Y1W5 Footsteps Game Playable & PauseFest 2014

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In this post: Footsteps, playing some games and…stuff?

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Footsteps Game: I drew all the designs of my Little Ones and Daniel’s Arnold/football head design too.
This used to be the one ending image but I scrapped this; I created 4 endings instead.

Year 1, Week 5 (12th to 18th Feb)

  • Untitled001: Research continues! Studies!
  • Figure Drawing: Because it’s important to do it especially when I can’t do life drawing regularly.
30” gestures and then longer poses at the bottom; I need to do more…

30” Gesture Doodles. Moreee…

  • PV illustration: figuring out what contact sheets are…? Playing with levels and learning how to upscale an image…
  • Sketch meetup: Just drawing other people who are also drawing. The talking and eating part was great thanks to the kind, hard working organiser. (:
Rough sketches and there was a towering tall dude doing a demo.
Didn’t meet much people and was very brain tired. But I kind of had fun at the dinner table.
  • PauseFest 2014 (#pf14?): first time going! Was not sure what to expect…! Putting it here in the art section as I was drawing when I could.
On the train, on the way
    • Incredibly Short Film festival could be renamed as the GIF festival
Flies were out to annoy me but they failed as songs were sung (Live music going on).
The lady sketcher here got sketched (and got caught by her subject?)
    • Motion Graphics and realistic VFX is a completely different world of visuals and sound
    • Opening Night was prime time for me to draw the presenters’ faces
I was drawing as many speakers as I could; I didn’t get all of the panelists at the bottom though.
A lot of…spectacles. Interesting. (:
    • Bread chips are yum; people ate up the dumplings fast so I got nothing
    • Managed to meet a few kind, friendly people before I had to run to catch my train
    • Got some feedback on my portfolio; hurrah! And then it rained, got wet as I had no umbrella.
    • Some conference talks going on during the last day…
People watching and waiting at the Conference
People speaking at the Conference; rough sketches!
    • Played these guys’ (Zero Latency) Virtual Reality Zombie Shooter using the Occulus Rift and got a tiny fraction of a BitCoin from it. It was fun! The graphics aren’t meant to be AAA but the experience was scary as those zombies were invading my personal space even when I’m dead.

The more updated occulus rift was much higher resolution at my second time of ever using it. Got a bit over 5,000 points which is passable I guess? The highest on the scoreboard was 60,000+. I was reloading my gun but didn’t feel anything was happening and my heart lurched every time a zombie started lunging towards my safety bubble. Was a great experience even if I am terrible at fps games. The system kept breaking down and it had a long queue! Overall I had fun at the simple act of shooting ragdoll zombies in real space but I wouldn’t want to do it with real zombies for enjoyment’s sake.

    • Played Zombies From Hell (One Fat Sheep): around the pizza box; cool way to market New Zealand pizza! There was a point where no more ammo spawned so that you inevitably die so I asked about it but it was asked in vain. I suspect it was done like it is so that I can’t play longer! Haha.
    • Derp got 3D scanned into a 3D model by evoke3D. I don’t know what to say as I know it’s not meant to be accurate but just as a little token. Had to sit in a stool, rotating awkwardly 720 degrees and staying still like a statue to get scanned.

I am still weirded out at seeing tense faced Derp in 3D form: who is this?! :O

Back away, demon!

    • managed to chat with a few kind people during the last day before heading home!

I don’t know if I can afford PauseFest again next year but this year’s one opened my eyes to another world of creatives! I understand what PauseFest is about now; stay open minded, make cool/interesting stuff1 and collaborate. (:

  • FootstepsPlayed James‘ version 3 of the game, looked into whether I could fix things up with the graphics and gave feedback. Amazingly he kept working at it and created version 4, the final version (at least for now). The game definitely wouldn’t have gone this far without his hard work! I also made some Footsteps feet too to put up on the walls for the event.
  • Game Jam PlayTesting Event: Woo! More people actually playing Footsteps the game (ie not just friends and family)! It was overshadowed by the other wonderful, fun, popular, award-winning, co-op games but our team was pretty content with what we’ve accomplished. James was incredibly prepared with equipment to showcase it all as well.
Gentleman wearing tights and high heels on the train (as I was going my way). Bold!
I don’t see many males dress up in heels!
James impressively got the game to where it is now and I was very happy to hear that some people liked my character designs and storytelling frames at the beginning as well as Daniel’s Arnold design and game mechanic idea.
The game is harsh so I wrote up some HINTS and TIPS!
    • You start off completely blind and lost (the deep end!!) so pulse with the mouse button and move around to get started.
    • Big blue walls in the way? Levers are your friend.
    • Can be disorienting so watch out for your mouse sensitivity.
    • There are 4 endings dependent on how many Little Ones you find.
    • Trivia: Only one playtester found all 32 (he got a prize!)
    • If you die; you start all over. It is harsh. All. Over. Again.   Be careful! :O
I made sure to congratulate the only tester who got all 32 (Jimmy doesn’t count as he made the game) Little Ones. What did this tester get? A limited edition of the glossy poster with my bad “WASD” mistake!
It won’t be printed again!
Sidenote: the most I could get was 24 Little Ones…
Most people actually had fun exploring! I say that because I am too accustomed to my own game. I talked more than usual (this is not normal) as I awkwardly encouraged people to play the game, guided them, chatted and got kind feedback. Someone I know called the Little Ones “freaky babies” haha. And imagine this game via the Occulus Rift as suggested by one of the playtesters; it would be trippy!
I didn’t get to play that many other games but the following:
    • I did whoosh through Doors the game. I simply picked paths out of curiousity rather than basing it on the clues given and was told I got the neutral ending.
    • I fiddled with Kamikiri and I felt like I was playing tetris-esque platform building in real space! The characters were cute and the game was trickier than first seemed. I got to chat with the friendly 2D artist behind it as well!
    • And then the Brow Brow Game…I knew this game is evil as it forces you to come to terms with whether you have the mastery to move your eyebrows. Derp had no range of motion plus no ability to control brows on their own.

