Text Post: Mission 2012 & “Testy Tuesdays”

Hey there! It’s 2012 now and just want to give a heads up on what’s going on [artwise only] and set some goals for this blog & in my journey. New fresh start in another year.

Right now in art skill progression…
I am still trying to draw other things that look worthy of posting at the moment because I am mixed between showing what I’m up to versus posting high quality stuff…when most things aren’t high quality in the first place….and yet I want to show my progress so people can see the improvement….so bare with me through my wonderfully insane, silly, childish, striving-to-be-professional-level-but-not-there-yet art!
I have also understood that technical skill is nothing compared to creativity, expression, story telling, writing and communicating your ideas so that is another area I’ll need to work on, slowly and patiently. I am currently going through non fiction technical art books very slowly because the time to practice must be much more than the time used in reading the book. Still, I can’t help but be utterly impatient sometimes!

First was Fanart Fridays now it’s “Testy Tuesdays”? What am I doing?
This is just to see whether I can push myself to draw more often and practice doing studies, comics, paintings and everything else. If you’re wondering why “Testy” I wanted alliteration in the names and because I’m experimenting with my art like any other artist. Again, I don’t know whether I can keep to this schedule in the long run, but I believe it would be an occasional thing at least, if not every Tuesday.

Internet presence wise:
I need to keep internet use to a minimum…sure I have self control but I also need to make sure I won’t give in to temptations in getting distracted! It’s really easy when you’re unmotivated! I’ve been on plenty of “hiatuses” or lurking periods of time in the past because I want to reduce the probability of distracting myself but I’ve been struggling to find a balance.
My current plan is to avoid certain places, lurk at others and only be actively posting art while I may check social sites once a week or more. I shall socialise more actively online when I feel confident that my art skills are marketable. But that’s years away.
I’ve now linked my Google+ with this Blogspot and Google+ is definitely more open and focused on interests unlike Facebook [keeps changing, alienating & superficial in some ways, corporate focused, among other things] and Twitter [you’re an atomic particle talking in the endless ocean] as it’s much easier to join in any conversations that you can access & find the information you need.
Still I’m not that outgoing yet to use it to my advantage though haha
Also despite deviantArt being the original inspiration that made me start posting art online, I have drifted away from it and I’m only just lurking there or posting a few pieces of art. It’s currently a corporate social site focused on getting you to buy their things. I’ve been lurking too much to get any feedback from it. It requires commitment to be active online and engage with others but I’m not ready to invest the time yet when I want to focus on art improvement. Now my focus is here.

2012 Mission for this blog
I hate “resolutions”. I’d rather “mission” because it’s an ongoing journey.
Okay there are other things but this blog is art focused only so it’s just these:
Main Art/Career Goals

  • Get into & start a new non-fine arts course starting at end of Feb for the next two years
  • Drawing techniques to improve & Anatomy via non fiction books
  • Post regularly once or twice a week in this blog

Art related Wish List aka if I ever get much richer

  • The portable Cintiq Wacom Tablet
  • A better & more ergonomically friendly studio/place & furniture to draw in
  • A better chair; pillows don’t cut it [got it]
  • SLDR camera & tools/tripod etc to have fun with
  • enough $ to maintain my own domain name & website [I’m not marketable yet anyway]
  • Another monitor or desktop computer strong enough to take big programs [RAM] & files

One day as they say, one day [otherwise there might be even better stuff out there in the future!].

Thanks for reading (:

But Wait!
Why don’t you tell me about your mission this year?
Besides this old distant online friend skilled in wonderfully detailed feedback,
and this inspiring artist pants-heading off-to-study-animation,
I don’t know who else reads this blog [to some extent]!

Reveal yourselves…please? (:
Otherwise take your time, feel free to contact/email/comment or something in the future.
Looking forward to it!