Y1W6 She blinds and chokes people with Purple Glitter

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

In this post: People sketching mostly! Hey there.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Doodled a Glitter Haired Guuurl…very girly! I don’t like glitter.

Year 1, Week 6 (19th to 25th Feb)

  • Some Drawing: Resolved to somehow make this happen when I could. Didn’t expect it but I had inspiring company and actually started drawing silly things (:
Sketching the Sketchers
Life Drawing via a collage of grainy photos. Hadouken pose too.
  • Train Drawing Adventuuures: putting it all here in collage form now
Assorted train passenger heads
  • Untitled001: Sketching it up!  And silly photooos! Getting a full illustration finished. Can’t show it though. Mixture of fun and problem solving as usual.
  • PV: another festival entered…?
  • Figure Drawing: Need to do moreee as always
Almost all 30” except for the last two. Didn’t keep track.
  • More Drawing: First time going; might go again if there’s people to go with…? Didn’t get the best spot though so I usually got the top half of the body. Really relaxed and conversational atmosphere. Had good company during and after despite the nerdy awkward moments.
I liked how she performed at the start with the music. It was interestingly groovy and entertaining. I drew other people’s heads too when I could.
I was too short from where I was. So I drew heads, faces and her legs instead.
Just drawing what I could see so I might as well focus on her face. (:
A waitress, drawing the model from bad memory in a toony fashion and a train passenger.
  • Portraits: Wanted to do some fun doodles based on QI faces. If you watch QI, you might recognise these people…or perhaps they’re mutated too much for you to identify.
Their faces are scary sometimes
Hm, I still prefer doodling traditionally. I might leave painting to be done digitally. Colour me confused.
  • Glitter Guuurl part two: Generic pretty girl who copies moves from Elsa. It’s fun to draw but then character and costume wise it’s lacking. Still just meant to be a fun doodle to break things up.
Not happy with this.

Other Adventures: 

  • I have no Mouth and I must Scream (watching): Reached the end with Nimdok! Saw the ‘kind of good ending’ that is. But I’ve already seen the perfect ending a month ago.
  • Metal Slug 3 (snippet): Ohhhh this game. Awesome game that I’m terrible at (ie I will surely be bankrupt if this was in the arcade still). Played the start of the second game in the past and watching this and all the crazy things happening on the screen and fast deaths was amusing.
  • DayZ standalone (snippet): A game I wouldn’t want to play but watching someone simply crawling in the grass just to avoid getting killed was so tense already. This is real people out to potentially rob and kill you [in the context of this game].
  • Remington Super Slam Hunting Africa (snippet): So terrible. Floating guns in the air, hilarious death animations, something that looks like Crash Bandicoot’s Aku Aku and the “don’t kill the females” penalties.
  • Jazzpunk (watching): This game is so wacky! Saw through the end and…whoa. Uh…unique credits sequence.
  • Behind the Scenes event: Incredibly inspired by it, especially when it’s about a certain beautifully animated movie with the cool twist at the end. I think I was fist pumping and/or squealed too much to myself haha. Got to come across some familiar faces too. So pumped afterwards about character design, visual development and visual storytelling as a whole.
  • Banished (snippet): Eh, not that interesting to watch but it is a sim game…!
  • Yakuza 4 (watching): Awkward times with Haruka and somehow Kido is a friend now. Incredible, hilarious revelation violent moves through the form of spontaneous woodcarving sculptures! Also some weird fishing minigame.
  • Castlevania: shadows of something (snippet): Hack and slash game?
  • Fable Anniversary (snippet): Why is the kid’s face so mature looking? It is horrible of me but I slowly started to not care about his quest…
  • Strider 2014 (snippet): Awesomeee everything
  • Earth Defense Force 2025 (snippet): Crazy combat as military dude or a mech girl against huge spiders, ants and everything else shooting at you. Utter chaos.
  • Ernest and Celestine: Loved it. Fun, wonderful, beautiful movie ride. *SPOILERS* I was confused at how Ernest did not even fight back the mice when he was imprisoned; he’s capable of doing so and is huge! He’s a non violent and good person at heart I suppose. Found the mountain of police mice amusing, could deeply relate to Celestine’s predicament with art creating and am left wondering about the bear and mice societies–has anything substantial changed since between them?

