Fanart / Congrats on the Kinder World Kickstarter by Lumi Interactive!

Initial sketch

With the obvious ideas

A few days remaining for the Kinder World game kickstarter by Lumi Interactive! 🌿✨

Dedicated to Lauren and the Lumi Interactive team! Congrats on getting funded and reaching lots of goals! (:

It’s a mobile game about nurturing houseplants and practicing kindness. There’s less than 2 days left to help the game expand so check the kickstarter out if you’re curious! [And here’s Lauren’s Mobile Game Success on Kickstarter: 9 Tips for 2021 article!]

I just doodled a heart plant with Samy and a letter; not very well planned :’)


Couldn’t help but do this little doodle too💕 [tweet]

[They kindly shared them on one of their kickstarter updates too!]

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