Derp’s eyebrows are unfit! Derp played it twice as she was stubborn! But it was in vain and stressful for the face. Still, Derp had fun and looked even sillier/awkward as intended by the three masterminds behind the game for all their victims. Had laughs at herself regardless. Speaking in third person randomly is fun also.

Derp did not want to post this here but figured who really cares.
Was brain dead and exhausted after dashing like a crazy lady for her last train.

Other Adventures: 

  • Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag (watching):  Did not have any experience with the games overall so the ending was alright with a good bittersweet song. The present day stuff was kind of unnecessary but I know nothing about the lore. So what do I know? I just know the graphics look good.
  • Overgrowth (beta snippet): So hilarious a fighting game! Those rabbit moves!
  • ParaNorman: Pretty cool movie with wonderful visuals and top stop motion animation. I really like how the zombies turned out and the “humans driven by their fear are the real monsters” message rather than the usual “Us versus Zombies”. It’s not a new message but there’s much more “zombies need to be killed to survive” vibes in movies, games and other media. Or I might be wrong in this. No clue.

Somehow I don’t have a particular favourite character probably because they are all imperfect and exaggerated as characters; I did care about Norman, Neil and the Zombies more than all else however. The main message in choosing to not continue the vicious cycle of revenge, bullying and hurt and find companionship, understanding, empathy and acceptance elsewhere was made clear. Good one off ride of a great visual movie.

  • Yakuza 4 (watching): Insane prison break, bribery, violently smashing through guards and beds, and absorbing sniper shots. Some “bromance” also occurred. Then fighting the previous “hero” of the Yakuza games.
  • Smash Bros Little Mac Trailer: Finally!! And I haven’t even played Punch Out. Sweet!!
  • Flappy Bert (snippet): “Ernieee”. Terribly cruel game; am not going to go near it.
  • Epic (Blue Sky’s movie): It’s beautiful to watch. Everything looks so almost real, vibrant and well designed. The Queen is just a wonderful, awesome character and it was a good, pretty movie. The Dad/daughter relationship I can relate to…an extent.
  • I have no Mouth and I must Scream (watching): the experiments are getting very disturbing with Nimdok’s phase. Carrying a concentration camp victim’s eyeballs…the Golem and then the head quenching.
  • L.A. Noire (snippet): ooh. You need mind reading powers when you question people. It seems that you need to Doubt people in order to solve cases. Catching criminals and solving cases.
  • Puzzle Retreat (played): a bit; I could see how it’s addictive and wrangles your brain muscles.
  • Strider Arcade (snippet): Looking back at the history of the Strider games
  • Don’t S**t your Pants (watched):  Ah this game again. It’s hilarious.
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind (watching): Interesting, more depressing, embracing the relationship between Riley and Ellie and this DLC is quite short.

Reflection for the Week

Didn’t get to do much as there was a lot of social things (more than I’m used to) going on. As an introverted hermit, I need to recover! My socialising quota was reaching the maximum and this means I’m so energy drained from over stimulation that I tend to zone out in quietness to conserve energy (and then I appear bored/boring to others thanks to my weird brain chemicals). Still, I’m working on getting myself used to fun social things a bit more, see how far I can take it before I feel sleepy tired and just do what I can.

And life so far? Hm. Sometimes the thought of wanting to curl up and hide away comes to mind. Just feeling like you’re drowning and overwhelmed up to your eyes and you want out. It is normal.
Embrace this and just keep tackling and living life head on. Let the fears run its course.

Am going to keep learning, juggling with personal projects, collaborate and whatnot. This is what I’m trying to do before negative external forces changes things for me for the worse. Dun dun duuun! Gotta keep at it as usual!!
Thanks for reading & feel free to comment below! (:
Until next time, Leonie