BurpDoodle: It’ll be okay Madeline / Celeste

BurpDoodle: It’ll be okay, Madeline / Celeste

Pushing through my sad creative rut continues!
Somehow this feels apt :’)
A good reminder to myself and anyone out there:
You’re not alone with your struggle. You got this.
Even if you don’t believe it yet. <3

Trying to strike a balance between SuperListenMode comics, work, learning and BurpDoodles without pushing myself too hard and burn out. The struggle more lies in my indecisiveness, hesitation and self doubt on what I want to focus on.
I’m still very much uncertain.
Striving just keep take things in stride, one step in front of the other.
And just make art anyway as I learn.
Focus on making and learning.
Stop worrying about everything else.
Stuff that noise!Aye. It’s hard though :’)

Previous Celeste fanarthttp://blog.leonieyue.com/2018/04/quick-burpdoodle-for-celeste-madeline.html

It’s so cool that the Celeste twitter retweeted the previous fanart! ^o^
Gosh I said I was terrible at video games then at the time but I also didn’t play Celeste because I’m just not interested to play it through myself…same with most games.Instead of playing, here’s my little way to support this great game (:

PS Edit: Aahh they kindly retweeted my tweet the day I published this :’)
Thank you Celeste team <3