Moving on: Environment Folio so far

Hullo friend! (:

Thought I can post progress shots and rendered shots towards my attempt in making a 3D environment folio. I didn’t get far with it (as I haven’t even made 6 outstanding scenes) plus I’m not sure what I’ve done so far would help in getting into a game studio any time soon. And with the competitive vibe I don’t know if I should even post these at all.

Obstacles revealed themselves much more clearly, especially my weakness in visualising and drawing actual environment pieces that perhaps due to this, creativity and execution suffered. I’ve been learning as I struggle I guess!

Here is what I did during mid December last year:

Orthogonal Drawing of a toy version of the 1970 Fiat 500 car (so conceptually not mine but the drawing is) Drawing cars is a challenge!
Assorted Digital Doodles

I’ve finished this during December and as a game model it doesn’t look like something in-game with extreme high graphics (or perhaps my expectations are too high). And I’ve embraced uploading at Sketchfab where you can see the model in its entirety.

The car isn’t retoped too well has I have an issue with 3Dcoat not showing me the wireframes of my retoped mesh in the latest version’s new look. I can’t make the program show how my retoped mesh wireframe looks thus judge how the retoping is going. Frustrated as googling did not help. I want to see my retoped mesh’s wireframe!

1970 Toy Car (click to view in 3D)

1970 Toy Car
Not as well modeled as I liked but I had fun texturing in Photoshop!
Car Textures: Colour, Normal and Specular Maps

Moving on from making an Environment Portfolio
And why am I saying I’m moving on from making this folio when I’ve just only been able to finish one little asset and half modeled the others? Because all this struggling to get motivated into making assets is not working for me and I have thought long and hard about this. I have never intended to get into 3d environment art but I was doing this because of the learning experience. At this point, I feel that it is time that stop at this brick wall and approach it the long winded way by not continuing this portfolio any longer and focus on learning and applying the fundamentals first. I’m the kind of person who likes to do things by the “proper process” and perhaps long way when I learn.

I still do somewhat bad about not making the most of my rare opportunity in making into a game company and perhaps disappointing my teacher. But my experiences in attempting revealed to me the following things (besides the mentioned weaknesses in drawing & making environments).

  • I do not enjoy making 3D environmental assets thus this is probably the biggest obstacle as I do not want to land myself into making more and doing more of what I don’t enjoy
  • I need to improve on the fundamentals first-most to be able to visualise environments and increase my visual library somehow, thus actually be able to make amazing assets in the future
  • I enjoy making and sculpting organic things compared to those that aren’t but I know I have to get used to both
  • as mentioned before many times, I’m even more convinced that I’d rather hone in on concept arting/pre-production art, illustration, visual development and storytelling instead of doing and learning something I don’t enjoy and not passionate in (modeling & making environmental assets) at least, at this moment.
  • I do not want to eventually be good at something I don’t enjoy (as my teacher advises) despite the pressure of having to be a jack/jill of all trades.

Many of the above is actually repetitive but to say this in words is a relief off my shoulders. Should I even type all this out? Will that cut off future job offers? I was unsure but I believe honesty helps in moving forward. It does look like I’m throwing this chance in getting into the industry away all for the sake of enjoyment. It might be. Or perhaps I’m a quitter. Or I lack the discipline to do what I don’t like amidst my weakness in concepting environments. Or perhaps I’m an all-or-nothing person in that if I do something, I really have to mean it and want to be good at it.

I just sincerely don’t feel ready when I don’t have the basic visual art fundamentals and then jumping straight into 3D art into a professional environment to learn things on the job. I’ve only been learning 3D over 6 months in a very crammed way and I can’t see myself being able to pump out quality and creative assets within 1.5 months and competing with other classmates without having the pre-existing passion in game environment art already.

Mind you, I will keep practicing asset making but in my own pace and own terms.

I have realised that I am doing this 3D animation course because rather than the production side of things, I want to do pre-production art, visually tell stories and enjoy the ups and downs of the process. I would still love to work within a game company of course! But if I do, as a concept artist or illustrator (while I sculpt digitally and paint traditionally on the side).

Enough of my long winded rationalising.

Good luck and all the best to all those going at the opportunity! (: I am amazed at all the awesome things you do so keep at it!

As for me, I really need to kick back into working on learning art fundamentals and in the process of making drawing more of a habit!

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time, UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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