SuperLeonieMode 356 / Huh? No + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

My deadpan silence does not mean agreement/disagreement

I’m still processing and thinking things over. I’m slow. Or zoning/spacing out. Or thinking things over.

Not impressed. Makes me grumpy when assumptions, misunderstandings and judgements are made.

Especially when people assume the worst of me and I have a deadpan/grumpy/pouty face as it is ;’)

Anyhoo I am super keen to play Kirby’s Dream Buffet and looking forward to trying/watching Bayonetta 3 😀

This Bayo 3 trailer is pretty chaotic, confusing and overwhelming though with happenings and characters :0

I do miss Nintendo Directs but I don’t mind it if they need to space things out and need more time.

Finally yes I am changing it so that any random extra art post happens on Thursday mornings instead so I’m not as stressed out during busy Wednesday mornings. Testing it out. I will switch back if it doesn’t work out. Ah the juggling :’)

Take care kind reader!