SuperLeonieMode 359 / Got no time for this!

SuperLeonieMode 359 / Got no time for this

That mood when you’re fed up with things :’)

Let’s just say I drew this when I was really in a bad mood and feeling harassed and overwhelmed.

And trying to stay warm ;P

Tolerance or patience with things at a low because it gets draining, overwhelming, discouraging, unexpected, stressful, upsetting, hurtful, disrespectful, confusing and/or boundaries are broken and needs unmet. That and hyperfocusing on the main things you want to get done and not really wanting to deal with everything else, good, bad and/or because you don’t want more things to deal with on your plate.

As much as I wish I was on top of life and art things, that is not reality since I am much more tired, spaced out and slow.

I feel like I’m always behind on with my art learning. Though my neurodivergent and autistic brain needs time to process things. Ah well :<

Plus (emotionally) accepting on a day to day basis that I have alopecia at small, random, not obvious places on my head. Whelp. Eventually I’ll own it somehow(?) :’)

Anyhoo, here goes another day! The life juggling and “trying not to stress about the scary future” continues so I hope we take it at our own pace!

I really need to get myself into gear with my storage management, actually back up and clean out my computer too this month ahhh procrastinating!! :’)

Digressing. I am pleasantly surprised & grateful that I have a small handful of people following this blog’s twitter bot and/or following this blog in other ways – thank you :0!!