Fanart / Ryu from Street Fighter 6 + timelapse! πŸ₯Š

Little timelapse!

Witness how many times I started the sketch over. I don’t draw masculine people as often ;P

I was just frustrated and trying to get over the unfocused “switching gears” hump :’)

Doodled Ryu when he was first shown in the first Street Fighter trailer πŸ₯Š

Didn’t know that there would be another trailer that shows off more characters last week!

And the “leak” of the twenty something characters *squints eyes*

Finally finished this impromptu doodle! I don’t have much personal attachment with this franchise but I did play something from the franchise a long time ago – Marvel vs Capcom on the 1st Playstation. And am terrible at fighting games ;P

I wanted to have a go at stylising him and I’m probably failing at muscles :’)

Also this piece got marked as NSFW at the Street Fighter reddit due to the nipples I assume. I took it down :’)

On Mario Strikers on the Switch

Played the demo of Mario Strikers and I did not have fun at 2v2 because I didn’t know who I was – it was too chaotic, stressful, confusing, overwhelming, the 12 team colours to choose from should be more consistent/simplified (into your own team and opposing party and stick to the same two colours) and the field should be bigger.

1v1 is best from the previous Wii(?) game but it seems like they’re forcing 2v2 online for the switch version :/ I hope not!

I hope there’s lots for singleplayer and 1v1 in the full game – otherwise it could have been a good game. But we’re not going to get the game as we got super discouraged after playing the demo. I know it was fun for some people who love the chaos while I felt like I had little control over how I well I played :’)

The animation and presentation are so good though :<

Hello it’s another personal health update

So I did 2 really, really awkward and tense medical/ultrasound scans and I was only told for one of them that I’m fine. So I guess I’ll find out when I visit the doctor later this week to know the full picture with the other scan and 3rd test :’)

I also booked the wrong type of scan so whoops that had to be cancelled and consequently I could have gone to a place that was closer to me instead and not have to stress about navigating. This is no thanks to the doctor who didn’t explain all of these cancer scans I had to do. At the Radiology place I got asked on whether I’m doing a super intrusive scan that I had no idea about! No thanks!! Only after I came back and looked it up that I realise I dodged a bullet! Scary!!

Yeah after this doctor visit later this week I need to change doctors. It just doesn’t feel like we’re a great fit. This is due to the misunderstandings, language barrier, me not fully trusting her since I don’t know when and if she’s taking communication shortcuts or not, not feeling comfortable and frustrated with her at times, her ignoring me sometimes when I explain things on my end and her lack of desire to explain things and educate me at length without judgement and giving me odd looks. And the resulting stress from all this.

I’m less anxious and stressed out since the scans but it’ll only be over once I’m done with the upcoming doctor visit.

She was in disbelief when I only mentioned the word “artist” for my occupation and judging me for my terrible short term memory ;P But then again, most people aren’t impressed with my terrible short term memory and long term memory with things I don’t consider important/interesting for the present moment. Control over my own attention isn’t that great :<

As for my physical state, I’m still very low energy and losing lots of hair – the iron deficiency tablets takes less than 2 months to take effect probably? I guess I need to take iron supplements from now on because my diet doesn’t really have much iron :<

It’s also super cold for someone like me who doesn’t use heaters :’) I need to dress up more into a marshmellow of layers – had to do a run of winter clothes because I don’t have enough clothes to rotate with and my decades old clothes are wearing thin, loose and/or breaking apart.

Reasonable, good clothes are expensive and so my wallet cries.
As usual I’m depending on hot beverages, dish washing, beanies and socks to stay warm at my cold abode!

I love winter as long as I’m cosy and indoors and the food is wonderfully nourishing and warm ;P

Anyhoo stay cosy and safe! I shall continue to juggle with work, life and learning as usual :0