Week 20 Designing The Interviewee

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
It’s big week number twenty! What am I doing?!

Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!

29th Wed

  • train adventuuures turned into thumbnailing
PV Environment thumbnail planning…not set in stone.
  •  PV floor plan for storyboarding
  • PV screenplay gets ironed out by the team into a finalised script
  • PV Art Style Guide: I have done half of it but got another half of it to finish today
  • PV studies for The Creature got started but I did a bit on thumbs for the Main Character/Interviewee since that’s a higher priority

30th Thurs

  • Train adventuuures
My pen was extra blotchy today so all my victims subjects have unintended mole implants.
Gotta catch all of them heads.
  • PV Art Style Guide approval from Heath
The Interviewee/Main Character Thumbnailing: it got too boring and generic at first. Tried two different directions: really average guy versus really downtrodden guy. Slowly tended towards a downtrodden more interesting looking character. Not liking the thumbs so far.
  • PV Interviewee thumbnailing begins: got some opinions from Heath and my team (Will, Tony, Tonko and Victor) in regards to what they envision this main character to look like. Feedback also given by Brendan and then I figured that I need to find my own way fleshing this character out and not confuse myself with too many opinions.
  • PV research into other characters and did a rough team to do list for the whole project

31st Fri

  • Train adventuuures
It is incredibly *rare* for me to get so much of a person in my sketchbook! Hooray!
The last guy…I couldn’t see him properly so I gave him dots for eyes and a line for a mouth. Sorry. >:
  • PV Interviewee concepting: did a bit more thumbnailing and rough orthogonal lineart after annoying the generous, patient Brendan for more feedback (:
PV Interviewee Sketches…the third from the left is the strongest so far for me and the ones after it involve me exploring his nose. Not sure if he looks relatable/likable yet at this stage.
Here it works in 2D profile but will it work in other views when it reaches the 3D stage? Development still to be had.

1st Sat

  • PV: reviewed the animatic round 2 made by Will to see what expressions I needed and did some more suit research
  • PV interviewee: detail model sheet in progress

2nd Sun

  • PV interviewee: detail model sheets continued
  • PV interviewee: eye testing and getting feedback for them before I have my eyes finalised
Yes he has changed quite a bit from my traditional sketch! It’s closing into the final concept now and I’m personally leaning towards C…
And…I forgot to label F. Whoops.
  • PV interviewee: finished up painting forms for the model sheets in the meantime and I wrote out my version of the character back story. To give you the background of this character, here’s a no spoiler version of what I wrote as follows:

Originally, this character (The Interviewee) was roughly deemed to be early 20’s year old pathetic guy. Now I don’t think he should be this young though and I do agree that I’ve drawn him much older.

Because as I developed this gentleman more, I believe he is the embodiment of the creative artist’s greatest fear in the form of their dramatised future self, where he has burnt out; gone through many failures, competition and uncertainties striving for an art career; he has gone through his youth wandering and hitting brick walls, struggling to find his way and scraping through everyday life; he has received little to no support and understanding from those he cares about; and now he is at the point where reality, immediate rewards and responsibility has caught up with him, stuck at a dead end and at rock bottom to the point that he has lost any remaining hope in continuing his art dream.
During our film, we experience a turning point in his life. He makes the choice.

3rd Mon

  • PV interviewee:pose/expression sheet sketches
  • PV interviewee: fixing the profile view nose and taking the votes from my group in mind and adjusting the eyes accordingly. Finished off the concept art (sans the colours) as seen below! It has changed next week due to nitpicking (but I’m showing my mistakes/progress here anyway)! Will is going to be 3D modeling all the organic characters so let’s wait and see how it turns out!
The Interviewee with normal eyes v1 (this is A from the eye tests above). It was Victor’s suggestion to do the asymmetrical sleeves and to tone down the profile view’s nose. I took it a step further with the asymmetry by having him wearing only one sock and a shirt that sticks out.
The Interviewee with normal eyes v2 (this is C from the eye tests above). I can say that I’ve learned a bit more about how some suit jackets work.
The Interviewee with normal eyes v1
The Interviewee with normal eyes v2
The Interviewee with normal eyes v1 and vacant large eyes
The Interviewee with normal eyes v2 and vacant large eyes. Which eye version you prefer?

4th Tues

  • PV: back to tentacle and underwater creepy creature studies; but I’ll show you them next week instead as I haven’t filled up the page yet!

Reflection for the Week

This week was heavy with getting the main character rolling and mostly designed; next up the Creature/Environment! Hopefully The Interviewee will keep Will busy enough for me to design this and the next characters. Loads of work to do!

Stay tuned and thanks for looking! (:
Until next time, Leonie