Y1W8 And then One humid Day, Berp goes on a Picnic

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
In this post: Where I get overwhelmed and buckle down! And fall over. Something like that.

Let’s go! Journal Time.

“‘What’s a picnic?’ Derp looks up; bewildered.”

I kid, I kid! Derp does know what a picnic is. Her skirt has solidified into jelly and her hands are now stubby though. The real Derp looks even worse; I’ve saved you from Derp’s nightmarish true form!
Silly doodle again since I can’t show much here yet.
So tolerate silly Derp face in the meantime.

Year 1, Week 8 (5th to 11th Mar)

  • Figure drawing: am doing this traditionally when I can; too time consuming to post them up and they’re terrible haha .__.
  • Drawing People: Weird drawing people who I actually know this time. Got out of my comfort zone a bit and thanks to a kind lady, I got talking to a few new friendly people too (and maybe awkwardly squealed too much at their amazing art)! Not happy with the following sketches but I’m practicing I guess.
Heads first up on the menu

  • Train drawing adventuuures: heads heads heads heads; I’m starting to sound morbid here
Not liking this. I gave up my bad fineliner here and when back to my ball point pen.
  • Untitled001LS: Illustration 2 getting revised! Getting information on Illustration 3.
  • ACMI & Dreamworks’ “Designing Dreams Studio” thing: Action planning it out, making silly faces, laughing at Derp and editing; exciting. Giving it my best shot as it would be wonderful to take part! I’m going for the exhibition workshops anyway, even if I don’t get in. Even if it doesn’t work out, I’m finding like minded people in the process! There are so many amazing artists out there and the feeling of being behind them is a feeling many artists understand haha but I’m improving ultimately from the process, keeping myself inspired so I win anyhow. (: I might post my Derp videos publicly when it’s over…or maybe I’ll save you from the trauma. Hm.
  • Mega Colourful picnic: well. That was really fun! What the first image of this post was based off from. I was mostly quiet drawing on my own but was chatting with a few friendly people! Loved the colours and flowers. The birthday girls were wonderful as they welcomed me to eat their food (despite not able to bring any). The collabs were especially fun. What made this bday thing so special is how I’m not pressured to talk to people in order to participate and I’m free to just draw away! I can be myself! I was probably more relaxed and I laughed heaps and talked even more because of it. Ironic. I think my brain imploded though from the humidity; my arm was sore for the rest of the day for some reason too.
People on the train. One sporty dude with bubble gum too. And a bunch of kids were playing silly guessing games where no one guessed anything right but all were keen and enthused. A sweet married couple were flirting especially as he tied her shoelaces. (:
Train station heads and trees at the gardens; my photos aren’t the best but it’s something! And…I thought I was using the same pen…why are they different tones? What is this blasphemy.
  • Untitled003Adv: Sorting.
  • Learning about B and T: because the big wide world is scary and overwhelming. Reading, note taking, getting help and organising. Forcing myself to do it.
  • Sleeping Pattern: In the process of saving it with the help of coffee else I’ll drop off to dreamland.
  • NAC/THealing: More studies! Eventually I’ll make up some character concepts for my project.
  • PD: Finally getting myself to start a bit of it…but not far.
  • Arm strain; cracking wrists? That’s normal right? And why is my arm sore again? No! Not again!
  • idga meetup: Rather than meet new people I caught up with a few familiar ones instead. My highlight was fun times and laughs when playing Pigeon Coop Studio’s Velocity Shift. Fun four player game to playtest. Tennis pong in space mode was so intense! I won one long round in the arena mode and at the tennis mode with my tennis team! Something to look out for. And it turns out I’m not too bad at using an Xbox controller.
I found my way there eventually but I later found out afterwards that a poor old lady got run over by a train and died right at the station where I was trying to catch my train on, which was what caused the huge public transport disruption and congested slow traffic. No wonder the traffic conductors were keeping mum about it as they directed people to replacement buses. Many condolences to her family.
Uhhhh on a lighter note…I did these silly badly done heads on the train & meetup.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games watching: Yakuza 4, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2, Pokemon Nuzlocke, Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. I figured I’ll save more time if I just listed them haha.

Reflection for the Week

Last week’s done and keeping that negativity at bay but I find myself with even more juggling balls in the air to tackle.
I don’t know how this will work but… Challenge accepted. *fist pumps*
Until next time, Leonie