Week 13 T-Rex waves his tiny arms and claims “Challenges are what makes us grow stronger!”


Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
Is this becoming a tag line opening for me now? Maybe!
Week 13 dun dun. 

I’ve mentioned this before.
But I keep wondering who looks and keeps up with my blog. Thank you is what I want to say!
I also wonder who actually *reads* everything I type. As that’s entirely a different and special kind of subscriber compared to those who just look at images. So special message to those who do read it *all* that I really appreciate your precious time and that you care enough to keep track of my progress! Most likely you are some kind of friend of mine. So thank you kindly. (:

Still I could be hallucinating that this is being read. I don’t know the total amount of people who subscribe here (thank you once again by the way if you are reading right now) since the time I stopped using Feedburner. It’s been a huge relief and burden off my shoulders since to not obsess over how many people “subscribe” my blog. Thus I am now solely focused on doing my worklogs or as I call them, art learning adventure journals! /rambling


Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!


10th Wed

  • sorted out my facebook art page with a slightly more developed profile picture, description and name update. I apparently “work” at this facebook page as a Learner haha

Now I have my real name clearly there because having two other aliases is confusing…may try to use them less so just to show I’m not actually three people (or am I?!). Having a page to do art updates is useful because you keep your art and career life (which is pretty much all I do) separate from everything else that would stay on your personal facebook (though I would argue that a personal life aside from art adventures is almost non existent). I don’t really have a substantial amount of likes on that page but at times I do debate on whether I should share more Facebook things on the page as I really want the ratio of my content versus sharing other people’s content to be appropriate. Still, the plan now is to keep it to only my content until I feel more confident to do facebook exclusive things.

  • Train adventures finallyyyy
Baby, baby facial bits, a baby’s foot and then Mother, Baby and Pram. The baby moves too much!
Realised there’s a lot of spectacles going on here. And a foot going for someone’s head.
Heads and scary face of doom
  • Turns out one of the pitches I was working on yesterday (9th Tues) is going to be more fully developed as part of my team’s project. It involves hilarity that ensues when a T-Rex decides to do his own cooking show. I did not expect that one of my story ideas would be chosen at all as I first assumed that Victor would be sticking to his dynamic, action idea or Will has a better idea in the making. Had to pitch it to the class like everyone else and am now developing it more into written form. I now dub it the Cooking with T-Rex (CwTR) project for now (name pending)! 😀 I was quite happy to hear that some people liked the idea. I was glad that my team members came up the the meteor ending too (better than what I originally had)!

11th Thurs

  • Trainnnn adventureeessss:
Yes you. I am talking to you. There’s no one else reading this very sentence right now.
Determined resting stance, ready for take off to her destination. Awaiting for your orders, ma’am.
I forgot what that weird deformed set of lines at the lower right are. Either I was testing my pen, or they’re really writhing worms, or they’re actually wrinkled folds I didn’t get to finish.
  • CwTR project at one point was about to become Victor’s or Will’s stories instead which honestly is fine by me but after some review and feedback from our director Heath, we were set on doing CwTR as Will and Victor’s ideas required more time/team members to achieve to high quality. So we dived into a crazy story development session together to make the story better and they fleshed out (too much) shots (and crazy gag ideas that will not be used unfortunately) for CwTR. Food (involving fluids) dynamics and effects became a concern. 
  • Then we had to do a crazy frantic early storyboard animatic. Far from there yet but it’s getting somewhere. The following storyboards shown below is Act 3 of the project and it is very confusing. And as expected, we had to cull some scenes!
Image click to see it clearer. It’s really rough and all over the place due to rushing. My sore attempt to draw a T-Rex is also featured here.
  • Collected some style and art references. Roughly greyboxed what the scene would look like and got carried away with the fauna!
Prehistoric environment composition planning. It’s quite a lot of 3D geometry even though there isn’t much variation of plant life at the moment. Will need to do matte painting planes for the further background elements instead for my next attempt. The environment is really basic and not at all prehistoric looking so I hope to design something better after some research is done.

