime, if you want the original character I did, take a gander at the 21Draw book – *if* you can find little me in there. 😀
Getting teary: Perhaps my kind of storytelling…?
Gosh. Found myself watching this alright HK drama and it got me teary eyed at its key story moments. I’d rather not mention the name as I’m embarrassed enough already haha

It was predictable most of the time but it dived into dealing with:

  • loss, guilt, regret;
  • grieving someone you love;
  • sacrificing everything for your own career, success, fame and personal aspirations;
  • manipulating others to get what you want and then deserting them when they are no longer useful to you – leaves you with little to no friends to stand by you when you’re down;
  • pain and consequences of your own actions;
  • respecting the choices of others;
  • allowing jealousy (fear) dictate your actions;
  • importance of family and friends vs loneliness and lack of connection;
  • acknowledging how your actions affect and influence those around you;
  • being able to forgive and seek forgiveness;
  • missing someone who is long gone and/or changed;
  • protecting the passion, standard and joy in what you love doing;
  • seeking acknowledgement and pride from your parents;
  • communicating how you feel from the onset rather than keeping it to yourself for many years leading to deep misunderstanding;
  • just because you like and care about someone, it doesn’t mean you’re suited to be together – as long as they’re happy then you’re happy;
  • the wondrous power of support from your friends;
  • as long as you’re honest to yourself, giving self and others a second chance;
  • how money, influence, success, marriage and having a relationships counter are not as amazing/important as they seem to be
  • there is a point that when trust is lost, it’s almost impossible to earn it back whereas time and people changing may turn tides
  • how a companion is really a best friend and even lover who is willing to find the joy in and happy to spend the everyday mundane times with you and not necessarily someone you’ve had the most intense life experiences with
  • seeking your own adventures and fun on your own is important too
  • and finding your own self as a human being, however much time you have on earth you may have.

I didn’t expect to find myself falling and relating deep into this drama as a lot of the things I listed above – I actually feel a deep connection and personally experienced some. It also highlighted to me what kinds of stories I would like to help tell and from there, reach people at a personal and emotional level.

That means if I was watching something that was actually highly praised as a moving piece of storytelling – I would not just be a little teary! Ah the power of storytelling in films, games and all sorts of mediums, gosh!
Making you feel feelings. (:

The past two weeks: it’s Winter!
So we’re nearing mid-2015 already. How did that happen!
Things are getting busier so I haven’t really been that active aside from my Blog, Burpcast shenanigans and other projects (yeah…the usual). Busy times!

I was considering leaving the “yo what I’ve been up to” mostly to the Burpcast while I leave my art learning journey here but…

I’ll probably do whatever suits at a given time instead. To me there is a difference between what I want to write about versus what I want to talk about despite having loads of overlap between the two.

For those not in the know I’ll repetitively repeat myself:
Right here I’m talking about what I’m doing, reflecting and learning in art (the Reading + Art part). I’m just typing what I feel and believe at the given time.

Meanwhile the Burpcast seems to be rambling about video games/entertainment and the bigger picture in terms of life, art and experiences. They are probably more fleshed out versions of my regular blog reflections centred on a theme or two with a good helping of sillyness on the side (the Talking part). 😀

If I run out of serious art themes/topics one day, then I’ll just end up talking about my month and video games! It’ll be an entirely different thing! Or maybe not! I’m still going to talk about experiences like an audio log. Perhaps it’ll be something like “Rambling with Leonie”, or what they call “filler” episodes as I prepare and consider further art topics. Perhaps it’ll be more fun, random and silly that way! :O

So be it! I’m talking all the same however awkward I am! 😀
And I have that hobby Youtube Gaming channel that will collect dust until a PC/Steam game I’m interested in comes up haha

You read all the way here! Thanks! Keep adventuuuring you!

This “life” thing is so much learning as you go – you can never really predict exactly how things end up! Exciting and scary as I keep saying!

Anyhoo! See you in two weeks at the Burpcast! I have a special Storytime Q&A finale to do soon. (: