Character illustration / Curious about you + timelapse! Hello, I’m back!

Little timelapse of my entry for Drawfest3’s Guweiz contest category (my original pixiv post)

I did what I could with the limited time I had which was around one and a half days :’)

I participated in Drawfest3 and I was scrambling trying to character design and compose something for this category ahhhh

I think I am happy with what I could do here but perhaps I needed more study/experiment time :<

I didn’t win (I wasn’t expecting to since I don’t have an environment/action/expression and I lack in painting and composition skills) but I pushed myself to do it by the deadline anyway! Just for learning experience! The winners really deserved it with their beautiful art work and are inspiring! I could only submit to one thing because I’m not animating and I am not a fan-artist of Genshin Impact ;P

A huge majority of pieces were skipped, a small selection of favourites were picked already because they didn’t really want to waste time scrolling through all the entries live so you get the idea that eye-catching and quality thumbnails + technical skill are terribly needed. Ah being reminded of the harsh reality that people don’t have the time to look at your rough sketches and practice when it’s competing with so many other good pieces ;’P

Curious about you / dramatic lighting & character design practice from Guweiz’s Drawfest3 lecture

Introducing Kinh, I character I created for this piece so I haven’t developed her further :’)

Drawfest3 went well, much kudos to the hard work of the lecturers, translators and pixiv team!

I appreciated that we were actually allowed time to do the entry! During previous drawfests it was stressful and impossible to finish anything and do it well within the same day and during the lecture!

Things did get too anime/weeby/vtuber-eseque/memey/cringey for grumpy old me but I can bear with it because people and the chat were friendly, supportive and were doing their best. I would say that the lectures were more of a general, inspirational, process thing. Lighting, illustration or animation process walkthroughs by artists + time constraints. They made it pretty efficient by having the lecture prerecorded and translated prior! So don’t expect to learn the detailed process, advanced levels of art/colour theory, technical art side (on filters, organising layers, layer modes, animation, being able to see the evolution of layers during the video demo, etc) or comprehensive art fundamentals.

Things also depended on the individual lecturer’s experience in creating, educating & explaining to others about their art process demonstration for a specific theme/project/exercise + up to you to practice & learn what you can from it. This is consistent with art education in general – it’s up to you to put the effort and intention towards your skills.

There’s always more to learn anyhow. And the common advice is really “deliberate practice, mileage, enjoyment of the process and learning from mistakes” whenever you see artists doing things so smoothly and quickly. There are no shortcuts unless you got the mileage, knowledge and studies to decide what you want to cut out and keep for your individual situation/taste :’)

Digressing – for me the event is more of a “let’s experiment together and be inspired by each other” kind of thing. I can’t call myself a “beginner” anymore but I’ll pretend I am sometimes because I’m no expert! I treat things as revision or for me to learn new approaches to do things ;P

I hope to keep on experimenting; I still have much room for improvement at my slow turtle pace :’)

Personal update / Back from my birthday break!

Yeah I felt pretty sad with mixed feelings at the time but it is another average day for isolated, lonely, hermit Leonie. Lots of people do nothing to close to nothing for their birthdays and do feel awkward/uncomfortable with their own birthday too! I’m not alone in that regard! I don’t like parties or being surrounded by friends and family either – there’s too much social and emotional obligations to perform a persona to be friendly and grateful regardless of whether I actually feel like it or not :’)

Indeed – contradictory, existential feelings with birthdays thanks to society/media/entertainment/people conditioning that you have to celebrate with lots of friends and get lots of presents, just to feel/prove you are cared for!!

I do feel super grateful for people at work & a few friends for kindly remembering! :0

Many have experienced just feeling alone and lonely and how these feelings and emotional pains are valid and will eventually pass (and it does come and go away in waves for me). How we all have to be kind and remind ourselves to enjoy our own company and to treat ourselves.

In moderation within your budget though ;P

I did make the time to play a game or two at least :’) It’s great to be able to my own thing alone! Reflecting and acknowledging my mixed thoughts + self care helps a lot!

Struggling with my iron intake

I was learning a lot of things about my iron deficiency (turns out there’s a lot of things the doctor didn’t even bother to educate me on so I’m somewhat resentful) and what I was doing wrong. Turns out all this time I was consuming iron absorption inhibitors like black tea, other teas and soy milk too close around my meals and I was drinking a lot of those!! No wonder my iron is super low. I do feel super sad that I can’t drink tea that much anymore :’)

Currently trying to adjust my drinking habits (which stressed me out since I have to disrupt/change my routine and figure out how I can keep drinking tea and soy milk) and trying to increase iron in multiple ways! Ahhhh more things my brain has to get used to again :0

Encanto movie thoughts

I did watch Encanto and I wrote up an agitated mini essay about it here but deleted it because I don’t want to drag out and discuss my traumas nor dwell too long about this movie.

The movie triggered me a lot and my personal trans-generational family traumas, how I am essentially Bruno in lots of ways as an autistic, tired, isolated, scapegoated, hurt, sad and not confident outcast, how I have a lot of irrational dislike against some/a lot of the characters and how the story was executed and ended frustrated me. I couldn’t enjoy this movie or get fully on board with its blatant themes. It’s probably just me ;P

I can see why people did enjoy it, what the movie was attempting to do, I liked the colourful and cultural visual designs and flair they did for the movie and some of the songs were good when I went back to listen to them – without the context and my mixed feelings with the movie ;P

Yeah my opinion doesn’t matter so that’s all I’ll say ;D

Anyhoo! I’m slowly going through courses as usual so I don’t have much to show.

I’m still not great at relaxing as I tense up a lot whenever I’m busy with something.

Ahhh how to stop stressing out my body; shall have to try pausing and breathing!! :<

I hope your day and week is a low stress and restful one!