Week 18 Embrace the Technical Difficulties screen


Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
You have come here as a result of some technical difficulties. Why don’t you stay awhile anyway?

And…let’s go crazy! Journal Time! 


15th Wed 

  • train adventuuures  (Did you notice there were three “u”s? No? Okay)
Liking how the gentleman turned out! Really exaggerated features mind you!
  • Cooking with Rex project update: Finishing up the production packet and art style guide, getting the end credits text worked out, working at the title screen among other things. It’s crunch time! I’ve pretty much been a braindead sleep deprived tired zombie this day but classmates seem think I’m feeling otherwise.
Static image version of the title card. The title itself may need further work (maybe it does need to be in 3D?) but I’m just nitpicking.

16th Thurs 

  • train adventuuures
I managed to draw him despite him sitting almost across me; too busy resting up he was.
Intent kindle reader.
The bottom right hand gentleman is the result of when my stealth attempts hinder & skew my drawings. I got a handful of people in during one go though!
  • CwR update: Will and Victor were going all out in getting the compositing, 3D and 2D effects and rendering done, Tim was helping out designing and producing the deadline version of the soundtrack, got surprise encouragement from Brendan and good feedback on my title and technical difficulties screens from Heath

Though I came up with the text, Victor ultimately chose one of the fonts I found and provided and *he* was the one who put the end credits into action despite what the actual credits say. But I may plan to fancy the end credits up with some comedic pictures in the polished version! If I’m able to make time that is. Realised we didn’t have to make showreel breakdowns, nor prop concepts from every member of the team so it’s only post production work today! I do hope to make a proper showreel breakdown though essentially you (supportive, wonderful reader of my blog) have seen what I’ve done for this project in worklog form. Excited to see how it looks for tomorrow’s deadline but I’m more eager for the polished version!

My Technical Difficulties card I painted for the film. First built upon Victor’s thumbnail pen doodle, then my rough concept sketch as I altered the composition to make it clearer. The electric mixer itself doubled up as a painting study for me too. Some old TV filters will go all over this image though when we get to post production, so this is the clearest view of this card you’d get.

17th Fri 

  • Train adventures
3 different tired passengers; very like myself.
These heads were all from a considerable distance so all I could draw was neck/shoulders up.
  • CwR animation version 1 deadline: stressful times as Victor and Will nutted out rendering issues, composited it together with basic soundtrack by Tim for submission while I was calmly (as what I was doing is not a requirement) doing the title card 2d animation for the polished version (still in progress). I did help out when asked though.This is so we could get Heath’s feedback for the polished version (that we’d do in our own time). 

Got wonderful, encouraging and helpful feedback from Brendan and Heath and there’s much work for us to come to improve the short. Teasing you…I’m still not showing you the film at the moment! Honestly not ready for your eyeballs. Did some forward planning for what things need to be worked on and it was a content exhausted end for the day for me.

WIP animated screen as follows. The colours need changing to suit the film itself though.


18th Sat 

  • been busy reorganising things and preparing for ac homework

19th Sun 

  • some ac homework
  • CwR reworking the composition sketch and colour script tests for feedback:
I’ve lightened up the waterfall mountain to give
it more distance and less attention in the overall scene. It does give it more sense of depth so killing my saturated colours was worth it. I painted over Rex a bit with a scarf.
I will have to rework the matte painting similar to this paint over. The oven is smaller and
way further back and the table is an angular shape with a good gap between the oven and the table were a few of the many changes I’ve made.
Here is the paint over, without Rex in the way to show
how the stylised cracks in the oven will probably look and the way the
ground would be textured, how the middle ground elements will be given a
more consistent look (as I’ve painted in shadows) to give it 3 dimensional
feel. It’s really muddily painted as I just wanted a rough idea.
Meteor coming in colour script paint over: the lighting does change drastically and lighting/rendering
elements and approaches will need to be considered. The 3D plants will
also need to rumble for a bit for driving the devastating impact home to
the audience. Painted over animated shots of version one of the film. The last two frames had some issues with the matte painting showing (but pretend you didn’t see this and have realised what was 2d and 3d shush). I realised after getting feedback, this colour script won’t really be used; ah well. These screencaptures do give you a rough idea on the film’s look as the basic elements are all there.

20th Mon 

  • exhausted from sleep deprivation (need to cut it out!) but managed to do some ac homework
  • CwR getting feedback on what I did yesterday from Victor and Will as well on the to do list

21st Tues 

  • CwR matte painting reworking the whole thing as according to my paint overs! Remember when I said I’ve finished the matte painting? Turns out I lied or rather changed my mind.  

Still have to consider the colour script for the meteor once again when my team is up for it as my matte painting will need reworking for that scenario as well. I found myself altering the composition once again…here’s hoping that I won’t get in trouble for it.

Matte Painting v2: it looks much better now, at least to me. I’ve painted in shadows and a more noticeable sense of distance which makes the scene work much more better. I’ve covered much more of the water as well Brendan did say version 1 had a saturated waterfall mountain, but since the beginning of doing this matte painting I’ve wanted to give it a sense of depth and shadows but I didn’t act on it at the time mainly because of time constraints and to allow for the off chance that one of my team members could actually do it in post production through a z-depth pass instead (which I assume didn’t work out as I didn’t see any changes to the painting since). 
Matte Painting v2 test with imposed 3D objects: I think all I need to do is to make sure the 3d objects matches through further texturing now!

Reflection for the Week 

As usual, keeping the doubts at bay while I keep on hiking on this journey! (: There’s a lot of learning and juggling of homework ahead, CwR project is still not finished yet but a new but bigger film project will go into motion during this week. I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle all this but I will manage somehow; let’s find out during next week’s update, shall we?

Thanks for looking! (:
Until next time,