Dragon Guardian Character Development Part 1

Hello five of my readers! (:
Currently I’m doing a character development project to model it to 3D form while learning about 3D techniques. This is my character, the Water Dragon Guardian.
She is my first 3D character I’ve ever done and constructive feedback is appreciated!
I’m just going to post my progress….and I’m actually stressing out now. It’s due the coming week!
It’s been 4 weeks already so far we’ve been working on this.
Despite impending doom of the deadline, I realise the importance in posting progress shots as I go so I won’t forget about it and in order for feedback to be useful…so here I go!

I started with thumbs with no clue what I wanted to create
Finally got some character biography happening so I now experiment with some different styles and proportions. There are several more but they’re more embarrassing to be seen by human eyes.
After much experimentation and research, I got the lines & proportion for my character done.
Here are the lines for the head turnaround concept art with my finalised hairstyle.
Head Turnaround with values
Full Turnaround with values. It’s very spaced out so there’s room for detailed pattern designs.
“Golden Blue Earth” Colour Study, I call it.
“Red Upon The Still Lake” Colour Study
Out of 18 colour studies, it got narrowed down to these five. 1) Red Upon The Still Lake 2) Outcast Raspberry Forest 3) Nighttime Shore 4) Calm and Warm and 5) Golden Blue Earth. Yes I make up the weirdest names so what 😉

Suggest which one I should choose for the final coloured design! And why.
I’ve been taking votes and have driven some of my classmates crazy with my indecision.
I am leaning towards the 1st and 5th one though. Butttt…I haven’t designed the patterns/embroidery yet and I’ll probably have to do that asap!

This is the low polygon version and will be my final model where I will implant sculpting details via a normal map (when I get to it, that is!) I haven’t textured it still! (stressing out)

The modeling, retopologising and sculpting takes a long while and I’m still at the sculpting side of things only that it’s the details this time. Got baking, texturing, concept art designs, documentation and some other things to do still.

Anywho, that’s the current stage I am at, so feel free to give me feedback–especially on which colour study to choose as my final and any areas you think I should improve on. Phew!

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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