In today’s Christmas blog post:
❧ learning about anime/shoujo topics
❧ managing body image insecurities
❧ unrequited love and loneliness
❧ saw Tokyo Godfathers for the 1st time
❧ personal update & more

Little blog ramble about this post, on Bayonetta 3, reflecting about “Everything Everywhere All at Once” & mugs ;D

Fanart / Week of Molly from Animal Crossing + LeonieUpdate, reflecting on videos I watched, why the Japanese are so lonely, how we’re manipulated to believe that talent belongs to the beautiful & more.

This week’s MondayLeonieUpdate:
★ a little personal SuperLeonieMode comic
★ my unpublished Animal Crossing patterns
★ personal update, thoughts on Outer Wilds, learning about Covid19 risks, The Boy Who Would be King (2019) & more
★ blocking myself from social media almost all day
★ Reflecting about Autism: building confidence & letting go of people you love
★ Leonie’s Animal Crossing & gaming shenanigans!