2015#07- “I would use THIS to go to CTNx” (the animated gif feature) | Resorting to Mime on Youtube plus Thoughts on Political Correctness

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
This is the last “2 weeks of happenings” blog post indefinitely; it’ll be 4 weeks in the future ones.My titles are long now. :O

With this post I’m buying more time for the Burpcast you see shhh hush

Let’s go ! Journal Time!

I got kindly featured on the CTNx Newsletter here
Blinding Teleportation in Process!
Thanks so much to the CTNx Team for the kind, generous feature (and proofread)! I got interviewed and I could have added more inspiring artists (probably a dozen more that I’ve missed out…so sorry!!) in my answers but I named what I could from the top of my head and didn’t want to go on forever. What an honour!! 😀
For those wondering I had to design something that can transport me across the seas and it had to have my country’s flag involved. It was a tricky because I don’t want to go via stereotypical Aussie route. Artificial earth/grass, minimalistic technology with some intuitive nonsensical holographic user interface feels right to me!
I didn’t like this as a whole but then again, it was an early sketch. One side of the background is my Hermit Cave and the other are the faces of CTNx goers (I’ve never been there and it’s the people attending that’s most important).
Does anyone remember this image from last year? If so, now you know when I was doing the illustration; these are real things from my Hermit Cave. They don’t float like this though!

Year 2, Weeks 11 & 12 (25th Mar to 7th Apr)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

I had to blur some of my notes because they were personal ones D:
Hermit Burp is actually outside!! D: Sketching with kind peeps (they didn’t blame me for being a horrible late person) before hiding back into the Hermit Cave haha
Seagulls, a helicopter looking like a UFO and a Burpcast listener :O Apparently it was weird talking in person versus listening to me on the Burpcast. But it’s still the same little me! Though in person I didn’t have to talk that much (as usual) haha
I added some of my own quirks to this cute courageous couple hehe

Other Hermit Burp Adventuuures: huzzah 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (2), Battlefield: Hardline, Brawlhalla Tournament, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, The Witcher Game, Resident Evil Revelatons 2, Battlestar Galactica, Talisman, Kaizo Mario, Grim Fandango Remastered, Dreamfall Chapters Book 2, Heroes of the Storm, Bloodborne, Fallout, Lucius 2, Life Is Strange – Episode 2, Pillars of Eternity, Cities: Skylines, Far Cry 4, Parasite Eve,  Sid Meier’s Starships, Steel Batallion, Super Metroid, LA Cops, Hektor, Final Fantasy XV, Shattered Memories Trailer, Antumbra, This War of Mine, A Good Husband, The Perfect Wife, Shelter 2, Lethal League, War for the Overworld, Toribash, Duck Tales, Xenogears
    • Tweeted about Nintendo DirectI watched it three times for some reason ahem (UK and US versions)
    • Game of Thrones Episode 3 – I felt SO TENSE throughout this game; GOSH
    • Trailer for the new Ace Attorney game: :D!!! That amazing Dog version (April Fools) trailer too
  • Healthwise: I am looking at ergonomic things (again). My inner I.T. high school teacher in me is scolding at me haha. I find myself giving advice to my bro as he’s struggling with computer workplace strain too. Testing this keyboard right now.
  • Games (played) – 
    • Kirby Triple Deluxe – finished the main game! Yeah!
    • FourLetters – Mobile game…only got to 14 as I was playing at a minute at the time as a break and then I was doing something else
  • Games (tested/played) – played some WIP in the making at iFest a bit
    • Bzerk – 2D side scrolling game where you charge through or jump through obstacles and enemies and the controls aren’t there yet. But destroying barriers/enemies felt a little cool.
    • Cosmic Badger – A 2D auto side scrolling platforming game crossed with Portals. Potential but background elements, usable parts and enemies need to be clarified.
    • To Be or Not Be – Played with a relatively great (though boring and Goody Two-Shoes ending) storyline with Ophelia. A good entertaining short read/choose your adventure text game with great art.
    • Face Invaders – Defending yourself by having your face in the avatar character and tapping/swiping enemies to survive. A one off kind of game.
    • Flip Stick (TR Games) – I tried a number of times and got a high score of 7! A lot of tapping to spin your twig stick!
    • Munch Elites – A game that gets crazy as you feed healthy food and throw away unhealthy food as it comes in as an ongoing flow of food. A simple swiping game where you make snap decisions in sorting.
    • Battle Cats (Rock Paper Scissors)/farming game – it’s heading towards a tamagochi kind of approach
    • Puzzle Wiz & Catapult KingMobile game: the first is a 3D platforming/puzzle based game of collecting coins and changing tiles to get to the endpoint and the latter is a tap and drag slingshot game with moblins as your ammunition to destroy a fortress. Interesting, just not my cup of tea.
    • Space Dust RacersMario Kart local multiplayer except one screen and if any player is out of the screen, they’re out/dead. Hard and tricky for me with the controls and I just focused on steering. Turns out they won the best game of the whole festival. (:
    • Shape WayI played a long while at this game and did several levels, using my brain fuel and figuring an efficient way to get to the door via editing the level myself (it has a limit of what platforming elements you can put into it) and stabbing at the screen to do some 2D platforming. Great game if you like the challenge of problem solving to get from A to B.
  • Goodbye food from the Gods section; I just ate two special things anyway (one of which is thanks to one of my generous artist friends!) but I had to cut it out before posts get too long
  • Fun Blog Shenanigans

In closing: HermitBurpface Miming on Youtube!

