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…I’m mad. You’re mad. What are you doing here, staring at a creepy Janitor, let alone this post?
Oh, the original Alice in Wonderland.

 Let’s go! Journal Time!

28th Wed

  • “Who on earth is this person” portrait for the day and figure drawing adventuuures:
  • PV Bookshelf and Ceiling Lamp texturing: did basic texturing of both props after some troubleshooting as well. I showed the Customised book textures to 4/5 of the group (see last week’s post) and generally they were pleased. Though they have noted that Tony looked ambiguous, Will had an odd muscular arm and Tonko dances with his thumbs up all the time (he even danced in person to reinforce it). I forgot to bring the books for the bookshelf today so I’m getting it in tomorrow.
  • Construct3D Competition & PV illustration thumbnails: started doodling and fleshing out the characters from the Employee of the Month portraits. Here’s my WIP thread.

None of them had a full body designed so I had to figure out something. I stress that I am designing and making characters & environment that haven’t been 3D modeled before but all in the context as happening in the same universe as Position: Vacant. I will not be using characters 3D modeled in the student film itself but my own designs that are yet to be modeled. I’m hoping to use this entry to:
1) practice my 3D modeling and sculpting skills (as I haven’t since last year)
2) have it double up as an promotion of the actual student film “Position: Vacant”
3) have fun! I don’t expect to “win” but for me to see if stylised 3D character modeling is for me

I also drew a thumbnail of a possible poster illustration for the student film. Tony described it morbid! Also 2 thumbnails for the lighting paintovers.

Top half is for the competition (trying to develop the characters’ lower halves), the rectangle labelled “illust 2” is the illustration thumbnail. The lower half are simply scribbles only I understand for lighting paintovers.
  • Personal art: involves double thumb koalas (dtk)

29th Thurs

  • Train adventuuures: finally had the energy and space for me to do this at 6 ish in the morning.

  • PV odd jobs: I got the books for the bookshelf in!
Bookshelf modeled by Tonko, while I did the overall design, bookshelf textures, book models and book textures. Did a quick render with all my books in position just for show. This won’t really be seen in film in such bright lighting conditions. Terribly saturated here too; whoops.

As you may notice, my customised book covers won’t be visible anyway and I did not want any of the books stand out significantly from the rest. Did roughly a handful of shots to set up lighting and rendering; very slow process of testing and getting feedback from Tonko! In between renders, did some drawing as follows in the next dot point.

  • Figure drawing adventuuures:
  • Personal art continued (dtk) 

30th Fri

  • PV Odd jobs: Rendering and lighting scenes with basic setup including a horrible nightmarish render of the main character that I can’t unsee. Crunch time is really getting to the team. Next week Tonko plans to enforce daily milestones to see this film to completion.
  • Figure drawing adventuuures: I did these while waiting for people and/or renders to finish.
  • Site server issues

31st Sat

  • Personal art continued (dtk): this took almost the whole day; admittedly started to regret it halfway through but I’ve learned that I shouldn’t have made the scope so big with the time frame I’ve given myself; in the end, it was a rush job at some places. But I’ve created a second version that looked much better. (: Phew it wasn’t all a waste! I don’t think I can show what I’ve done publicly here though (not yet) so…you didn’t hear me say anything.
  • Unidentified portrait for the day & some slow figure drawing adventuuures:

1st Sun Sept

  • Unidentified portraits for the day
  • Troubleshooting continues for url linking to this blog: finally pinpointed what I forgot to do and it will take a day or two to process my changes.
  • Figure drawing adventuuures
  • PV Lighting paintovers: I did one each for the first shots of the Secretary and the Janitor. Janitor reached the stage of the sketch.
Not what the lighting would be like in film, but just simply one lighting design by placing the light above to enhance the eerieness of the lady. I notice more clearly how different the 3D model’s face and arms are from my concept art (not saying it’s a bad thing). Using a rough 3D render of the shot, I roughly drew and outlined the scene’s elements to my liking, disregarded the render as reference and commenced painting the lights and colours in (even the wall pattern). Didn’t want to over render this as this is just a colour study for assessment purposes. Realised it has a comic book vibe so I went with it.

2nd Mon

  • Blog still down: going nowhere so I contacted for help. And within the next 6 hours, they either fixed it for me or it fixed itself up! Hooray! Thanks to a few of my friends who helped double check if the site was working. (:
  • PV Lighting paintovers: continued to work on and thus finished the Janitor shot
I actually redrew his posture, ear and face in my version compared to the 3D rough rendered version, as it looked off and not posed too well when I saw the lineart on its own. I’m still going with the illusion of a mop, even though it’s not a mop in film anymore. It gives it a more crazy, icky and creepy feeling. Again, just one dodgy light from above without using the wall lamps. I shall study lighting another time properly. The challenge now is to see whether I can light these 3D scenes just like my 2D lighting plans here.
  • PV Contribution Breakdown: Rundown of my contribution so far in this project in a concise
    video form, aside from the initial story pitch phase and other odd jobs (project leading a bit, prop texturing, modeling a bit, lighting set up, render testing and so on). This is nothing
    you haven’t seen before, for those who have been following my progress
    here. Simply starting to put files together at this stage.

3rd Tues

  • PV Contribution Breakdown: Debating on whether I should have my horrible voice but decided against it. It’s better suited if it’s conversational. Until I am able to upgrade my computer and get better internet, I don’t think I’ll be able to livestream but perhaps I can do timelapses with commentary in the future; not sure yet. Now at the stage of editing my files. I don’t know if I’m going to add what I’ve done in lighting and rendering as only the lighting placement is of my design for some of the shots with some tweaking of Tonko’s lighting and rendering settings. I’ll show you the video once the project is close to done by the end of this month. (Shock! This month!) Realising how slideshow making/simple video editing can be time consuming.
  • PV shot plan: I’m still “leader” by title, but I’m more of a organiser and transcriber. I decided to do a month’s template for plan and a shot list checklist to see to it that PV gets done!
  • Bleh portrait for the Day:
Notes on elevators of the 60’s

Reflection for the Week

We all bear our own burdens, histories, stories and dreams. We have all made choices (past and/or present) in order to do what we do everyday. This is who you are. If you are not happy with this then you need to start getting out of your comfort zone and make changes. Let’s say I have re-acknowledged my own choices, am embracing my current focus and goals in my art learning journey but I am aware and accepted that there are many areas I need to improve on which will need to be handled sometime in the future.

Takeaway for the week: Accept your choices and yourself as you are. Grow and move forward in your mission (or search for one) with an open mind.

Currently I am trying and preparing to get back on the “horse” and from seeing all the amazing professional work out there, there is a long fun way for me to go on art fundamentals and character design but I believe am making some progress.
Exciting and scary times but I’m hopping to it at my pace!

Here’s The Year of Luigi for you

Thanks for looking, especially those who have been reading! (:
Until next time, Leonie