SuperLeonieMode / “The Farewell” (2019) Butts

Nai nai and Billi doing morning exercises!

Not letting failures, mistakes and tough times get you down! 💙💛

  • the yelling and breathing exercises with Nai Nai reminded me of my late mother as she did similar breathing exercises (hei gung – no idea on how to translate that)! She made us do it with her while she was still able to move when she was ill with cancer :’)
  • which reminds me of this skit too: How To Do Tai Chi – Jimmy O. Yang Comedy! Indeed I was super bored doing such exercises at the time :’)
  • my previous spoilers & portraits post on this film here
  • interesting insight on how this film flopped in China
  • art experimenting here; I am not sure if I like this at all though :<
  • why do older ladies like butts? Haha! My own past experience is that I get judged on how “fat” I look and whether I’m eating too much or too little :’)
    • looking back, it made me insecure about not being lean like a Hong Kong pageant model or fit and strong like a nimble athlete :< I usually went for baggy clothes so I don’t feel too self conscious about my body :’)
    • Nowadays, I do get insecure and uncomfortable with my body when I have to go outside but am who I am! I just try not to dwell on it :’) It’s not easy but always learning to embrace myself as I am and making sure I’m exercising daily :0

Anyhoo thank you for reading and please take care & stay safe this week! <3

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