Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023 with Moon God Yumigami / εΌ“η₯žπŸŒ™ & mochi bunnies! [倧η₯ž / Ōkami LNY Project] Hey I’m back!

Speedpaint rambly commentary of the art process and on “productivity”! [short][reel]

I ended up talking about how I go between intense working periods (when I’m in the flow) and resting periods for art making/work.

For the other art and life things I chip away at it bit by bit.

I am horribly behind on some things that don’t have a super urgent deadline πŸ™

And biting more than I can chew as I try to be productive to see how far I can go. So much to do!!

Anyhoo I’m pretty happy with how this illustration turned out!

I was struggling at times but I want those mochi bunnies!!

There’s 9 of them since this is the 9th year of this project <3

Year of the Rabbit /ε…Ž with Moon God Yumigami/εΌ“η₯ž! πŸŒ™

[Past Lunar New Year pieces of Celestial Brush Gods] πŸ§§πŸŽ‡

Note: it’s a horoscope so take this rambling with a grain of salt as usual – I just talk about it for fun!

Apparently people who are Rabbits are kind, confident, strong, super polite, have boundaries in place before they actually open up to someone and is social with a charismatic aura?

Their year will have super highs alongside with devastating lows so patience and resolution are needed through hard times.

You got this (I added this part)!

For Dragons like me, 2023 is more of the same fluffy, vague, mixed advice. I got reminded to keep calm and relaxed (not overthink and obsess over small problems if I were to bridge this to make it relevant to me) so that my circulatory, urinary and digestive systems stay healthy?? Haha

Gosh makes me nervous for my mental/emotional/physical health…I’ll just have to focus on things I can control.

And I got told I will (continue to) be emotionally lonely and single this year. Sad but not surprised.

Career wise apparently things will change positively and wealth is meh and around the same where I need to be careful with how I spend. Whelp it sounds better than some of the previous years’ predictions.

That’s the gist! I’m interpreting all this as “just do the best you can to take care of yourself”.

I’ll forget about most of this anyway as the year goes on.

Movie rambles + spoilers for Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

The Rock (1996) and Con Air (1997) – both super tense good action movies that I’ll only watch once. Yes somehow I’m on a slow and selective Nicolas Cage movie marathon thing since last year! I am looking forward to Renfield!

Robin Robin (2021) by Aardman was cute!! The songs aren’t too great but everything else was lovely, wholesome and charming ;D

Watched Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022); please watch it! (spoilery rambles in dot points below this)

  • it was beautiful, deep, meaningful, dark, thought provoking, melancholy and made me emotional/teary many times
  • especially these songs “My Son” and even more so “Ciao Papa”
  • watched this interview after the movie (Guillermo del Toro on Pinocchio, disobedience as a virtue and why he says death is a beautiful thing + on being an imperfect father/son, experiencing ghosts and take on storytelling) was inspiring and lovely
  • it took them 15 years to make this movie and a lot of thought, research and care was put into the stop motion animation, story, acting, historical context and so on
  • I feel so bad for the cricket who keeps getting hurt too
  • the movie did confuse me with its many themes – parenthood/living to expectations/acceptance, death, immortality, meaning of life, obedience/conformity/rebellion/defying authority, religion, grief and loss, putting someone you lost on a perfect pedestal and many more
  • a well done Quality Culture video essay on the movie
  • life and things just continue anyway. Life is fragile and unfair. So the time you have right now with the people you have around you right now is special. It’s humbling and bittersweet to know that all we can do…is do our best in the present :’)

Finally got around to dealing with my Artstation

I was slow to unpublishing all my work from Artstation because I was tired since doing the same with deviantart.

I’m out of the loop and slow with catching up with things because I didn’t want to deal with more stress. Needed to break away until I felt up to dealing with Artstation too.
Yes I’m not posting to Artstation anymore and have unpublished or deleted all my work (ahhh tedious with almost 270 pieces, why can’t I mass edit, select all and unpublish or delete!!) until things change for the better for artists and creatives.

Well if that even happens. I waited to see if things would change but nope.
I guess I won’t be returning!

It’s a good thing since Artstation keeps logging me out and I’m not reaching much people consistently anyway ;P

In the same vein, Pixiv has the same problem with getting AI generated art submissions but AI generated art and art are in their own categories so you can hide it away if you’re a pixiv subscriber. I don’t think it solves the problem and I am not aware if people are abusing the AI tag system since I am not good at Japanese. I don’t know how it’s affecting artists on their end.

Artstation recently are doing filtering as well which isn’t the point of the website, how the filter doesn’t even apply at the Marketplace and how many AI people abuse the system and lie that they made the art themselves.

While I was writing this, I just got a super *late* Terms of Service email update from Artstation saying that scraping from Artstation and posting AI generated work based from copyrighted work is not allowed? AI generated content is still allowed but it will hide them from trending? Huh?

