Fanart / “Onward” (2020) Barley and Ian LightfootπŸ’™πŸ’œ + spoiler ramble!

Onward: Barley and Ian Lightfoot!

Brother hugs!!! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ

Overall I would recommend this movie with heart!! (:

Illustration process

Sketch stage: where Leonie struggles with the arms throughout :’)

Lineart stage: at this point, I have embraced Barley’s noodly arms ;D

Final illustration: Awwww πŸ’™

Little Onward spoiler ramble!

  • I don’t have much to nitpick with this movie. It’s not on par with Coco but it’s still a very good movie!
  • I wasn’t sure at first but the movie won me over haha
  • heartwarming, wonderful, simple story about loss, family, heart, growing and not avoiding your weaknesses with charming characters
  • Barley needs to work work on aspects in his life other than his love for magic, adventure and lore while Ian needs to work on his confidence in himself and what’s truly important to him – they both grow together
  • Ian sacrificing his opportunity to meet his dad ;____;
  • Barley being a father/older brother figure and sacrificing his van to stick by his brother all the way ;_____;
  • Gweniverrrrrrrrrrrrrr – I laughed like a kid at that beautiful, cheesy sacrifice :’)
  • the whole D&D journey/quest was meandering, directionless, a little confusing and I didn’t know where the movie was going. But the end/3rd act tied it all cleverly together
  • I related to the sibling dynamic so much in dealing with the aftermath and life after experiencing the loss of a parent <3
  • Barley’s comment on seeing tubes coming out of their dad and him being afraid to speak to his dad – it reminded me of me and my brother’s similar experiences with our mother dying from cancer and it got us a bit emotional
  • hey my brother is my constant then and now so this movie about siblinghood really touched me :’)
  • some reviewers didn’t really feel sad or relate to it since they haven’t lost a loved one or have strong bonds with their siblings – I guess that’s fair
  • the dad as a character was bland but in the end the real depth is the relationship between the brothers – it’s captured really well
  • the mother supports her kids and is incredible!! Just wants to keep them safe!
  • the potential step dad is not a jerk! :0
  • Barley is not even jealous and is consistently supportive of his wizard brother!! <3
  • the story was apparently based from the director’s personal experiences – he lost his father when he and his brother were little kids. This movie is his expression of love to his brother, for raising him like his a father figure :’)
  • I do like the videos The Genius of Onward’s Ending and How Onward is Already an Underrated Classic on Onward (:

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