BurpDoodle: Quick portraits of Red

BurpDoodle: Quick portraits of Red

Played with different doodling iPad programs and their simulated mediums to keep myself distracted during some bad, gloomy days :'(There’s so much good ones to doodle with…leaning towards ones with minimalistic UI so you can just get straight to drawing. There’s some where it’s confusing and it’s really a matter of sticking to one or even two and getting good at that software. Haven’t really played with apps focused on painting…one day I will when I’m ready.

Yes, that’s all the self portraits for now.
At least I had fun scribbling 😉

I also have a running Facebook page [my art presence on facebook will probably come to a slow end and I’ll ghost even more] because Facebook doesn’t allow third party apps to schedule posts to personal profiles from late July onwards.
And facebook pages aren’t great for art, especially for reach 🙁

Still very much bummed about it.

Most online friends and acquaintances aren’t bothered with facebook pages.
Including me. So to me this is the same as saying goodbye to most of them.

Hey, I don’t want to be on facebook too much as it is – that’s why scheduling posts is important to me. I’ll still use my personal facebook for any rare personal posts, avoid messenger [please email me instead] and use my small friends list to remember people I’ve met but that’s really it.
But it won’t be the same.
I will miss the sweet interactions we had. :'(

I’ll be more active on this blog and then twitter/instagram.

So if you’re reading this now, thank youuuu <3

PS: I just learned that my Pinterest hasn’t had any posts yet it’s had 12.1k views every month. Six to seven more times than this blog. WHAT.

Reality hurts, doesn’t it.