Ai Weiwei & Andy Warhol Exhibition at NGVMelbourne (BurpPhotos)

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This quick special post is thanks to a special, wonderful lady (Lauren)!
She treated me to a visit to this exhibition (plus lovely hugs and fanta) (:And I just wanted to put up a handful of the photos from today.
It’s not all of them and I don’t want this post getting too long haha

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

The Monster I created at Andy Warhol’s Photobooth
I didn’t know what I was doing; who is this?! :0
It prompted me to do silly things during the snaps so these clearly show how not-photogenic I am & unflattering haha
This happened at the Studio Cats section…it smelled like cats, the walls were cats, everything was cat themed but there were no real cats. Instead, just many happy kids with their families taking over.

First some shaky vines I did:

 Weiwei is essentially painting all the traditional Chinese pots into a contemporary form
  One of Weiwei’s depiction of China. But I was too short to see it properly top-down :<
  Weiwei close up in lego form; the end animation frame of the pot now broken
   One of Warhol’s famous works; the common food source of an era
 Warhol: one of his famous prints for Marilyn after her passing
 Warhol: his own ghostly photo portrait print series (perhaps the last one before his death)
 Weiwei: I liked these photos in particular because of the architecture and film poster of that era
 Weiwei: A running theme of rebelling against tradition
 Weiwei: Ah…Chinese Opera
 Warhol: He clearly makes it known how much he loves money!
 Warhol: look at them eyeballs
 Warhol: Looking at shoe making
 Warhol: I just really like the scratchyness of the lines 😀
 Weiwei: see the below photo for more elaboration but it’s quite striking
 Warhol: packaging design and boxes
 Warhol: printed packaging & ditto
 Weiwei: look at that observation
 Weiwei: really cool but bad photo
 Warhol: printing like wallpaper patterns
 Weiwei: Can’t touch these…but they’re so intricately made and cover a lot of space!! :0
See the next photo for elaboration

 Weiwei: It looks so stable too! See next photo for more details than I could provide.

Weiwei: the bicycle & flowers used to protest against his passport and freedom being taken away from him by the government (don’t recall when it happened). Different Flowers were placed each day under the eyes of surveillance cameras.

Weiwei: there’s many more flower + bicycle basket photos than this; he was stuck unable to travel for a long time among many other terrible things as an activist
Weiwei’s film collage
Warhol’s Polaroid Collage
More photos for you to gander:
Yes! The Lego Blocks have spoken!
Weiwei: Traveled to main Chinese landmarks over a handful of years and here he’s rebelling against them. Been told that there’s a Sydney opera house postcard one! Whoa!
Weiwei: a depiction of his times under arrest/surveillance/detention
I like how Weiwei saved broken fragments of traditional Buddhist statues as a new form of art
I am completely biased especially towards Chinese Dragons
Year of the Monkey incoming!
Warhol’s Shadow: The shiny stuff in the background is actually grounded pieces of real diamonds! What?!

This is not all of the exhibition; it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Photos, art, sculpture, film, interactive displays, documentaries, exhibits of books and many more. A lot of political, sad and heavy stuff was also involved and both artists’ struggles with politics.

And I didn’t expect a whole place dedicated to cat themed things (both artists owned lots of cats!) There were so many kids there so I didn’t stay/look around properly though.

The exhibition is SO huge; each time I thought it was the end, there was another walk to the next section!

I was pretty much braindead and super incapable of much conversation afterwards (and also because of the heat). So much information overload!

Thank youuu Lauren for treating me to come with your company (and J’s) as well! 😀

I’m just looking back at it now and it’s pretty eye opening and much things were learned. I couldn’t even register it all because there was so much (:

Here’s my silhouette + my infamously large hat to end the post!

Thanks! Keep adventuuuring you!

Ok a short and sweet post! (:

Thanks for looking!

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