The “what am I doing” or “I am a human” face. Actual video is below, I’m afraid.
The ceiling light had to be covered up with my dome else it will glare at ye.

I tried a Youtube Intro video before but since changing things to Burps and the Burpcast, I had to do a new one. And this time something that’s not just a video with an image.

I embarrass myself as I talk to the camera again! Okay, I did try several times. I can’t get the camera’s audio working so I compromised by Miming like a silly person. I can’t do too much with this basic tablet camera… I don’t have expensive equipment at hand and this means cameras at self *won’t* be a regular thing – rest assured! At least to me! Phew!

Follow the channel *if you want to* (anonymously too via your settings) though following the blog you’re reading now is enough to keep track of things anyway! Only keep tabs on whichever platform that suits you!

I must note that the HermitBurpcast is still completely fine as a listen only thing! Talking to myself and with peeps is still the main focus.

That said, I *might* add something running for the video side to it for the upcoming Burpcast on the 24th but I’m working that out. This is thanks to a suggestion from March’s Burpcast episode. Don’t want to make it too boring as a Youtube video. (:

Burping Away: Lessons in the choice of a word

Rambling time! Been thinking about it since I changed things to Burp in my last post over here and I realised something.

I was apologising and feeling bad for any potential offense and upset I may have caused. I was pretty much criticising and blaming myself. But in truth I do not feel sorry for making the mistake itself (as I did the best I could with the knowledge/viewpoint I had and wouldn’t have known or done otherwise anyway).

This is because after becoming more self aware, Apologies are not enough.
Actions towards doing better is of more value and meaning. And I am not perfect and I’m always learning.

I do not have the elusive, huge power of controlling other people’s emotions and offended reactions (I haven’t seen any direct reactions to me on this matter though) yet my gut reaction was to put a lot of self blame upon myself already.

Upon further thought, I was not out to get someone out of maliciousness or being hurtful intentionally by using the previous word. I don’t believe I did anything wrong as a person because it was an honest mistake and I’m adapting.
Some political correctness is at play here. I won’t pretend there isn’t at all. I do have the fear of offending in light of the public nature of the internet. I also want to do better as a person.

If I were to look way back, I have been using the previous word Derp for a couple of years just to refer to my socially awkward self. Actually, I don’t even use this word in person or in any other way; it was just an online thing! (I guess goodbye word I don’t actually use in real life!)

No one really called me up on it because ultimately we know that words are only as offensive as the intention behind them as they’re being said or written.

Words are as powerful as the intention behind them and how they are interpreted. Edit: It goes both ways in how it is communicated and how it is received. In my case it was clear that people saw through my intentions and that this is really me looking back, calling myself out in striving to be respectful and more self-aware in my use of words.

Bullying is another thing entirely where your intention is to hurt someone whether it is through actions or words. I don’t believe this was the case here.

Another thing I feel I must say: No one pressured me to change my wording at all but I am sensitive about these things, I’m looking at the long term usage/bigger picture and I’m looking at what kind of message I’m projecting here.

Yes, there is the danger of putting too much political correctness in everything we say to the point that we become too scared to say what we really think (especially the wide range of ways things can be misinterpreted or taken out of context in a public space like the internet).

But I am not afraid to say what I think about all this and I will say it as it is. It’s just my opinion anyway; it doesn’t matter among the billions of opinions out there. (:

We can’t deny that there is always that self constructed “positive public image/reputation” of yourself to uphold; some sort of vague division between how you portray yourself:

  1. online (public/global; expectations of us whether we follow/change them),
  2. in person with strangers, acquaintances & “sort of friends?” versus
  3. how you are with people really close to you.

For me 1) is HermitBurp – I daresay that you’re interpreting that for yourself already
2) is Awkward, Introverted, Quiet Listener who asks questions sometimes
3) Mostly how I am at the Burpcast and “You’d better listen when I actually talk, friend!” haha

Oversimplified categories and examples but you get the idea – we act differently (however slight or vast it may be) in the public eye.

In this case, I stand and believe in my change of wording. Words are potentially powerful, dependent on the meaning we give to them. Ultimately, I wanted what I do online to give fun, boosting vibes and I don’t want a word get in the way of that. I don’t want to allow any room for any unintended messages to be portrayed.

So I changed it.

It was an inconvenience to change email, tagging, titles, links, images and so on but at least I actually do (in a quiet ninja way) ‘Burp‘ in person! Who would have thought!

Yes, this is *a lot of thought* behind one word (gosh I made an essay out of a molehill hoho) but a general, easily ignored lesson about Political Correctness (edit: or rather Respect as a whole) was learned:

Don’t apologise if you don’t actually feel sorry as it loses meaning. Apologies alone don’t make things better anyway; it’s your intentions, your actions, what message you want to get across and how honest you are with yourself and others that matter. How are you making the situation better? What is important in terms of the bigger picture here?

I digress! Thinking of possible Burpcast topics for the future too! Hope you’re getting used to the Burping burpity burps from the Hermit Burp. 😀

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