Dragon Guardian Penultimate Model

Hey there! Thanks for following my progress so far! Sorry a bit later than the usual 5pm AEST but exporting the video and all that took a while!

I’ve “finished” the model for submission/assessment but there are still areas for improvement to be made based on the feedback I received yesterday. Still I’ve been told it’s a good attempt for my first 3D character so that’s encouraging! This is the Penultimate Model, not final one.

Okay here goes with the current stage I’m at!

Finished Concept Art: My alternate colour palette

Playing around with Blendshapes to make scary expressions          
Presentation Shot 1
Presentation Shot 2
Close up shots

My Penultimate Turnaround


Would appreciate some of your Feedback please!

I am going to keep working at this model later after a bit of break from it so constructive feedback on it for improvement will be appreciated. This is the last call for feedback on this model where I will still be able to act upon the feedback as there comes a point where I’d need to work on something new. If you got something you’d want me to give constructive feedback on in exchange then let me know.

To help those out not familiar with the terminology and what specific feedback I’m looking for, here are the areas I’d like feedback on…

Areas I’d like feedback on for future projects based on this current model:

  • Concept
    1. Concepting/Design
    2. Colour Theory
  • Modeling
    1. Anything missing in terms of parts? Mouth interior, teeth, tassell accessory, water, actual legs would be some I had in mind
    2. What parts could be modeled better?
    3. Edge flow & the number of polygons on the model–if it was a game model it’s too much and if it was a screen/film model it’s still too much to be subdivided into further polygons…how many should I keep it down to if it was film vs game? I think it was 8.000 polys for game? This model is currently 33,513 polys as I do not intend to subdivide it further when rendering.
  • Sculpting in Mudbox
    •  What needs improvement in terms of the high poly sculpt?
  • Joints, Skinning & Rigging (skeleton & weights & movement control)
    • Where does it need further joints/movement besides the braid?

Areas I’d like feedback on that I may consider undertaking on my current model:

  • Texturing Colour
    1. what further needs improvement/working on such as dress, coat wrap, sleeves, waistband, front flap, hair, antlers, feet, eye, eyeball, etc? (as in itself it is plain)
    2. Facial Skin and hand/fingers texture thoughts?
  • Normals/Bump Maps (the detailed 3D forms implanted as an image so to minimise the number of polygons)
    • I will remove the fabric textures off the normals and onto the colour textures instead but what else needs working on?
  • Presentation wise
    1. the pedestal she is currently on needs more work (looks flat at the moment!) Suggestions for a pedestal is appreciated! The thing she stands on might be changed into a rock within the sea; not sure yet. The water image came from: http://gofishministries.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/blue_ripples2.jpg
    2. I should re-render it all at the end and redo the video (as I’m new to Premiere) so suggestions in making the video play better would help a lot!

Am also open to anything else you believe should be taken into account I haven’t mentioned so far.

Phew! I’m going to take a break from this project a while as I’m pretty tired of it now and hopefully by then I’d be able to work upon your feedback! Thanks kindly in advance! (:

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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