SuperListenMode: How are you Leonie?

Games Week SuperListenMode: How are you Leonie?

Speaking of deep conversations at social things…
Do you really want the answer to that? 😉

Hey I know most people aren’t seriously asking but just doing friendly formalities. I don’t usually go deep into my frustrations and struggles with people/acquaintances I’m not close with and just give the default “I’m okay” or “I’m surviving, yay” answers. Vague answers.

I won’t bother people or waste time if they’re not interested or open to listening.

I get it if people have other closer friends and hobbies, don’t care to remember things about me and I’m not a top priority. I’m getting better at realising that they’re not my priority either ;P
So don’t worry about me getting existentially intense with you ;P
Do let me know if you’re not interested if I do happen to be doing it with you!

Note I do get peeved when people simply talk over me in order to stop me from being repetitive or get deep into a rabbit hole…sometimes I do get intense about a subject and I can go on about it too long. That’s one reason why I don’t talk in groups because people jump between topics so much that I can’t keep up! I’d rather ramble and focus on one topic at a time instead.I get the message that I’m annoying to you and you’re not interested but when you interrupt me like that, I don’t feel like I want to talk or listen to you anymore. It’s rude.

Especially when it happens more than once. And I’m answering a question you asked but you didn’t really want to allow me time to process, think and listen to my answer. Yes I’m a bit sore and petty from past experiences in general; I’d rather not get rudely shut down or ignored again :<
Just stop me first, let me know and I’ll understand and listen instead.
I’m learning here okay? I don’t necessarily know or remember what you’re interested in or what you already know.
Please be kind and patient. Thanks :'(
Bah I’m just projecting my silly personal wishes into the void really haha