In this blog post:
❧ art process & subtitled timelapse!
❧ Social anxiety vs celebrity worship
❧ Final Fantasy VII Rebirth spoiler thoughts
❧ personal update & more

In this blog post:
❧ subtitled art process speedpaint video!
❧ reflecting on 2023 & 2024 hopes!
❧ rejection sensitivity, needs, boundaries and communication issues

In this blog post:
❧ trying to do little doodles
❧ why Encanto triggers me
❧ the hbomberguy plagiarism video
❧ first time watching Perfect Blue
❧ the Game Awards & more!

On her left

In this blog post:
❧ art process & subtitled speedpaint!
❧ Live action Zelda movie??
❧ Hikikomori, autism & ego deaths
❧ finished Super Mario Bros Wonder!
❧ personal update & more!

In this blog post:
❧ speedpaint & managing loneliness and isolation
❧ struggling with Glaze
❧ will streaming make it less lonely & overstimulating (sensory)?
❧ character designing the Moon Goddess
❧ curating how I do social media
❧ I finally got BlueSky?? And personal update & knee concerns!

Ah mooncake and tea 💛

In this blog post:
– speedpaint process + text commentary for this Crossy piece!
– self care and love?
– why voiced commentary art videos are not for me
– reflecting on “don’t make a youtube channel”, mental health & video making
– personal update rambles

Sketchpost 14 / Figure studies, posting break times, notes on working hours, work modes, focus and cognitive biases, time management + LeonieUpdate in this post! [patron only]

Final public LeonieUpdate!
I’m back with updated plans to future blog posts, why I’m quitting my instagram + facebook page (huge page of social media sources too) and interesting finds on beauty standards, stage shows, games, online boundaries, parasocial relationships, cultural belonging, changes to blog posts & more in this long blog post!

Illustration / Relaxing monstera plant for Lauren + LeonieUpdate, hanging out at the AGDAs & Parallels streams, keeping an emotional distance from the games industry, small talk as an autistic person, gacha games and Vtubers (need of boundaries) & other interesting finds!

Character design + illustration / Carmen from Bowl of Mystery💛🧡 + LeonieUpdate!

= Process for my Mischievous Character & final designs
= little personal update, FaceYourArt challenge & thoughts on the Mean Girls Musical

There’s one side when friends know how you’re doing lately in a respectful way and it’s super heartwarming that they cared enough to keep tabs and spend the time to read my social media posts! Only a few but still!

I don’t talk much in person as it is like an awkward, introverted, quiet butt that I am, so thank youuu ♥

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Leonie rambles deep into the topic of parasocial relationships with youtubers, streamers, as a person who posts art online and who watches lots of streams/videos, how things are weird/creepy with the social dynamic when boundaries are not established/respected and industry relationships online.