SuperListenMode 263: Calls from unknown numbers

SuperListenMode: Calls from unknown numbers

NO! Who are you?!
How did you get my number??

If you knew me you wouldn’t be calling unless you gave me a heads up ;P

Phone calls scare and stress me and it’s one of those unwelcome things. It interrupts your day, sucks your energy and time and demands your immediate attention. Yes sometimes it can’t be helped but usually I make the calls if necessary or I know about it in advance…otherwise I don’t do unexpected phone calls. When I’m forced to pick up the phone, it’s usually telemarketers or not even relevant to me and I don’t want to bother. It breaks up my focus and interrupts my day.

Probably mentioned it before; I’m still spooked, traumatised and creeped out from a random phone call from a stranger when I was a young teen. I did not feel safe. Creepy stuff!!

Just no. No. No. Nonono.

Please email me. (:

On MIGW2018 Speaker BurpDoodle art:

MIGW18 art is getting postponed again because I don’t want to crunch myself to a self imposed, pointless deadline. It’ll happen eventually…currently still working through 6 pages of them and I don’t like them at the moment? It feels too overworked now. I really need to quit and/or tone down the scope of this personal project in the future. If there is a next time, just post the quick, terrible sketches as is, not redo and colour them.

My standards have gotten too big.

It has been helping in giving me a temporary artistic purpose and practice though. But it’s super time consuming and objectively not worth doing it as inktober & many art passes for.

I should probably quit it altogether as it’s become a burden, expectation and responsibility at this point – meaning I need a break from it or change it up. Been juggling with work, life and need to sort out my health [ongoing] right now.

Thanks for understanding, your patience & for still hanging around ❤️

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