First Post: March 2011 updates

 How unfortunate
Pencil-Lead-Shavings-smudged-into-paper-then-use-it-to-create-something-the-second-time-around has resulted in a head. Put a texture by someone else on top to make it pop a bit more.
Let’s call these kind of drawing experiments: “PLSSIPTUITCS” for the above first twelve words.

I do not know what exactly I’ve created but I think the title is clear.
Another texture by someone else to make it pop.
What happens when I am put in a waiting line with a pad and pencil. I sit in the back row and draw your backs. My unsuspecting victims were not exactly sitting in this order as people came and left so I simply added people and chairs in any gaps I could find.
Going Nowhere: What happens to me when I think to myself.
Sticker Mosaic Self Portrait
Trying to do something different. The colours are changed for more consistency but yes, more ugly, bland and uninteresting appearances from yours truly.

Looks somewhat scary in fact!
I used a lot of the old VHS video stickers and cassette tape stickers I collected from the past to make this. I am a sticker collector in that respect but I’ve used them all up on something else now!

Okay, the reason why I’m posting the above here is because I’m moving my Artblog over here. I didn’t post everything from the old one here though.
To see my old Artblog stuff is here: Artbook Tumblr blog
But I’m finding blogger much more easy to use with more features so I hope I’m settling here for good!