Quotes: Love, Beauty and Motivation & Update Notice

Started a while back to practice using my [very cheap and bad quality] chinese calligraphy brush [which after using is already going in different directions and getting wrecked!!].

Felt with the heart
With all your heart

Picked some quotes I liked and expressed them like so. There are more to come.

From now on, my posts will all be more focused with some quality/value in them. So in that respect, there won’t be as much regular posts anymore. I’m trying to make it more compact and so it looks less like spam! It will go from every two days to at least once/twice a week of posting. (:

Some posts would be very recently done, while others could be scheduled from a couple of months ago. It will vary in how recent the post themselves are. But again, the most frequent state of updates would still be every two days [which won’t happen as consistently as it has been in the past months anymore].
Quality over quantity! BUT sometimes I want to slip in something more recent I’ve done too so it may occasionally go back to every two days again!