Reflection for the Week

I’ve been trying to fit in some people sketching the past week through different approaches and by doing so with good company really drove me to find a bit more fun, sillyness and I feel refreshed about drawing again. I really doubt the people in question even look at my wordy blog at all as they’re busy people but thank you for the inspiration. I guess I have a bit more clarity despite the mountains of things I have yet to learn.

My fire for traditional drawing tools has been reignited recently but I could only stare at them at a distance like a starving stray looking through a butcher’s store window (yes art supplies do that to me; it’s not my fault!) My $2 pad and ball point pen will have to do for now.

Someday I will play with the quality, fancy fun markers, brush pens, mechanical pencils, conte sets, copic sketch markers, moleskins/actual sketchbooks, watercolours, paints, wait…ack I need to stop!

I know media doesn’t matter in the end…but so many ways to have fun here!

Well I guess I am getting tired of my ball point pen approach so I’ve changed things up and actually put together a case with other kinds of pens. Let’s see what happens!

Fear. Much Fear. So Excite.
So terrified in terms of figuring out what approach I enjoy most especially when I don’t want to be a clone of any given group of amazing artists. There is a mixture of deep admiration, awe and wonder at what others could do and then coming to terms that what they’re doing might not be what I actually enjoy doing versus wanting to learn from their work. Mixed feelings to say the least.

The little kid inside of me is essentially gasping and running around in indecisive circles in an art supply store (okay I would still do that but hush)! I don’t have artist idols however; I prefer to see artists as humans, to understand their upbringing, how they came to see the world that they do, what visuals drive them, what they do to get by “artist problems” and most importantly, if I could relate to them as a person (values, morals, personality, work ethic, attitude, loyalty) and their art as a whole.

Everyone’s situation is different and I don’t actually wish to follow the exact footsteps of any one person. I’m too used to being the quiet black sheep of the pack like many artists are. Simply stumbling around for a way really.

There are artists who form fortresses around them and only stick to their circle of friends. I don’t blame them. They worked hard and they need to protect what they’ve accomplished, their time and keep sustaining their means of living.  There are others who feel entitled to everything, are desperate and demand attention disregarding or just unaware of the perspective of others. There are also artists who give too much without expecting any return at the risk of being a doormat. And there are artists who generously share their wisdom within good reason. Huge generalisation but what I get from this, is don’t turn out to be a jerk (hopefully I’m not)!

In light of that, I don’t know what kind of artist I am yet. Shall keep improving anyhow.
I know I’m not where I want to be. But what am I and what will I become?

On the selfish and subjective side of things, I love creating characters and their backstories, researching deep into it and reflecting on my progress. I would be thrilled if I could explore the world someday, miraculously develop a circle of friends I can count on and establish my own financial stability.

I say that in regards to friends as I’ve never had long lasting friends to support me through the mundane, fun and difficult times in my life (my best friend and brother presumably doesn’t count). Friends and acquaintances come and go for all of us and to have loyal friends who will stand by you through thick and thin (where you would also do the same in turn) is incredibly rare and valuable.

Towards my quest for long lasting friends, I’m just going keep an eye out for like minded beings and work on myself as a person. Still, conversational skills and getting used to countless stimuli and people in a social environment are not strengths of mine!

On the other hand from an objective perspective, I don’t feel like I’m bringing much value to the world (not yet anyway). Why would anyone care what I do or say? Why should people care about me? How am I bringing value to people?
Reality, isolation and silence is harsh but keeps one humble and working hard to improve.

Gave me space to think about this journey.
Now I’m done thinking about the week. I’m set to keep working.
Cheers to another week on the art learning ride, shall we?

Until next time, Leonie