SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 5b

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 5b

Going off on terrible stereotypes and misconceptions on neuroscience & medication – my apologies for those & my attempt at character improv! It does highlight to me how ignorant I am and how there’s so much for me to learn.

And then my most embarrassing second role where I couldn’t talk in that fake voice any longer and choked talked into a spit fountain in front of the class…

The teacher reassured me and wiped the floor but gosh I was half stuck standing there and half in shame as the exercise ended there.
We pretended that nothing happened. :’)

Acting in voices is really hard. Improv is really hard when it gets deep into becoming people/things you’re not, you have no prior knowledge on and you say the most ignorant, silly things which may end up being funny or weird.

Yes, it shouldn’t matter. Improv is meant to be non judgemental if you’re genuinely just being open minded and just doing the best with what you have. But I feel like I’m expressing more silly unhelpful things into the world :’)

I don’t know if it’s adrenaline, stress or my survival instincts helping me get through these lessons haha