Fanart / Inuyasha the dog boy!

“Inuyasha, sit boy!” 💥

What an odd, abusive way to control (or discipline?) a half demon :0

Yep had to do another take since my previous Inuyasha fanart here for fun and to test my own art styles. Very much doing fanart as a comfort thing during my downtime :’)

May you have a good day and rest of the week! Stay safe and take care as always (:

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9 Comments on “Fanart / Inuyasha the dog boy!

  1. Glad to hear you’re having fun and getting comfort from doing art on your own time!

    I’ve started re-watching Inuyasha again and WOW are there some cringey bits I don’t remember haha.

    • Thank you! Well there’s also the SUPER guilt from not doing studies and learning :’) But hey, I’m doing art at least!
      GOSH I’m sure there is some cringey stuff hahaha

      • In my opinion you getting fun and comfort from your Art is more important than just studying or learning. There isn’t much point in it if you start hating making Art after all!

        Plus, I think exploring the parts you enjoy can help you find out exactly what it is you want to get out of or do in a career in Art.

        • There’s the “I must always be skilling up” side but you’re right; I need to involve fun and learning :0

          • Your desire to constantly better yourself can be powerful. Just make sure you know what it is you want before you commit yourself too much.

            Keep up that mindset. You’re doing an amazing job! 🙂