BurpDoodle Animation: Sleepy Kirby

BurpDoodle Animation: Sleepy Kirby

Dear Leonie, you need more sleep :’)
Doing terrible straight ahead animation for fun & playing with some basic software, I’m not a proper animator ;P
Just wanted to doodle a cute Kirby face.

Animation Ramble [talked about it before]:

Animation to the highest standard in my mind is an incredible feat requiring boundless depths of patience and mastery of movement, acting, performance, staging, flow, rhythm, subtlety, expression/emotion and making sure you’re communicating what you want through your moving pictures.
As you know I’ve learned basic 2D and 3D animation and its principles before. I’m not experienced to be confident or knowledgeable with it. It’s something that needs to be practiced but I haven’t done the mileage.Meanwhile 3D animation was a nightmare for me as I was never happy with my work and I didn’t enjoy nitpicking and moving the rigs of 3D modeled puppets.

With 2D animation, I enjoyed doing the first pass. Just roughly sketching each frame, add needed inbetweens and additional frames to provide clarity to the movement and then be done with it. The fun for me personally is in the drawing and getting the rough idea out.

So I’m no animator.
That said, I am not interested in storyboarding either.
Which is another incredible skill of communication, storytelling and draughtspersonship to have!
At best I can do simple, wonky, sketchy and silly animation like this before I get bored. Or perhaps animation with only a few frames if we’re going for pose to pose animation. I mean I can push myself if it has to be done though.
But you get the idea. 😉
This is why I admire animators so much!! They’re incredible! :0

That said, please be kind with your constructive criticism if you have any for this! I might do a few more. Not sure yet. This is just something for fun! :’)