SuperLeonieMode 330 / Self Portrait Day!

SuperLeonieMode: hoy there!

Low energy sleepy bear hermit Leonie, grumpy butt Leonie and deadpan existential Leonie are on my head.

I do many mini self portraits so I don’t know if international self portrait day really applies as a special thing for me ;P

Whao! I helped make Sludge Thing also :0

Little Leonie update!

I was/am super pooped as I gratefully and finally got my 2nd dose against covid late last week! It was more painful than the first dose during the needle stabbing part but ah well. Glad I didn’t have huge side effects; just even more fatigue and lack of focus than normal. Hopefully future boosters are easy to get/access :’)

Also going outside and being anxious about hygiene, social distancing and changing face masks just tire me out so nope, I remain too anxious about going outside. I will continue to remain as a hermit indefinitely (until I absolutely have to make the rare exceptions) :<

I’m still pooped due to lack of sleep and finding a bunch of dead gnats after I finished cooking spinach this morning :<

In terms of art: I’ve changed my mind again and will revert back to my original ways of taking art posting break on Januarys – I really need a big scheduled break from the hamster wheel too! The random week off from art posting every 1-2 months also gives me some breathing space throughout the year though I am considering doing less of these breaks if I have the art buffer to support a more regular schedule (which I don’t have right now).

Anyhoo speaking of those breaks, I’ll be taking next week off from posting as I need time juggling all the things :’)

May you have a good start of November! Gosh we’re nearing the end of the year.