Fanart / Sothis from Three Houses! Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary!

In this MondayLeonieRamble:

  • Late Sothis fanart for the 30th anniversary of Fire Emblem!
  • LudoNarraCon 2020 shenanigans
  • Personal update time

Sothis from Fire emblem three houses

30th anniversary for Fire Emblem with Sothis!

Yes it was the 20th of April; I’m late because of life, rush job, Animal Crossing and horrible, painful cramps :’)

I really like how this came out though! Call me a prude but I wasn’t pleased with her clothing design given the fact that she’s physically a young kid/teenager so I simplified it up! Glad I took my time with this rather than rush and do all nighters to get it done by the anniversary date 😀

Anyhoo she doesn’t have a huge emotional role in the game overall but she’s a pretty mysterious companion and plays a considerable part in the story!

Sketch & lineart phase!

LudoNarraCon 2020 shenanigans

Kind shout out tweet from them! I believe it’s still going right now.

Me feeling weird about it :’)

Recorded a scroll through of the dedicated festival web page for prosperity!

Someone thought I was getting accolades but not really, it’s just another day ;’) Because after it ends, it gets forgotten and the website will be gone.

Hey I’m super grateful, humbled and appreciate the honour to be able to illustrate for this! Having a few people coming out of the blue to say kind, encouraging words was a pleasant surprise too! Overall I’m glad I was able to do this illustration project! 😀

Personal update time!

I didn’t have much instagram story slides so text wall!!

  • Slowing down on AC instagram stories for real this time as I’m losing interest too :’) I feel like I don’t have the time or interest to post these regularly anymore. Maybe once a week or even less as time goes on? But I’m still playing and addicted to this game as it is, trading and visiting a few islands :’) Mutual friends, let me know if you have discord and don’t mind me visiting your island sometime!
  • Sad feeling – reminded that most people aren’t really your friends if you have to be connected on social media platforms to even stay in the loop :’)
    • at best they’re good acquaintances :0 I have to keep reminding myself this because I don’t really interact with much people as it is :’)
    • makes me grateful for my small handful of ongoing friends that still reach out every now and then (or months or years) through email/discord at a casual “hey I’m around” level. If I’m lucky it might get deeper than that sometimes but I don’t expect it.
  • I figured I’m not going to do early access art anymore, after a while since doing my first early access post
    • it didn’t feel worth the extra time and effort, especially when most existing patrons don’t really care for it and I get the impression that they just want to support me. And what’s important to me are my existing patrons, not what I imagine to be my potential patrons!
    • I’ll stick to patron polls or questions instead when I’m up for that
    • plus less work for me! 😀
  • I wasn’t feeling physically well last week thanks to hunching over from monthly bad cramps, grumpiness and lacking in sleep :’) Gah periods!! I managed to do the LudoNarraCon rush job during that time though!
  • Saw Love Never Dies with caution, knowing that the story is more like a dragged out fan-fiction with the Phantom and Christine as if they didn’t learn from their lessons from the first musical (ie don’t force love with manipulation, threats, murder and deceit and let people go) plus lots of needless drama and death. Interesting that it was filmed in Melbourne though :0 So here I type out things as I watch it:
    • gosh I was so bored throughout that I had to speed it up
    • costumes and stages were great though!
    • Why would Madam Giry help Phantom? 10 years just to get his love & wealth??? Isn’t that just manipulation too? And Raoul and Christine’s kid sings lots too
    • I don’t like this story at all
    • the story and songs feels so disjointed, peppered with the first musical’s melodic bits
    • Christine shock fainting was so fake and dramatic hahaha
    • long ago they were together for a night for Beneath the moonless sky??? Ahhhh what is this fan-fiction?!
    • none of the songs stuck with me :’)
    • he threatens to murder Christine’s son, of course :/ And then it’s his son after all because they both can create music gahhhhhh I’m groaning!!!!
    • fact that I’m writing all this while watching it, that’s how bored, annoyed and emotionally disconnected I am
    • Christine has perfect skin though ;D
    • what happened to Raoul’s character and why is he a gambler and alcoholic :<
    • why would Christine run back to do a one night stand straight away before her own wedding??? Who is this lady?
    • all of these characters are acting out of character from the last musical!! Why???
    • this fan fiction is HORRIBLE and apparently the original version of this flopped and was worse!! They had to rewrite it too
    • I can keep going but I didn’t enjoy this at all :’) I just want to erase it from my mind now. Anyhoo…
Much gratitude to my kind patrons for supporting my art & learning journey! ʕ ✿˵•ᴥ•˵ ʔ ♡

And thank *you* for reading!

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7 Comments on “Fanart / Sothis from Three Houses! Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary!

  1. More great art! 😮
    Never got into Fire Emblem, but you definitely made her look super cute.

    Been trying to keep up with Ludonarracon, but there’s just so many interesting games that I want to see them all and it’s eating up so much time haha.

    Friends are certainly a confusing thing and I don’t imagine i’m great at it, but I’ve learned that even if you aren’t “Friends” you can still have fantastic long term relationships with folks and offer each other quite a lot.

    • Haha thank you Perky!! 😀
      Ooh how is LudoNarraCon for you? I’m not too involved because I’m not a narrative person and I’m deep down in the timesink that is Animal Crossing already :’)
      Yeah I’m finding that sometimes with good ongoing casual friends/acquaintances? People who want to keep in touch and a lot of them is just at a shallow level, general life updates with each other or just talking about a game/hobby/interest – which is fine because good company is also great. Just as long as you don’t burden people with intense emotional stuff with them because that emotional trust isn’t established haha
      Hey I’m not too great at being the good “emotional crutch friend” either as I’m just awkward with how to do that :’)

      • It’s great so far! But there’s so many games and developer streams to check out that I’m having trouble seeing everything. The Animal Crossing timesink isn’t helping me in that regard either. >_<

        I feel the same way but I’m too introverted to maintain many shallow relationships though and nearly all of them kinda fade off. I did catch up with one of my favorite players from D&D the other day though! Still kinda working on finding someone to establish that kinda emotional trust with though. A history of bad experiences makes it hard to do nowadays.

        Don’t worry about not being good/great at being emotionally supportive to friends. The most important thing is that you’re available for them and they know you are. Sometimes the thing people really want at those times is to know people are there and that they can confide in them. Just be sure to do your best for them.

        • Is there a recording? Or that’s not available? :0
          Yeah I’m not interested in doing much shallow friendships/connections because as you said, they just fade off plus a history of rejection, ghosting, incompatibility in interests and disappointing experiences in general :<
          That’s great you got to catch up with some good company 😀

          True, I know. I also know that I’m not the person they would turn to for emotional support anyway because I’m usually just one of their many friends. Ah well :0

          • They’re putting up the 14 hours of panels up for recording, but there’s also 14/15 different exhibits running with Live developer broadcasts and I have no idea if those are gonna be recorded. So it’s a bit hectic trying to decide which ones to watch and when. @_@

            They might have many friends but there’s only one You!