12th Fri

  • Train adventures!
A Mrs busy with her phone on her way to work? And some busy music listening guy depressed about his detached leg being shoved in front of his face.
Giggling man and Sleepy lady. Bonus: wrinkly arm division.
Talking on phones and hand grabbing onto rails.
Lady that glanced at me suspiciously for a bit but both individuals didn’t care and rested as much they liked. Excellent. I can practice even more. It’s not as if I’m writing notes and stalking them with notes on how they live their every day. Or am I? (Kidding)
What happens when other people are too occupied. I wasn’t even in the train. And I still didn’t get called out on drawing people around me. I wonder how high my ninja skills are now.
Managed barely to draw some more people on the train once again.
I drew my not photogenic dorky self based on the reflection in the train, just because I ran out of people to draw. The “What?” is there as I have been told I say “What? What?! What.” (or other variations of tone) too much. The thing is, I am not quick enough to formulate any other good response verbally as I register whatever was happening. So let’s say I’m not “quick” to reply wittingly during conversations but I do strive to listen to people and ask questions albeit quietly.
  • CwTR round 2 animatic storyboards I did and there was a lot more to cull and simplify in order to still keep it entertaining and not dragged out. The following storyboards that I did was the last Act once again.
Round 2: Had to cut out the arms holding the cake tray part and did not need a small meteor hitting the cake anymore. No need to actually see timer either now. Still my bro really liked the idea of him hobbling with his tiny arms, holding the cake tray and then the tragedy of a horrendous cake as a result. The meteor ending won however due to the well known gag about how dinosaurs apparently became extinct.
  • my part of the CwTR round 3 animatic storyboards I did and we’re getting there to the final version (in which Victor is in charge of as Head Animator, Rigger and Visual Effects). Will and Victor did awesome in brainstorming together the gags and we got rid of the majority of the concerns Victor had with the scope.  We’re all wondering if we can do this in the remaining 5 weeks but it is challenges that makes us grow. Just like how I’m going to tackle getting used to drawing a T-Rex many times in hard to figure out poses.
    Round 3 Storyboards; getting more clearer in Act 3; sans the incoming meteor that was added separately later via animation. You can see a hint of it incoming as indicated by the asterisk in the sky within the last frame here. Another more detailed round is called for but that will be in the safe hands of Victor to handle as he does the 2D animatic.
  • Will started concepting for T-Rex as he’s the Head of Modeling, Sculpting, Shaders/Materials and Texturing while I was making T-Rex studies from references. I don’t know what I’m the head of and I can’t say I’m the Project leader as I’d like to think that all of us have equal say. Am I the Art Director/Visual Development/Environment Designer/Modeler? I don’t know what I am but it doesn’t matter, as getting things done is more important. Only 5 weeks remain now for this project! Daunting!
That top right one’s eyeballs scares me. Victor or Will said it looked like a zombie. These are just studies based off from T-rex Google Photos. Will need to do more studies to get used to drawing a T-Rex and then I’d be able to figure out how to stylise him. I honestly didn’t expect to actually do my story idea for a T-Rex…and now I have to draw him haha

13th Sat

  • Collecting loads of references for the CwTR project and got carried away with looking at jungles, chicken legs, crocodiles, meteors and flora of another era. Have also been spamming a bit at my team with links to possible resources I’ve found along the way. Can’t believe it took the whole day picking out things! Somehow I was getting more excited about all the crazy plant life I get to draw as the background and how I would layer it. I am considering small buzzing dots to give it more life to the jungle. And then I remember I need to design the T-Rex first haha

14th Sun

  • Some deep introspection, learning and reviewing what Goal setting is about and planning for myself. I’ve been busy sorting myself out, realigning some goals once again (as we all should do every now and then). I’ve found that there’s so much to do but it’s unrealistic of me to expect to do all of them within a week or even month. However, my plan for this week is to get that T-Rex concepted and an Art style document done for the CwTR project at the minimum.
  • Worked on the art style document for CwTR; realised that there’s many areas to focus on so it took the whole day. It’s done though and as a group we can keep developing it!

15th Mon

  • Had fun listening to how the writers at Valve came up with Portal 2 at their talk at GDC 2012
  • Struggling to get Photoshop updated and working smoothly but finally got round to doing T-Rex studies after days of research! I ended up staying up real late because time was so tight~!
Scale and headshot studies. My
team will probably see this as me going overboard but this is what
works for me in getting the hang of learning to draw something entirely new.
More me working out proportions, and the bottom second T-Rex design from the right was originally by Cory Loftis! He’s a great Visual Development Artist currently at Disney. Just for learning purposes only as I found his design choices interesting, so I wanted to learn for myself how he chose to simplify when I eyeballed it loosely. So I take no credit for the design itself. Among other things, I did a T-Rex skull study as well. Frontal Chicken comparison too.
More studies of various aspects from different perspectives, patterns, teeth, legs, skeletal system
Headshots detailed, footprint and leg bones
Headshots and annotated skeletal system for the T-Rex
Headshots and annotated skeletal system for the T-Rex
Headshots and annotated skeletal system for the T-Rex
If you’re wondering why there’s the video recording GUI, it’s because Rex films his own cooking show! It fits with the theme!

16th Tues

  • More T-Rex studies…I think I’m getting the hang of it! I need to get down to making concepts of my own too!
The eye tends to be friendly looking when close up. How to make it menacing…hmm.
I had to start adding annotations and inner commentary of the T-Rexes
Some Construction shapes and lines and more heads
Perspective view of the skeletal system
Heads and arm bone notes. I’m doing so many heads I realise! They all look grumpy and angry because that’s the direction I’m trying to push.
Classy Handbag Rexie and chicken like legs (but they’re actually T-Rex legs)
  • Actual concept thumbnails at last! But didn’t get much done. Starting to worry!! But will work more on in the next day.

Reflection for the Week

Real glad this week had more train adventures in because I managed to get seats that allowed it.
And…I get to draw T-Rexes. What just happened this week?! Still so much to do!!
More T-Rexes to draw so more of them will come in next week’s update!!

Thanks for looking! (:
Until next time,