SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 4b

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 4b

Taking care not to talk over my scene partner and making sure I take some improv responsibility too! Pretending I know something I don’t and blabbing about it is the complete OPPOSITE of me!

Apparently I have a sealed and preserved 1930’s tram track that caused the crash of 1976 ;P We have a problem hoho

Both of us are learning to not overthink and just do it and we managed okay – teamwork!! :’)

I was brave enough to ask lots of questions for other people’s scenes on possum mating, teleportation, snails and tornadoes. Feeling less inhibited now…warming up to the class generally as a whole a little bit more in that I’ll just do my own thing. At least for this lesson.

And then there was a time where we all pretended to be fearful chickens.
And another when I talked about how yoghurt is awesome.
But that’s something else 😉