Week 47 Banana with no pajamas & Portraits

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

In this post: Art camping continues…title self explanatory.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

It was delicious.

4th Wed: “Camping”

  • NAC week 1 & 2: did another colour and compositional study and finished a page!
Page 13
  • NAC week 3 still life: Banana. And a tissue.
Still Life Colour Rough: I ate the banana today; didn’t want it to completely turn black! Yum!
Still Life Colour Rough 002: I did not eat the subject this time though my bro’s gamecube controller would have been my first preference to paint.
Still Life Colour Rough 003: Managed to finish this rough one as well! Phew! It’s my infamous phone (that fails being a smart phone and camera phone).

5th Thur: Graduate Showcase Day

  • Hand studies: because I want to. Was in at 7am ish as usual and discovered I shouldn’t sit where I usually do…setting up at a new computer in preparation for the showcase took a while.
Stumbled on some great vintage medical illustrations to study from. You might have seen this already from instagram (if the filter and squared photo isn’t big enough of a hint for you).
  • Portraits: Two of which became an impromptu traditionally drawn gift (since they were his caricatures based on my bad memory after all) but originally I had one I could show but the file got corrupted (didn’t save properly)! It was a random profile portrait of an imaginary pony-tailed male.
  • Showcase time: When the time came, most of the 3 hours went by real fast. I was happy for curious people to look at what I was doing (I was painting my now permanently gone portrait) and/or look at my showreel but I did pipe up and say hello (albeit awkwardly). I did get to chat to a few encouraging and interesting people and the future doesn’t seem as bleak…? At least that was the vibe after the experience. At the end of it, it felt pretty positive especially for my classmates! (:

So glad to learn that no one uses Mental Ray among some other things! Our team suffered heaps of issues for PV due to how convoluted Mental Ray is for film rendering purposes.

In terms of the future, as usual I shall remain neutral and try my best as things are never guaranteed. I decided to rework my business card though afterwards! Brain drained!

6th Fri Nov: Last Class Day

  • Train drawing adventuuures: some doodling as I wait. Lack of sleep didn’t help me here!
  • Slow PV backups, wandering around classrooms and catching up for the last time with teachers and classmates really! It feels somewhat sad to leave as I will miss the handful of friends I’ve made but this is probably where change and more learning begins.

7th Sat: Rex thinking of cake mix instead

Drew this for someone (:

8th Sun: You look like you just saw a ghost

  • NAC week 1 & 2: did another colour and compositional study
  • NAC week 4 portraits: stand back! It’s the face from horror stories…!
Self Portrait Rough Study 001: rendered too much and quite flat I feel. Terribly odd seeing yourself digitally painted for the first time. Likeness is somewhat getting there. But this looks like a pale stranger ghost to me more than anything! Shall do colour next. I don’t wear my glasses at home if you’re confused about what this ghost is.

9th Mon: what is this face

  • NAC week 1 & 2: did another colour and compositional study.
  • NAC week 4 portraits: starting to get tired of my own face again a bit or am I starting to not mind it? Definitely not public posting my painted face directly at other places, at least not for a long while.
Self Portrait Rough Study 002: Likeness not there yet…Shall need to keep making more of these! At least this person doesn’t look like a ghost.

10th Tues: facial recognition error

  • NAC week 4 self portraits: kept going with it. And will keep doing so.
Self Portrait Rough Study 003: Colours far from there…whoa
Self Portrait Rough Study 004: Practicing some more; very tricky!
  • NAC week 1 & 2: did another colour and compositional study.
Colour and Composition Studies page 14

Reflection for the Week


Other Adventures first: 

  • LISA the Painful RPG (watching): saw the demo…some mature and quirky things going on here. Why did he die. Such manly hairs.
  • Somehow found myself (thanks to a few game art classmates) playing the Xbox for the first time and Halo multiplayer (or Halo altogether) for the first time. Of course I am terrible at it during the one session I attempted, am disoriented with the console’s controls but I am happy with my 2 points (despite losing)! Camera controls were annoying for me.
  • Encore of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary): I guess I enjoyed the ride? Am able to digest properly it now, oddly enough. But I keep getting the nagging feeling that it could be better.
  • Watched the drama Doctor Who: An Adventure of Space and Time: good and touching insight in how the TV series began. It really brings the sad feelings of change as well as taking risks to light. I was put off at Matt Smith’s unnecessary cameo though.
  • Disaster (watching) continued: unbelievable fire tornadoes, tsunamis crushing down the bridge as you drive to escape it, saluting to your death in the face of said tsunami with a nuclear missile and crowd bus pushing.
  • Super Mario 3D World Co-op Worlds 7 to ?? (playing): So much more squealing sounds from myself, horrible mistakes, suicide, surprise Bowser transformation, wishing we could drive his car, levels now much harder, creepy Luigi sprite cameos, new character to play, awesome Super Mario Galaxy nods, brilliant surprise of more worlds to play and heaps of getting into mischief. Why is this game so awesome?
  • Pikmin 3 free DLC (playing): much more challenging to micro manage but the Christmas tree ride is so awesome! So much food!
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder mysteries catching up marathon: woo! Season 2 episode 6 to 12. Hugh and Dot are such a cute couple.
  • Watched the top 3 Finalists of Australia’s Tropfest 2013; first place finalist (ARIEL) had impact, is blunt and well deserved while second place was amusing but made me squirm and cover my eyes. Didn’t watch any of the others though a team of classmates got their short film in called Still Life. 
  • Eternal Darkness (watching): finished watching through most of the game.
  • RYSE (watching): Not bad an ending, I did not watch through the whole game but as mentioned before, it visually looks good. The golden goddess lady’s unpractical V-neck irks me though.
  • SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow (watching): more futuristic space buildings and bright lights.
  • Peggle 2 (watching): interesting unicorn 2D animation!
  • Resident Evil 2 (watching): more zombies to kill and survival.
  • The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot by Peter Davidson: Sylvester McCoy is so adorable. All of the cast were hilarious and trolling about with their cameos; incredibly well planned and amusing.
  • Democracy 3 (watching): complex, turn based and strategic game in dealing with political issues…but not that entertaining to watch.

Art learning:

  • Arm strain update: it’s stiff at times but I manage so that any sign of pain doesn’t settle in for long this time. My arm does pop more at the joints so stretching some more to loosen it up where I can. 
  • Plans after Graduation: By the time this gets posted, Graduation ceremony’s done while this was written beforehand. I’ll get into it in next week’s update.

So…what’s next for me? Shall be juggling both art learning, my portfolio and looking out for jobs in the games, animation, screen, interactive media and advertising industries. My short answer. In the short term I shall start working on PV for the last time along with some personal projects. Terrifying but busy, exciting times!

Thanks for reading & feel free to comment below! (:

Until next time, Leonie