SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 6b

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 6b

The whole class and one of the teachers tried making me laugh by emotionally over acting and invading my personal space one after the other. I was not allowed to cross my arms. I had to stand there and take it.

I prepared my Death Stare and Emotional Walls.

Refused and succeeded to not laugh.
I even challenged them further by acting back with apathy in silence ;P
I taunted them even.

I zoned into my Dark Place of Sadness.

That’s how bad I really don’t want to act “Give me back my son!”

This turned out to be my last Improv lesson. Stopped going as I learned what I wanted and I knew I did not want to keep going with it to perform. I have no desire to actually do more scene work in front of people…it’s not for me. And Nighttime Replacement Public Transport at the time took its toll on me. I was always exhausted and I had enough.

Also this means I stay as the stone cold Champion 😉