Y1W38 Sure, do what you love but also…

…love what you do. Not just art related.

Ah. Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Custom made preview image (not often I do this)! Featuring my relatively cheap monitor. Yep cranes tend to hang around where I work. And post it notes I don’t read hahah

Year 1, Week 38 (1st to 7th Oct)

  • Projects
  • Arm, back and shoulder strain self reminder
  • Gestures, People Drawing, Derp Doodles, Learning: Goobly
Hey an assorted collage of a few of my stuff at my workstation! Yellow pillows, stools, boxes, tissues, post it notes, metallic violet lamp with a missing drop shadow whoops. My headphones are wired though.
And the green poses begin
Not sure if green gel pen is working well alongside
Stretching out of bed
Or maybe not
How she goes down stairs
Pose shot!
Strong biceps
Stealth mission 008

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Mario Galaxy – snippets
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Case 2, Samurai Turnabout
    • The Walking Dead Season 2
    • Hyrule Warriors
    • Terraria
    • Forest of Drizzling Rain ending 5
    • D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – the Giant’s extremely slow speech drove me to crazy levels of annoyance! Deborah is amazingly crazy haha
    • Alien: Isolation
    • Shadow of Mordor
    • The Forest
    • Call of Cthulhu
    • Fatal Frame
    • Adventures of Pip demo
    • Altitude0
    • Citizen Burger Disorder
    • Insurgency
    • Spec Ops
    • Claire
    • Guacamelee
    • Lethal League
    • Kraven Manor
  • Workstation Approach: makeshift standing “desk” report! Week 5! Got slack on the standing end because I was physically sore at first and then I had to get myself on track.
  • Movies continues
    • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty I enjoyed this; glad that it’s not a lame hollywood gag/comedy film. (:
  • Games Played
    • Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: spoiler warning follows?
      • Chapter 2 court section: realising how bad I’ve always been at Phoenix Wright games yet I look forward to them more compared to the Layton portions (puzzles are great though).
      • Ah the logic thing is turned upside down! No forensics to depend on! Everyone is speculating on the basis that the defendant is already a guilty witch! O: 4-5 witness testimony?! Teaming up together against you at the same time? Their assumptions and simply wanting to get someone killed alone is already proof?! What is this. Objection!!!
      • Chapter 3 Investigation section: I am not certain what’s real and what isn’t. Espella’s in another witch trial and yet she probably has some sort of magical capabilities to open something great though. Speculation as there’s so many questions yet to be answered. Finally more accepting on how the game plays out while more story questions arise.
  • Inside Out Trailer – I’m really not sure about this one as the trailer of the actual movie itself doesn’t grab me if you remove the montage of the previous movies. I can only see this as a short at the moment. Still hoping to be pleasantly surprised and impressed.
  • Hat shaving: the fuzz kept going up my nose; woah! New at this. Took a lot of time!

Reflection for the week: ‘Love what you do?’ Vague!

A lot of “Do what you love” messages out there but there’s also “Love what you do” I’d like to emphasise alongside. What I mean is, maintaining the joy in whatever you’re doing in art, life and relations is equally, if not harder, to do. I’ve said this countless times through different forms before probably! I can’t keep track anymore at this point.Okay sidenote: love is a terribly strong, committing and meaningful word for me if used in the usual context of attraction and love making; being and helping each other grow together as a team for a considerable long period of time and adventuring life and overcoming both the everyday and crazy, important obstacles with a special someone and best friend.
I am not discussing this definition of love haha.Here when I say love, I’m referring to the pure burst of happiness, fun, pleasure and appreciation you feel towards a moment, task, thing or someone (non romantically). Just finding it in everything you do.

Self examples…

  • I hand wash dishes; I enjoy doing it because I get some sunlight (I’m a traditional vampire otherwise apparently haha), I get to think over things, my hands get warm from the hot water and at times it becomes a game to get it clean and done.
  • Being able to help and make an actual difference for a friend.
  • The elation you feel when you and your team succeed wonderfully as group. Essentially if everyone puts the project’s needs at hand above all else then usually it turns out great. I just stress how hard it is to be among like minded people and work well with each other through all kinds of hardships and still serve and value most/all needs of every member of the group.
  • Hugging special people; a good embrace of support is comparatively better than the polite/forced/’I’m not comfortable’ hugs but whether it works out or not, it has to start somewhere!
  • How I managed to pull through doing my tax records from scratch after much frustration; problem solving feels good! I’ve mentioned this heaps before but I’m still pleasantly surprised that I did something I dreaded for so long.
  • I used to fold cranes and out of appreciation sometimes. I gave them to a few people. I gave people one crane each so if they lose it, I made sure to tell them I’m not giving another haha. Why don’t I do it anymore? Well the opportunity hasn’t crossed my path since.
  • Witnessing something unpredictable and incredibly awesome. Even something like a random act of kindness or a huge fat crow staring at me.
  • The smells of freshly cooked food as your stomach grumbles; plus knowing that you can actually afford the said food makes one really excited at the idea of choices (unlike right now haha)
  • Sleeping just a bit longer haha
  • Reaching out to someone and they mutually respond! Keyword is *mutual*; if one side is not really interested in conversation at one point or another, it eventually shows and it’s time to move on. Not saying light, polite conversation is a bad thing; it’s a start to everything!
  • Remembering a silly mistake I did, hating myself for it and then laughing at myself; ah yes
  • Eating some snacks and getting away with it; especially when I’m working a lot…!

Hopefully embarrassing myself like this gives you a clearer idea.

My examples are more of the simpler things in life but I’m sure you’ve done more crazier things like skydiving, scubadiving, mountain climbing, extreme training, dance competitions, traveling to lesser known places, motorbiking, cake making, camping and so on! So here I’m suggesting you to look into everyday, simpler examples of your own too, otherwise it’s too easy!

Perhaps try slowing down, turn off auto pilot mode a bit and find your own moments in the things you do everyday. There’s got to be something! :O

Yes this all started because I kept wondering if many people still hand washed dishes nowadays. Wow haha

So, how was the past week?

I got one loose end done, currently finishing a few others and hoping to prepare for a personal project.
Not much art I can show publicly unfortunately.
I feel the pain of this but it can’t be helped.

I digress! The Hermit life as usual!

Thanks for reading and the small, special handful of you for sticking around!
Stay kind to yourself and keep adventuuuring you! (: