LoZ: Skyward Sword Portraits V: Skyloft Historian & Human figure stuff

Hey it’s been another week! (: Hope you’ve gotten used to the Friday updates by now. Been somewhat unmotivated lately though.

Sketched this on the 23rd of November 2011 [before game released in Australia] but then only finished shading it during the game as I was distracted haha.
It’s based off a photo by nickatkins in this figure drawing resource [I can’t directly link to it]: http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/figuredrawing.php

I started these portraits, intending to practice and Skyward Sword kept me motivated. (:

This is the fifth one I did. Made him oogly eyed because he seemed that way in the screenshots before I got the game. That and an owl is named after him [Kaepora Gaebora] and that he actually has no legs under certain conditions. (:

There are more to come but I shall space them out on Fun Fridays. See this tag [Skyward Sword Pencil Portraits] for the rest of the series.

Who knew he was a peachy legless pear in disguise! [you’d know what I mean if you played the game]
Some small studies on barns and silos and then my bigger form study on it
Resident Evil: Revelations [3DS] demo comic

I half attempted to play this demo but failed to even trigger any anticipated attacks from monsters from wardrobes/closets or ceilings. I am such a wuss with first person shooter horror/ambushing games. Watching other people play is fine but not when I’m the one playing it!
Pretty fuzzy because taking mobile photos of another screen tend to do that.

Human figure studies & notes and WARNING: Nudity ahead [Not safe for work–NSFW]
After rethinking my decision in the past few posts ago, I’ve decided not to post human figure studies over at tumblr now; bear with me and my changes of mind! I’m trying to make things easier for myself so I can focus on content and not worry about posting at two different places.
Stuff it trying to make this “PG”; I don’t want to bother anymore! I’ll just post it all here.

I don’t think I can minimise where I post anymore anyway so this Blogspot is it! Hopefully I won’t change my mind again! So what does this mean, you may ask. Well…

My art Tumblr is reverted back to being another place where I post finished pieces I’m more proud of.
This Blogspot is now completely everything I do art related from now on and that means it includes nudity. So if you’re very much embarrassed or uncomfortable at viewing my still developing interpretations of the human body then…no one’s forcing you to look. It’s not even an extreme case of NSFW content anyway but I’d like to be careful by warning you.

Still, I’ve FINALLY started doing studies on the human figure in detail now! Hooray and Finally.
Here’s hoping I keep it up! Here goes:

drawings from 1960’s b/w photos
I find it interesting how male models cover their privates while female models don’t

Till next time folks (: