Announcement about my website use

After trialing some time with using Posterous to post to Blogspot and my Art Tumblr for me…it’s too much of a hassle than it needs to be. I thought I’d be able to do it but I feel terribly stretched. I know I’ve been going out and trying things–that’s why I keep changing my mind after each trial period! And now I have to alter all my descriptions across my websites, hooray.

The Posterous Blog?
I will probably take this Posterous Blog down; no one cares this exists anyway.

The Art Tumblr Blog?
I’ll just post finished works over there rather than posting everything I do. Tumblr is really easy to use but lacks so much in the feedback/social areas.
Very lonely place. But things spread like wildfire sometimes there and then becomes a trend.

The Blogger/Blogspot Art Blog?
I shall now declare it my OFFICIAL Art Blog where I post everything from art updates, Works In Progress, silly doodles, as well as finished works and comics I am doing. I am actually relieved I have one place to post everything art-wise I do. Less hassle for me and you.

REMINDER to self to keep track of most of my art-based sites or else I will IMPLODE:
Deviantart Gallery — where I post finished works only and the longest running gallery I have
Web Adventures Tumblr — where I reblog things I found that was interesting/entertained/something
Personal LiveJournal — private blog for online and/or real life friends only. It is about life and even things other than drawing.
Twitter Account — one of the places where I keep up to date with people since people have preferences for twitter or facebook. This is locked, so you’d need to message me first who, where, why you’re following me. No guarantees.
I have accounts at cghub,, cgsociety, sketchfu, behancebut they haven’t been touched because I shall wait when I feel up to it.