How will they enforce this? The site isn’t really fixed right now. I don’t know what to make of this damage control. They didn’t treat the community well at all and they’re only doing this now because of the lawsuit and out of self preservation. Also it seems like they still do allow scraping and NoAi is still off by default – it not updated at the website, showing that nothing has been actually done yet. AI that is trained on existing/copyrighted work, violates copyright laws already.

Artstation was supposed to be for the professional/learning art community. I don’t want to go back to Artstation when they’ve lost my trust completely. They don’t seem to care about artists. They know what they were doing. And I just learned about how badly they reacted to the Ukraine protests, not to mention the recent AI generated art protests too (the CEO pushing for tech development and AI growth, blocking people and arguing for almost 2 months).

This is just super exhausting and emotionally draining.

Thread on the future and impact of AI on art and how 8 jobs will turn into 1 art position at studios

Wow jobs are dwindling away. Yeah this just reinforces that I don’t belong in a huge company nor an office.

Well I shall keep on doing stuff in my own little corner of the world :’)

Yes I’m actually doing the “artist commentary over a speedpaint” thing!!

Actually giving this another go! It feels weird!!

I don’t expect much out of it though. Previous attempts didn’t go anywhere. And I’m not in the groove yet. If this turns out not for me after 6 months or so(?), I’ll go back to music only speedpaints because the speedpaints feel like a lite version of my longer blog posts. And it feels like no one is interested in my rambling ouch :’)

I hope I edited/mixed the audio tracks good enough! I hope the music volume is okay!

I did this impromptu and spoke from the top of my mind while annoying transportation was making noise. I had to do it this way because I already overthink and get anxious over everything I say. It was difficult for me to start talking.

I don’t want a script to take more time away from me and put even more pressure upon myself.

For next time I still need a rough outline and shall try to focus more on the art making and whatever else I want to talk about :’) And perhaps draft up a written version of what I’ll say at this blog? We’ll see how I manage the workload.

Doing ongoing learning and revision in the past months on audio + video recording, editing and posting (with old software) and I will just keep testing things. It’s time consuming and took time of iterating/testing/failing over several days and a dedicated day to finish it up. Maybe this is another big reason why I make two posts a month because now I have videos to make!!

I do not want making youtube videos become my job though – I hear and see how youtubers/content creators burn out.

I see it as another way to show, document and connect with people through my art and testing how I can keep it reasonably interesting and fun for me to keep doing it in a sustainable way. Otherwise it isn’t worth doing it if I’m forcing myself.

I do these things so that I can keep making and sharing art I enjoy :’)

Each finished art post now requires a blog post + commentary video + short/reel + crossposting on social media + making the actual art/studies. It’s definitely getting too big! So twice a month is now the minimum that I’m more comfortable with, as much as the common advice is to post once to twice a week (or daily if it’s reels or tweets).

I don’t want to commit too much if I can’t make it happen consistently.

After some thought, I won’t make dedicated videos for my drills/studies (also artistic nudity is probably not allowed on Youtube). I was originally going to but I understand that nobody wants to see speedpaints of my boring studies unless I’m *that* good, am teaching it or if I’m streaming instead.

Plus I don’t think I’d want to study if I always have to make edited video content out of it – it’s more work for me to do if I have to edit it!! I do have recordings but they’re all sketches and not something I want to show as its own dedicated youtube video. After making the above video, I dread making too many videos and consequently making this unsustainable for me.

Or I’ll stream at youtube/twitch with studies when I’m up for that.

Yes I’m typing and brainstorming here ;D

Personal update rambles

Well new year and twitter is super slow and hard to load and even more exhausting to use now. It keeps getting worse and I don’t know if I should just turn my main twitter account into a blog bot account and not post art there anymore. But twitter gives less attention to tweets with external links! Ahhhhhh πŸ™

Industry people can connect or follow me at LinkedIn or my blog directly, youtube, cohost, instagram and maybe other places at my blog’s sidebar. Do as you like!

Also please note that I’m now posting on Tuesdays as my default and this applies with my blog newsletter of 7 peeps. This post is only on Sunday because it’s when Lunar New Year starts!

Mondays are too stressful for me since I have a meeting, chores, demands and cooking I have to do around the same time – I end up trying to calm down from the morning’s intensity for the rest of the day and start working. Tuesdays is as busy but at least I don’t have to cook haha

I can’t make cross posting work anymore especially when sometimes I spend the day proofreading the blog post I’ve just published too :’)

And I don’t think I can do kimo this year…ah well. I’m doing studies at my own slower pace and in tiny bursts instead so I’m technically good. I’ll miss out on the supportive community aspect though πŸ™

Been pooped and sleepy since I’m having another intense work period since I got back to work this month, am juggling and I had to put together this art/video/blog/social media update :’)

Anyhoo stay safe and take care! Happy Lunar New Year again! (: